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  1. All tʌntrə series releases one squid for 24 hours. 16 compilations, enough ambient to create a TAZ of liquid existence.
  2. dcom


    Here's an electro mix I did for Gladio Operations' podcast series.
  3. I continued to pester Bleep/Warp/Ochre about the vinyl replacements for the glitches, and they replied mentioning only CDs and that the downloads have been fixed. I replied again to ask why they're telling me about replacement CDs when I'm explicitly asking about replacement vinyl - let's wait and see.
  4. Pretentious much? I love me some pretentious postmodern wordwankery, but that's just... wankery.
  5. dcom


    Yes, and read about the motivation, the sources, whys and wherefores of making the fan edit.
  6. Not techno, but. Dionysiac is one of my favourite Eat Static tracks.
  7. Twenty percent of U.S. adults think Covid vaccine is a secret microchipping program (YouGov via BoingBoing)
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