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  1. ^^ bolivia's current interim president is someone i can get behind 100%
  2. (i think) this is that service. starts about 43min in https://youtu.be/zXwHM96rbyM
  3. i believe this is one of the first (few?) films to present a scenario of a planet populated solely by women who are dead set on eradicating men from the universe. this time there is a dedicated few leading a resistance from the queen of venus and led by zsa zsa gabor. when an all male team of astronauts crash land on the planet it adds a complicated twist to this coup attempt: some of the resistance women want the men- and the queen herself fancies the captain (though zsa zsa is also intent on snagging him for herself). despite the fact that every woman on venus parades around in a mini skirt, heels and a perfect coiffure, the culture is extremely advanced- which begs the question: exactly why do the women need the men again? "Women can't be happy without men." "You're so right baby!" those are actual quotes from the film
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-18/hsbc-cites-regulations-as-protest-linked-account-reportedly-shut
  5. yeah i checked it out, and unfortunately it's not for me. i'm not really into ambient music and even when i am, i usually just pick up the older stuff from the 70s or 80s. maybe it's just me, but i usually prefer ambient music that sounds a little more organic (like it's being made using actual instruments + modular synths) rather than entirely programmed. also doesn't help that i got l'univers de la mer just before checking this out so that didn't exactly make it stand out either
  6. this was pompous beyond belief. charlotte rampling looks delicious but the fetishizing of style and substance becomes draining- further degraded by the laconic dialogue and modest sets. this is a film attempting to communicate a very complex subject (S&M) amidst a very complex scenario (about a decade after world war 2) by discarding both scenario and subject- the nazi is no longer the master (nor the nazi) and neither is his slave- except they are (in their minds). it's cute and sexy john zewizz used to rave about this film for his project and i can see the fascination, but i don't think this gets it
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