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  1. hope big T is going to do something to stop this in it's tracks
  2. he deleted the tweet so hopefully he's managed to change the opinion of his candidate
  3. ^^ one of the flashiest bishops daughter recently purchased a banging mansion in calabasas so hopefully they can use some PPP loans to pay that mortgage
  4. https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/im-a-grown-woman-i-know-better-woman-caught-on-camera-making-racist-remarks-at-black-lives-matter-protest-apologizes/ karen's are evolving at an incredibly rapid pace
  5. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/07/07/sf-lawmaker-proposes-caren-act-to-outlaw-racially-motivated-911-calls/ being a karen is now a criminal act in the bay area
  6. he created a new party called the birthday party coz if he wins, it will be everyone's birthday. his running mate is michelle tidball (a biblical life coach who doesn't watch the news) and his campaign advisors are elon musk (baller and mars colonist) and kim kardashian and plans to implement a government that runs similar to marvels black panther movie "in wakanda"
  7. r.i.p. mary kay letourneau aka the teacher who took it to the next level with her student
  8. elon musk started a school to teach his kids but now any kid (ages 8-13) can enroll for 1 day / week @ $7500. https://astranova.org/admissions
  9. WHO needs to change their name to ME if they want big T to take them serious
  10. ^^^ turns out trump is related to god after all. so big T and the big G are family
  11. a group of hotties win a baseball game against the local all-male team. this upsets the home fans more than anyone could ever anticipate. this is exactly the kind of felicitous casting you can expect for this kind of film despite the lack of any all-star female scream queen talent.
  12. thanks for the rec. i saw votel mention it on his ig and was contemplating hitting him up in the dm's for a copy- but i might wait. i've been too busy coping library records
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