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  1. hard-core trump supporters already refer to trump as GEOTUS so i believe she'd have been down with norton, not to mention his label was pretty swell for the bay area underground movement
  2. ^^ yes i remember what the "mystery" was, but i don't remember how it happened. one thing i remembered is, that film reminds me a lot of another film called 'where the lilies bloom' which has a somewhat similar plot and stars harry dean stanton as a (somewhat) similar (though less graphic) character to the one played by martin sheen. that film is kinda like a less childish version of 'little house on the prairie' which starred charlotte stewart.
  3. yes, love that film. if i remember correctly, there was a "mystery" in her basement
  4. looks more like the star trek (TNG) movies than the series so meh. and that looks more like annika hansen than seven of nine
  5. sounds like the log line to a science fiction film. i guess the next attraction will be IRL the tenth victim
  6. facebook link https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/07/20/braintree-police-hold-off-on-crime-this-weekend-due-to-extreme-heat/
  7. https://www.clickorlando.com/strange-florida/deputies-florida-inmate-said-he-would-join-isis-bomb-white-house
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