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  1. Lakker's new series of monthly digital releases, driving towards a vinyl one at the end. Highly recommended.
  2. ARKADA003 - Phausis / JFrank- ARKADA003 BIR002 - Scape One- Video souls Ep CELTD008 - Lake Haze- Osmosis ERN003 - Featherstone- Chrysalis KEY026 - KSEL- Kontrast KEY027 - Atonism- Kiki MS006 - Spin Fidelity- Gravitational Lensing RETICULATE002 - Zeta Reticula- Place of Synthesis EP Reedale Rise - The Searching (12", EP, Ltd, W/Lbl) Dawl - Untitled (12", Ltd, W/Lbl) Various - Onderwereld EP (12", W/Lbl) London Modular Alliance - Stray EP (12", EP, W/Lbl) Datassette - Existenzmaximum EP (12", EP, Ltd, Ice) Mr. Projectile - Sinking (2xLP, RE, Gat) Exium - Solid Mechanics (12") Ancient Methods - The Asking Breath Comes To Each (12", EP, Ltd, Cle) Repro (3) - Leather (12", EP) Konerytmi - Happokirja (12", EP, Red) CH415 - Electronic Visions (12", EP, Blu)
  3. Moody, melodic top-shelf electro. Recommended.
  4. How America Made Itself a Poor Country — But Still Doesn’t Understand Why (Umair Haque/Eudaimonia)
  5. Got my copy, although the shipping cost from the US was painful (I did get Unit 21's Reconnect in the same package, but anyway) - nevertheless, great old-school rave/techno tracks, still recommended. There are some copies left, the only second-hand copy on Discogs asking for 200 €. Insane.
  6. Great to see M&Q back in action. Brilliant releases, both of them.
  7. Paul Rose gives his 2018 album a final treatment, releasing the ultimate version. Techno, electro and whatnot for dancing and dreaming, currently PWYW. Highly recommended.
  8. Massive eight track EP from Uun, again one of my favourite techno producers; dark, deep techno journeys with plenty of rhythmic variance. Highly recommended.
  9. Reeko has been one of my techno mainstays during the years. and once again, he doesn't disappoint: three tracks of panoramic techno driven by syncopated beats. Highly recommended.
  10. Previously featured on Kaer'Uiks' Six Circuits compilation, Hexalyne pummels with an album of crunchy glitchy goodness that'll make your teeth itch. Highly recommended.
  11. Weirded out experimental IDM-electro from the Spacebar Sentiments/Pretension category. Highly recommended.
  12. Beautiful four tracker of snappy rhythmic soundscapes. Recommended.
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