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  1. 1. nazis were right wingers 2. swedes (despite being aryan) were not going to be benefactors of lebensraum
  2. alan alda filming M*A*S*H whilst on crack?
  3. dj shadow has been accused of being too future. maybe he needs it dial it down a bit for the rest of us to catch up
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-officer-suspended-after-arresting-two-kids-ages-6-8-n1057441
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/area-51-dod-apologizes-for-threatening-to-bomb-millennials-raiding-2019-9
  6. typical - aliens invade earth come as friends then we suddenly realize they want to harvest us all - storyline with the very obvious underlying message that the aliens are like the nazis and this is basically world war 3 it has an idea that's pretty large in scope- the mini series alone is almost 3hrs then there is the final battle that's almost 5 hours then there is 1 season show but it also has a very b-movie production value look that reduces it to easy television
  7. i actually don't mind the genesis mini + sega cd addon, but the rest starts to look silly. i'm still debating whether them for me, the appeal of the minis is having something that's simple and convenient to use to play retro games. the addons just make it clunky and add nothing besides aesthetic.
  8. hello spiral and Zephyr_Nova are correct on fantano. is that jesse tyler ferguson?
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