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  1. I don't watch football for the football anymore, i watch football for the Mourinho's meltdowns
  2. YO303

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    bingo! thanks, case closed.
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    All i know: Youtube title had a swastika, the musician was muslim (i think), he was sitting on a chair looking at the camera and had a wand type thing that he moved around to make special effects please help!
  4. Daddy let's me use the computer for 30 minutes before dinner, thanks dad.
  5. But how can you say that, you can spend all of eternity asking subjective brains for their interpretation of reality and never get to the truth, unless of course you create "objective reality measuring" frameworks and tools that exist outside subjective brains and that way you don't have to spend all of eternity asking subjective brains for interpretations of reality, you can save yourself time, energy and resources by not even bothering with subjective interpretations and using those tools and frameworks instead. I don't see how this "taking the interpretations of subjective brains" appro
  6. Its impossible to conceive the objective unless you have the right tools then its easier than the hype makes it out to be. For example take the relationship between color and light. A photon hits your eye, brains interprets that photon as a color (lets use blue as an example). Now lets say due to differences in the brain 3 out of 10 people see red instead of blue. How do we get to an objective truth here? the majority of people see blue but there is minority who sees red instead of blue, whats real and whats not, what is the true nature of the photon. The solution here is to measure the wavele
  7. this is such a blatant misunderstanding that i shouldn't even bother addressing this. i said this in my post but maybe you ignored it or didn't understand what i meant. morality and ethics are not excluded from postmodern thought. you can be outraged about rape and still exist within the postmodern sphere. please re-read my post. I read your post and maybe you would do something about suffering but a lot of your post-modernist buddies reject the idea that X should tell Y how to behave, even tho how Y is behaving is causing lots of suffering. Deer, on 21 Feb 2018 - 9:13 PM, said:
  8. there is a saying in my country "Sleep with children, wake up with a wet bed", in this case Mourinho is the children and the wet bed is boring football.
  9. As for moral relativism, conscious beings can suffer, that's all you need to know, if it was in the culture of some foreign population to rape girls when they turn 16 would you accept it, turn a blind eye and say "hey who am i to judge?". This is why cultural relativism is nonsense, while you sit there saying "who am i to judge" a conscious being is suffering.
  10. i don't understand, so the post-modernist approach is to get rid of objective truth and use subjective truth as a way to get to subjective truth? How would a post-modernist approach physics ? just grab random people from each continent and ask them how they think gravity works, and then what? resign yourself to the fact that there are so many interpretations of gravity that its just impossible to get to the truth (or an approximation of the truth). Deepak Chopra has an interpretation of physics, should we spend energy + resources listening and following Deepak's interpretation? Why are
  11. oh really? how does post-modernism get from A to B (A being ignorance, B being truth) show me the path and while you are at it show me how moral relativism is the best tool we have to understand morality and ethics.
  12. Who benefits from doing away with objective truth?
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