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  • Joyrex

    Welcome To Our Latest Site Feature - Blogs!

    By Joyrex

    As mentioned previously, I've added blogs to the site as a way for music makers to better share their latest creations, get feedback, and promote their music here on WATMM. Now, you can of course blog about anything you like, but the impetus was for our music-making members to have a powerful promotion tool on the site.   More to come when I have the time, along with details about how you can get a blog here on WATMM as well!

Split Pan Genus - The Return

Coming back to my WATMM Blog after nine years. I have a new interest in the things I was writing about in 2012, and since I hate social media with a passion it just makes sense to pick up where I left off. Here are some of my thoughts: I never changed my avatar. It's probably annoying people by now lol My life completely turned to shit in June 2021 and I'm sure I'll have loooaaads of fun writing skyscrapers of text about that I'll be writing about my dreams in here. A journ
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