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  1. cool fake documentary. i know someone that worked with this lady and so i gave it a go. this was my reply:
  2. it's meh. it's very meh. but so have all his albums since los angeles
  3. a classic piece of nollywood filmmaking- the quality of the image above should give you a hint of the quality of filmmaking: basically, not clear, low quality but told with a lot of heart and passion. the story follows college campus students who are in all kinds of affairs with one another. audio quality made it hard to know what was being said, but from the visual story telling, i was able to tell some of the dudes favored a particular babe (happens to the be very same one i would have favored). nothing gets to graphic or heated- it's more like this film tried to tone down on any violence. also noticed the soundtrack comprised of mostly reggae music (not complaining) but would've been better to hear some local artists get some shine. either way, really disliked the character of 'g money'. what an asshole. if you wanna see something better than aladdin, i'd say give this film a chance. seven badly mixed cassette tapes out of ten
  4. interesting, but sounds like rebel ins on a czarface beat (yeah i know it's lord quas but c'mon son)
  5. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/2019/05/23/mike-hill-says-he-propose-florida-abortion-ban-modeled-after-alabamas-new-law/1209023001/
  6. moebius: salute to you. i too got that archipelagogo cassette, but still haven't listened to it. this has blown mine mind. what will that do? i'm scared- but i might go forth. p.s. you asked how votel has the time to do what he does? he doesn't, and isn't but is.
  7. the other day (tuesday night/wednesday mawnin) i dreamed i was in a plane. and somehow i knew this plane was going to crash. and suddenly it started to go down. and i thought "i gotta call my parents and tell them i'm going to die. but what do i say? hello: i'm dying folks?" i was thinking to what to say, and seeing the ocean coming closer and closer and everyone was panicking. i looked at my wife and she looked dead. she was calm and it made me more aware that i was for sure going to die. i then realized "how exactly am i going to call my folks?" that chaos, that confusion- it juggled my brain to another dream i had- and suddenly i was in this compound. it was large and horseshoe shaped. i went in one room and there was there were all these girls and this one guy who was super drunk. i sat at the far end of the chair nearest to a very large screen tv. the drunk guy came right next to me and he was trying to tell me something but just drooling on me. the girls watched and i felt (or thought) that we were gay. it made me so uncomfortable that i immediately- somehow- lurched myself to one of these girls and started making out with her. the slobbering guy came really close and the hole time was slobbering while we made out. the other girls seemed disgusted with me more than him which confused and irritated me. i woke up not long after that episode
  8. this is f***ing amazing. no words- just balls to the wall insanity. purchased direct from votel.
  9. d-a-m-o: i apologize. can someone please delete this thread before everyone laughs at me.
  10. this dude was cleaning a buchla synth from the 60s that had LSD- and he got high as Manhattan rent “It was … felt like I was tripping on LSD,” remarked Curtis. It turns out that Curtis was indeed tripping on the infamous psychedelic drug known as lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD for short. He got dosed by accident at home in his workshop — in front of his wife. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/05/21/1960s-rock-music-san-francisco-lsd-buchla-100-synthesizer-grateful-dead/
  11. for irc, users can use mibbit which can run on any mac or pc browser, ps3, wii or iphone. you also don't have to sign up. there is also ircloud (available @ google playstore or appstore) which will keep you on irc indefinitely (idle) irc for iphone? try mutter or palaver which also works on ipad (or mibbit as seen above) irc for android? androirc or anything from this list here is a list of independent mac irc clients windows there is mIRC or xchat/hexchat personally, i'd set up a bounce- then route into that from your favorite client. that way, you're always on irc and can chat or continue the chat even if you leave (with logs stored so you can still read up on what you missed when you were offline). it would basically be like being on the forum, but realtime chatting
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