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  1. Here's the full Axios Trump interview. I dare you.
  2. Accompanied by a DetUnd/ANGRM™ t-shirt, ltd 30 pcs.
  3. I also like the Tekkonkinkreet OST very much, it's often overlooked because it's not so readily available, I had to order a copy from Japan.
  4. I think that a some people are put off by Plaid using non-western scales and tonal/chord arrangements and intervals, it makes people uneasy and some have commented that it sounds like they're intentionally making "difficult" music. You can also hear the influence of Benet Walsh in their more recent albums.
  5. Plaid have said that a lot of people don't like Spokes because it's their most experimental and thus least approachable album.
  6. Count me in as a Plaid fanboy. Spokes is definitely my favourite album.
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