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  1. was aware of the author from the brothers quay adaptation of street of crocodiles which might be easier to digest because it's not a feature length film and has an equally non-traditional storytelling aspect which is the main reason it never made me want to pick up his book. thanks for the consolation. i think even after this film i'll move on content that i've had a fill of bruno schulz work
  2. i highly recommend this mini series. even if you weren't intrigued, it's an interesting insight into a slice of american history
  3. r.i.p. honor blackman aka pussy galore
  4. this was kinda interesting but laborious to get through. basically- a man goes to a sanatarium to check on his father who is dead - except the sanatorium exists in an area of misplaced time so the father isn't dead, yet. lots of interesting and delicious visuals and something that might or might not resemble a storyline. this was insanely fun as expected considering it has the holy trinity of kung-fu stars at the height of their career. this is basically a clinic in filmmaking and almost resembles a dissertation in landscape art and framing. extremely erudite and pompous but overflowing in richness and playfulness.
  5. i really enjoyed (in the not-perfect-but-entertaining-anyway category) chernobyl diaries and europa report i'd also recommend this film even though i haven't seen it in a very long time and not sure how it holds up (although i should mention, i personally enjoy cheesy UFO films)
  6. gov. cuomo doesn't realize that if you have a gun, you can just shoot the virus
  7. very nice and patient lady showing people how to wash their hands
  8. according to cell phone tracking data by reuters, counties that voted for trump are less likely to change their travel habits as covid-19 took hold
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