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  1. alrighty. finished first (two?) episode actually kinda enjoyed that. i like ben sisko and that one dame that supposedly has "a slug" inside her. i'm hoping "the entity" in this episode has a broader story arc than just this one (two?) episodes though. the only person i thought was weak was jake sisko. he only had a few lines and somehow managed to make each one annoying. also- was surprised the guy with the boxy face turns into a kind of metallic liquid. not sure why that surprised me. i guess i'm used to humanoids that don't turn into stuff.
  2. jeri ryan was also in a relationship was exec. producer brannon 'i wrote threshold' braga who insisted on attempting a data-type story arc for her character. the real babe, imo, was b'lanna
  3. this was horrible. if you mean will smith, i work in the film industry so i keep up on the local wildlife
  4. Big T and bill burr will line up traitors (democrats) against a wall and start shooting them- although conflicts with earlier prediction that christians will be killed by the satanic communist takeover currently going on. in the mean time, hope florida makes killing looters and protestors legal because that's okay. also, tucker carlson getting exposed for eating at the same pizza joint and john podesta meaning they're both involved in pizzagate.
  5. one of big T's biggest wallstreet donors and supporters just became a RINO
  6. and for himself. his original plan was to be 'the next tom cruise' which is why he started overbrook to take production cuts to every film he appears in
  7. okay, i went in after two beers and two smokes. didn't work. switched it off after 15min. my recommendation for anyone else risking it is to try a heavier dose.
  8. and i never watched ds9. one of my friends swears by it but he recommended starting with specific episodes- which i've never had the patience to do- and thus never watched it. i also agree with star trek being something "they could still do something awesome with", but i think they just need good writers. this whole philosophy that we should cater to short term attention span audiences by producing jj abrams influenced trek series' that always take place before TOS just doesn't work imo- not to mention how much they don't even resemble trek in look. another major problem for me is t
  9. i'd also recommend voyager. it's not as good as TNG but it's definitely fun despite a few very cringy episodes.
  10. i'm thinking about watching this tonight. this picture alone sold the film for me
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