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  1. dcom


    Disappointing, there's nothing I need from this drop. I just might get the digital to check out the remaster, but otherwise - no.
  2. Exploring adventurous music-making in the non-Democratic Europe of the 20th Century
  3. I'm surprised that no-one's mentioned Inkipak's first album, Anomaly - beautiful melodies, rhythms and soundscapes - the CDs are gone, but vinyl will be pressed if it gets 100 pre-orders. Proceeds go to Macmillan through Touched. Highly recommended.
  4. Something else that comes to mind is the Lithium Project - I've got the original on Clear from 1998, later (2001) released on Hydrogen Dukebox as Passo Fundo. Moments In Neon is the apogee, the guitar solo @ 6 mins is pure bliss - but the whole release is golden. Highly recommended if you haven't been introduced to it. Which brings me to Metamatics' Raytrax, which I played alongside Moments In Neon - and Photek's T'raenon. These tracks are seriously way, way up there for me. Listen. Just listen. But I digress, carry on.
  5. Genesis Live @ Bataclan, France, Jan 10th 1974 - 4K restauration from 16 mm.
  6. If I didn't know otherwise, I would guess that these tracks are Yunx. Nice find.
  7. So there's an album in the works? Out when? Spill. You know you want to. We middle-aged IDM geeks (oh I did tell I contain multitudes, right? I speak only for myselves) will thrive for at least an hour or three on the news, then move back to speculate on cryptomusicological entities like the expanded deluxe box set of infinite extra material from [redacted].
  8. The Bug's rescored soundtrack for Tarkovsky's Solaris. The preview track sounds promising, but I'm withholding all judgement until release.
  9. Excellent ambient/techno/breaks/IDM album in the vein of classic Apollo releases - expansive genre-breaking collection of tracks. Recommended.
  10. Some really nice dnbish rhythm programming and harmonics on this, deep but snappy. Recommended.
  11. Deep, melodic and mellow electro from a new name (at least to me) w/ beautiful remix from MOY. Highly recommended.
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