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  1. We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various Experimental electronics w/ enough glitch to scratch that itch. Recommended. Previously.
  2. We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various Second track out. I've put in a preorder for the vinyl from Boomkat, couldn't resist. Oh, and Juno Download has clips of all the tracks.
  3. You should read up on Twoism's General New Release Speculation Topic w/ posts like this (from the saner end of the discussion) - if you delve deep, you'll find some rather obscure prediction methodology not far from what you suggest.
  4. Jean-Michel Jarre - STARMUS - BRIDGE FROM THE FUTURE - LIVE FROM BRATISLAVA Two-hour gig that was broadcast yesterday evening; Jarre's still got it, although the new psy/trance-oriented material isn't really my cup of tea. There's a beautiful Dvořák excerpt from the 9th symphony w/ Brian May providing the melody on guitar around the one hour mark.
  5. I have the original BE and UK R&S versions from 1992, both are getting a bit worn out due to 30+ years of deck time - nice to get a fresh remastered pressing with extras. I'd love to get a new Xylem Tube w/ extras, too. SAW 85-92 and Classics would be nice as well.
  6. Steven Spielberg: Duel (1971). Spielberg's first movie, made for TV. Serendipitously I watched it just a few months ago, the first time I saw it, but the imagery stuck in my head. It's a watchable flick.
  7. Synthesizer game. Make sounds while the clock is ticking.
  8. I love the original Stem Sell t-shirt's colour, but the design is so nice I'm going the get the grey, too.
  9. Also found on decks.de, with expanded commentary on the CR7e versions. Also on mygeneration.be, so seems legit - and a Reddit thread. CR7e also mentioned on Lanner Chronicle, could it be possible that more archived material is forthcoming? I'm a bit giddy with anticipation, I wish Xylem Tube would get a similar reissue w/ extra tracks.
  10. We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various Wonderful sounding new album from FaltyDL, distorted beats, beautiful melodies and pads, glitchy mayhem. Highly recommended.
  11. I got a code five minutes ago.
  12. I've got a Tokai AST-'62 sunburst w/ 12/52s, and an Ibanez Universe UV-70P w/ 9/46s. Not a virtuoso either, but I know my way around the fretboard. Haven't played for a while because reasons, so I'm probably very rusty and would skin my fingertips immediately. Should get back to it, really, and not just fool around with synths. I'm a big fan of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Tony Macalpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Guthrie Gowan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa and the like - recently got into Polyphia and their extremely technical playing.
  13. Humble Bundle has a set of guitar books for a pittance.
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