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  1. here is a link with stock of the last two releases. https://clone.nl/all/label/Mystic+and+Quantum?sort=datum&order=desc if you like the line of the label, please share it in your social media! cheers!
  2. STOCK ALERT!!! Welcome to our new DreamWalker series, two albums by Firechild and Skurken, available now for shipping at Electro Records where you can find also other fine electronic music in vinyl record format https://www.electro-records.com/new/ DWS003 - Mr. Firechild - The Collection Album Mr Firechild is making instrumental synthesizer music with real analog synthesizers. The music is in the same genre as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre , Kitaro, Ralph Lundsten, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Alphaville, Yazoo, Hans Zimmer. His synthesizer collection includes CS-80, Jupiter- 8, Memorymoog, Prophet-5 Rev 2, Prophet-10, Prophet-T8, OB-Xa, Matrix-12, OB-X, SEM Pro x5, Minimoog Model D , Solina, Waldorf Pulse , Modular (Oakley, Mos-Lab, Moon Modular, COTK, STG, Corsynth, Syntech), ARP 2600, The Schmidt Synthesizer, Waldorf Wave. Limited to 300 copies Inner sleeve with artwork. Music by Firechild Artwork by Guy Warley. Mastering by Alek Stark DWS004 - Skurken - Val Album Welcome to the DreamWalker Series chapter 4 Icelandic artist “Skurken” is the alter ego of Jóhann Ómarsson, an electronic musician based in Reykjavík. His genuine sound is a somewhat pop-infused, atmospheric IDM, with multiple influences that include 80s ballads, late 90s drill&bass – and basically the whole Warp records catalogue. And many other things. Skurken has been musically active for over 20 years, released albums and EPs on several record labels, had appearances on countless compilations, made remixes, music for TV commercials, short movies and more.. Limited to 300 copies Inner sleeve with artwork. Music by Firechild Artwork by Guy Warley. Mastering by Alek Stark
  3. i had to check it, probably!, it seems the artist who did the cover loves that film cheers!
  4. OUT NOW https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/merch MORE STOCK. https://clone.nl/all/label/Mystic+and+Quantum?sort=datum&order=desc
  5. hello, now in stock here Francis Juno - Further Adjustements(Mini-LP) - CLONE.NL
  6. i wish my releases have so many coments 😄 well, good news for music that these guys agree together to release something. I remember not long ago a battle on facebook between them about the "theft" of artists. battle that otherwise made no sense whatsoever. So I said, good news as long as good music keeps coming out.
  7. Nice! im working on new DreamWalker stuff for the next year.. Mystic & Quantum By Vagon Brei (@mysticquantumrec) • Instagram photos and videos
  8. nice you like it! next year 2 new records of this series will be out, artwork in the line.
  9. disccount code 10% of the bundle code: thisistheway Lost Canvas Series Bundle + shirt M/L + Face Mask (Only Europe)shipping included | Mystic & Quantum (bandcamp.com)
  10. if you dont want to wait one week , here is the deal! DreamWalker series 001 & 002 vinyls + free Ochre Artwork Fridge Magnet + free M&Q face mask = 26euros plus shipping. (standard shipping europe 14 euros / us 24euros) only via email to mysticandquantum @ gmail.com to order with your address
  11. Ochre - Understory (Mystic & Quantum DreamWalker Series 002) de Mystic & Quantum (soundcloud.com) www.soundcloud.com/mystic-quantum-records/ochre-understory-mystic-quantum-dreamwalker-series-002
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