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  1. Ochre - Understory (Mystic & Quantum DreamWalker Series 002) de Mystic & Quantum (soundcloud.com) www.soundcloud.com/mystic-quantum-records/ochre-understory-mystic-quantum-dreamwalker-series-002
  2. Its coming for Christmas, more info soon! Mystic & Quantum (@mysticquantumrec) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. This Is the DreamWalker series 001, but soon the 002...
  4. Both released years ago, first one on Further Records with artwork cover by Legowelt. Second one on Titans Halo, now with a bonus track. All free to download. Vagon Brei ‎– Destiny | Mystic & Quantum (bandcamp.com) Vagon Brei - Zeta Puppis Tales | Mystic & Quantum (bandcamp.com)
  5. here is the bandcamp link to order, thanks Francis Juno - Further Adjustments | Mystic & Quantum (bandcamp.com)
  6. Francis Juno - Further Adjustments (DreamWalker Series 001) de Mystic & Quantum | Escúchalo gratis en SoundCloud First part of the Dreamwalker series. After a 5 year hiatus Francis Juno, also known as one half of Echo 106, puts out his second record on Mystic & Quantum. With ''Further Adjustments'' he provides seven poppy synth soaked tracks that might just be the right soundtrack for your next walk with your dog, your daily commute or your next bike ride to the lake. Limited to 300 copies clear green vinyl inner sleeve with artwork Music by: Bruno Schnüriger artwor
  7. Clone Shop has copies now if you want to order there. John Beltran - 2020(12inch) - CLONE.NL
  8. thanks! need to start making music again 🙂
  9. https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/album/vagon-brei-feynman-tribute Originally released on the Photic Fields label a few years ago( vagon brei - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out) , here the Feynman tribute with a couple of bonus tracks. Free download
  10. https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/merch/lost-canvas-series-bundle-shirt-m-l-face-mask-only-europe Now you can get all the Lost Canvas Series releases together and get a free size L or M t-shirt of your choice and a Face Mask Shipping costs INCLUDED in Europe. If you live outside the European Union and want to get your bundle, please send an email to: [email protected] Due to the Covid crisis, shipping to Australia is not possible except by sea (you can send an email to ask but its very expensive) WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, DO NOT FORGET TO INDICATE THE T-SHIRT
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