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  1. if you bought something worth 1BTC 10 years ago, today, that same "thing" would be valued around 0.000023BTC. 1BTC today would buy you significantly more because of how volatile btc is, most places will just have a converter so you can establish the cost in real time of btc atm as for editing alcofribas' posts: flawless posts could potentially fetch a very high price. perhaps one could create a black market to trade portions of them for future review
  2. "The first 100 copies of this vinyl release will also include issue 7 of the Library of the Occult zine. Drew tells the story of his childhood days in Glasgow visiting Messer's Circulating Library with his Aunt Nan." https://drewmulholland.bandcamp.com/community?sid=455122&st=sm
  3. if the digital works is being sold in .eu and you're in .us then you would have to compensate for the exchange rate but with crypto, the price is the same regardless of where you are. so .05ETH is worth the same in every country in the world. it's also easy and private. no need to disclose your name, credit card number, billing address etc. you can just scan a QR code and make a transaction. also because everything is visible on the blockchain, if you buy a unique NFT, it's always tied (but not stored) to your wallet. as a hypothetical example: if Alcofribas were to sell his previo
  4. college girls don't want to date conservatives thanks to sleazy democrats and their campaign of terror
  5. thanks for sharing that video. subscribed to her channel too
  6. ^^ it's difficult to put a price on your fungible posts- which is why i suggested opensea where users can bid on them. also, i'd suggest splitting the assets in bundles similar to hashmasks where users can then anticipate either owning a part of your posts, or you're entire post history/collection. missing posts can create scarcity which would then drive up the value of the remaining posts
  7. also: @Alcofribas: you need to collect all 5778 posts and sell them on https://opensea.io/
  8. textfiles like in the ascii bbs and artscene days. almost like an ezine but in this case, crypto focused
  9. a lot. the blockchain art scene is pretty big with the likes of a unique nyan cat selling for $561,000, this exquisite pixel collage piece of 319,168,313 bytes currently on auction, a clip of lebron blocking a shot in a lakers game that someone thought was worth $100,000 or my favorite: a tweet by mark cuban that sold for $952. i'm personally looking into minting some personalized "text files" for sale in a couple of months so "stay tuned"
  10. wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the daft punk split after 28 years thread: https://decrypt.co/58592/daft-punk-lindsay-lohan-nft https://app.rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:147868:0x3781d92e5449b5b689fee308ded44882085b6312?tab=history
  11. silly attempt at a documentary interviewing a bunch of qanon dudes hiding behind anthropomorphic avatars believing we're living the matrix scenario (they even literally say their theory was popularized by the film) and taking philip k dick's words as evidence of their theories. i'm all for discussions about a holographic universe or something similar but this is is daft
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