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  1. except the player. this film tried to be a jt leroy inspired b-movie, and actually succeeded for about 30min or so, until the director ran out of a direction to take the film.
  2. had high hopes for this, but honestly it's like watching a new car leave the show room and immediately begin to slowly break apart, and that happens for 3.5hrs the director incorrectly attributed would be required to get through the script. sweet movie this ain't out of ten
  3. this show is pedro pascal2 i think he's in like every shot. or someone is talking about him or wondering where he is. the last of us is the last people to have survived being around pedro pascal. but so far its good. i'm on episode two
  4. and that's also the reason most republicans don't/can't/won't do anything about it. they want control, and don't care how they get it.
  5. strange skinmax thriller with robert forester looking for missing dames being seduced (and kidnapped) by a succubus
  6. official arizona governor's website also lists someone other than kari lake as govonor. it's almost like, kari lake isn't govonor of arizona.
  7. i actually didn't mind some of the crooks admitting the errors of their ways, it was mainly how the story unfolds. the story with chloe sevigny reminded me a lot of a script i did with lyonne a few years back except it was a film and done a little differently i think (never saw the finished film). the story with the gas station attendant is a little too close to a film that i consider "sacred" with goddess lynne moody i really wish they use benjamin bratt more. imo he's the street cred for this show
  8. it's unfortunate that "the hellscape that is florida continues to grow at the expensive of liberal paradise that is NY"
  9. love the tension and focus here
  10. this show is basically lie to me, but dressed up as a wondering gypsy/streetwise brat
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