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Lost Canvas Podcast/Mixes 002: Dim Garden


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This mix was constructed over numerous strolls through the neighbouring Rosarium in these last days of The Hague’s tropical summer, while contemplating the death of light and a transformative resolve. Robotic and ambient lullabies meet noisy textures and field recordings mixed with cold industrial moods, art brut, and 80’s new wave hits.

1. Printemps - Feu St-Antoine
2. ANGEL - Cynthia
3. Respirer - Hard Corps
4. Edelweiss Rheingold - Legowelt
5. Singing Papal Briefs - :zoviet*france:
6. H - Novÿ Svēt
7. Faemi Flower - Caline with C
8. Schottkey 7th path - Aphex Twin
9. Fluchtpunkt - Zergon
10. Turns out eddy has no friends - DJ Overdose
11. Our Darkness - Anne Clark
12. The strange attractors - Silent Servant
13. A Gathering Together - Ron Morelli
14. Schwangere Madonna - Maria Zerfall
15. The Wizard blew his horn - Hawkwind
16. Mama Baer - Untitled
17. BIO DESIGN RESEARCH 001 - Cynthia
18. Cunning Morose - Dim Garden
19. Ethidium Bromide - Death Domain




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