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  1. few copies with the digital option too https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/album/francis-juno-platform-romance-lp
  2. last 4 copies of this amazing release found here! Be fast !!! https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/album/elektrobopacek-la-porte-math-matique
  3. bump for the summer. teaser of the next Lost Canvas Series
  4. package sent!, thanks a lot for the support! On the way more releases. For the moment: https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com cheers!
  5. hey there! found a box of 15 records of this one, so, if you want one , here is the link https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/merch/elektrobopacek-space-adventures
  6. Mystic & Quantum Lost Canvas Series 001. Release date: 07/2019 Limited to 200 copies Orange vinyl music done with modular synth recorded live by Oxynucid artwork by Fred Gambino inner sleeve with artwork Mastered by Alek Stark Concept by Vagon Brei https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/album/oxynucid-gyoza "A slow orange morning breaks on the glassy city, with the warmth of the New Sun not yet reaching the purple and blue architectures it has flooded with light. Airtaxis and the nightly auto-buses silently float by the window of our high-rise apartment, dutifully bringing to home and work the last of the crowds from the Jel Bars. A recently slept-in bed spills its silver sheets onto the tiled floor, and the digital clock at the bedside is still blinking four Xs after a generator blip. A deep, barely perceptible hum lingers beneath our feet, subtly surrounding us with a reminder that this is a built world, and not something so archaic as the Earth. A lot was said in the name of romancing what was lost when we left, twenty years ago, but no one could have known that those voices would so quickly be relegated to the part of your brain that remembers Shakespeare, wondering how tiresome it must have been to use your hands, and to write things on paper. How these fragments of the Old World were able to be recalled at all was a miracle of humanity's ability to deny the present and future, in favor of the past, and the monumental accomplishment of this ignorance far overshadowed whatever wisdom was presumably contained in those brittle, arcane pages."
  7. brainw is not th^idiot, because both were going to release in my label before i closed it, so at least i said to brainw to send d the stuff to AF .i love his music.
  8. last personal stock to sell and special prices in other releases. im closing the label,so be fast! https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com
  9. bandcamp stock sold out, next week you will find copies here http://www.juno.co.uk/products/visions/638623-01/
  10. send me please a direct email to buy it. Maybe is something wrong with bandcamp and no PayPal. anyway will check in forums.
  11. and one friend just bought one Your order ships within 5 days. Visions Compilation, Visions Compilation From Mystic & Quantum Includes digital album
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