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  1. never read the books nor watched lynch's 84 attempt so i went into this completely blind. honestly, i didn't like it at all. felt like i had no idea what the hell was going as the story seems more massive than what is being shown, and all the explosion doesn't help because it's trying to set up a world in such a "just go with it" tone. wish they never green lit the 2nd part
  2. the social media site to rule them all (plus some "non-woke entertainment" to keep you red pilled and based for centuries) https://truthsocial.com/
  3. salute to the new owners of OUATIS also, just realized the only CD player i have is a bluray player that's never used
  4. one of the greatest to ever do it r.i.p. to the hawk
  5. i've been watching quite a few of these nikkatsu films and most are wild, but this one really tips the scales. it's almost like takashi miike, david cronenberg and john waters all collaborated on a film. clearly it has a comic book inspired story- but this one took things to the very extreme left.
  6. couldn't make it past 5 minutes into this. i don't get the fascination with this guy and the guy that made midsommar. i can't even find redeeming qualities in their films while everyone else seems to fawn over them like they're unsung auteurs this was so amazing i feel like it transcends filmmaking and becomes something new. the mindset required to "go" with the story, really challenges the viewer in what they are willing to accept- and somehow it works. or doesn't.
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