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  1. the first time i became aware of these TFL guys was when i read george sodini's diary & manifesto. unlike the other (two) loners, this guy was in his late 40s, yet seemed to have a very juvenile mentality- spending most days trying to guess how often his neighbors and fellow gym members were getting laid, and especially getting so pissed off when he saw "hotties" visiting another neighbors' son and realizing that guy was "getting more action" than he had in his entire life.
  2. https://bleep.com/release/238459-the-universal-veil-helioshind https://www.normanrecords.com/records/188337-the-universal-veil-helioshind
  3. ever wanted to have part ownership of the copyright to jay z's reasonable doubt record? dame dash doesn't want it anymore and since he only owns ⅓ of roc-a-fella, he's "auctioning his ⅓ interest in Roc-A-Fella Inc. which owns Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z’s first album" and he accepts nothing less than $10m https://www.dashnftgallery.io/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CRiNiF_JomP/ https://etherscan.io/address/0x96e58447ad1746B5B157B4777C234FE501eAe739
  4. this was kind of fascinating. this guy was part of a group of incels labelled as TFL (true forced loneliness) who decided to one day follow the actions of fellow 'supreme gentleman' and martyr to the movement, elliot rodger, and attempt his own revolution against the 'chads and staceys'
  5. had no idea this was even coming out yesterday, but decided to check it out because of all the hoopla surrounding the showrunner firstly: most of the voice casting doesn't work. the guy playing adam doesn't sound convinced he knows what's going on, and lena headey (playing evil-lyn) doesn't sound convincing. sarah michelle gellar is the most beautiful woman in the world so no complaints there. second complaint is exactly what everyone is complaining about. according to kevin smith, this is based off the early 2000 cartoon because the one that anyone thinks of is owned by filmation. so anyone going into this without knowing that might be in some serious disappointment.
  6. those are some expensive 'gluten-free chips, bars and jerky'
  7. finally did. thought it was okay- a little distracted with itself as it seemed to have unnecessarily long, dragged out scenes sometimes or mtv style edits, transitions and montages the other. the girl that plays zola can seriously get it though out of ten
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