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  1. Definitely, it's a bit awkward that his discography is mostly vinyl only on labels like Distant Worlds, Magnonic Signals, Ferox and Serenity, but everything's worth checking out.
  2. I'm gen X (1974), though I prefer Coupland's Microserfs over Generation X. I've read Microserfs about once a year since it was published. When I was a teenager, stupid things, even bloody awful mistakes and social faux pas were relatively quickly forgotten - now almost everything is public whether you want it or not, everything will be remembered and accessible forever by the internet, ruining your life in various ways even after you're gone. I was bullied hard for being a weirdo (there wasn't proper diagnostic criteria for Asperger's yet) but there was no permanent psychological or
  3. Octave Compass - visualize scales and chords.
  4. It's a beast of a compilation, peak-time top-shelf electro.
  5. I've been under the impression that burgers could be used in the assburger aka Asperger's sense, someone being overly and overtly pedantic, obsessive-compulsive in a somewhat non-serious way; Farnsworth is in the same category, but in a more serious - even scientific or academic - way. I've not seen them as inherently negative or positive, but depending on the context; they can be used as a negative, milder versions of the facepalm or as a positive, something of a I see what you did there. I've crawled through the forum to find out the semantics of burgers and Farnsworths, but there's no defin
  6. Contains Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, NIN, and more.
  7. How about now? I always fall in the same trap when copying images from Photos... I copy-paste but it doesn't actually copy the the image from clipboard like Slack does.
  8. Ahh, Amiga. Here's my A2000, still working after 30+ years. A2630 030/882 @ 25MHz, 128M Fast/1M Chip + other goodies. I've got a ZZ9000 I haven't yet installed, that's going to be a cool upgrade.
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