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  1. Choir! Choir! Choir!/David Byrne sings David Bowie "Heroes" in NYC!
  2. AC_38 PURPLE - Konerytmi- Siirappi AP005 - Ole Mic Odd- Acid Bass In Outer Space CELTD011 - Matti Turunen- Radau CRF015 - 2030- Future Feelings EP CRTSX009 - Gravity Waves- Satellite DSR/EEVO008 - Terrace- Cocoonings EP FLY007 - Kas:st- Dysphoria I Euphoria (chapter 1) LP (2x12") KL-NR14 - Passarani- The Dot And The Circle EP MTRON027 - Ben Pest- Amirite ORBITAL104 - Sound Synthesis- Orbital 104 PRTR22 - OBERGMAN- Mirror Counterpart 2x12" SCV04 - Lord Jalapeños- Loser Machines SELF003 - DJ Unisex- Chromatic Stimulations EP SM008 - OLE MIC ODD- Acid Booty II LP TOKEN111 - MIKE PARKER- THE BURNING ROUNDTABLE LP TRUST041 - Reptant- Halls Of Perception VIS331 - Isolated Material- Hidden Node WF03 - Vertical 67- Solitary World AF044 - James Shinra- Surface EP CB1988-08 - Various- Home Listening Acid and House LP 2x12" CE044 - Client_03- Sense Combiner CMB001 - Kalcagni- Lost In The System EP DEEJAY.DE CLEANER - deejay.de- Cleaner ltd FAN014 - Various- Xuntanza Vol.I EP FTVWL001 - ReKaB, inkipak, The Vast Profound, Rai Scott- FTVWL001 LDI006 - Sinitsin- Dreams of Ashes EP LDI008 - Robodroid- From The Future EP MON024 - Brice Kelly- Preparing For The Future MS008 - ReKab- What Is Our Future NBL012 - Not Even Noticed- Not Even Noticed NORM002 - Various Artists- Almost Everywhere POH007 - Lag- Roots TD001 - DAWL- Total Annihilation TELOMERE017 - Konerytmi- Sanaton EP UNTR01 - PQ17- Transition Point WGD12004 - Dircsen- WGD 12004 WH019 - Various Artists- WH019 10010RECORDS001 - KSKY- Underwater Tales ANCPT007 - D82- Galaxico CELTD012 - DeFeKT / Rico Casazza- For The Floor Vol.1 CNSRM005 - Zeta Reticula- Stars Wobble FAN015 - Various Artists- Xuntanza Vol. II INFILTRATELP02 - SOUND SYNTHESIS- Let The Music Flow LP 2x12" KEYLP04 - Jeroen Search- Controlled Impulses 2x12" KJ067 - Ole Mic Odd- Robotronix LC2097-003 - The Fly Insect- Decay EP P303.03 - Acid Synthesis- State Of Being PDR010 - Lloyd Stellar- Randomized Lifeforms TRECS006 - Derek Carr- Elektro Statik EP (Part One) TRECS007 - Derek Carr- Elektro Statik EP (Part Two) ...and the black vinyl edition of the Aprilheights retrospective on Furthur Electronix.
  3. W T F O M G L O L Instabought. I still occasionally pull out and listen to my Influx, Cybertrax and Bernard records, really important ones to me. I asked Bernard about these some years ago, but got no reply.
  4. My favourite track is Blackpool Late Eighties (the polymetric melody phrase is the thing), then most probably Renata, but all in all it's full of brilliance.
  5. This is so good, dub techno sensibilities abound, minimal repetitive things, snatches of melody.
  6. New ambient-leaning album from Marco Repetto. Highly recommended.
  7. New Oval album. Looking forward to hearing more.
  8. Emotive IDM melodies and pad layers w/ minimal dnb-tempo skittering beats in full album length. Recommended.
  9. Massive 35 track V/A compilation from artists known and unknown, a virtual smorgasbord of various electronics. PWYW, highly recommended.
  10. IDM sensibilities, melodies and skittering beats from my fellow Finn on a Finnish label. Recommended.
  11. Superb new album from hard techno stalwarts Iesope Drift after over 25 years of silence. I went above and beyond in the late 1990s so that I could get my hands on everything they released back then, and now their approach has mellowed out and this new album is much more mature, exchanging brute force to more thought-out expression and experimentation, making this album more IDM in contrast to the dark warehouse belters from beyond the millennium. Extremely highly recommended.
  12. Dub Tractor's new album kicks off the 10 year celebration of Touched Music, almost minimal melodic synthwork and ambience, great for comedown Sundays. Highly recommended.
  13. Digital self-release of the Maltese electro master's latest album, originally released as vinyl only and now available in digital from the source. Highly recommended, RIYL everything on Nebulae.
  14. Ambient goodness from Arovane. Recommended.
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