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  1. When and if ever the smoke clears and this pandemonium eventually comes to an end I'll still be there F5ing the shit out of user48736353001's soundcloud account
  2. Yeah, as far as I know this is unprecedented. I've heard of other artists doing something akin to this, but on this scale? Not even close. To quote someone from here whose name I can't recall (maybe you?) "This is the most baller move by an artist ever"
  3. Here's a cool fan video for "Blue Hours" off of National Ignition Killed it.
  4. Well it was also said it's not music.And than that video with the logo, which looks like a piece of gear.. Where did this video even come from?
  5. great word! Word. Horsefeathers and pants-shittingly-absurd were also in the running but in retrospect it warms my heart knowing that we share the same weird enthusiasm here. I appreciate you for appreciating my word selection, bro.
  6. You're probably already up on it, but just in case you haven't been listening to some of his more recent stuff "National Ignition" is arguably his best release thus far.
  7. The fact that people are even talking about new stuff at this point is preposterous.
  8. That last one is the slow grow. I enjoy it a little more each time out.
  9. ^Video is down. What was it supposed to be?
  10. He did. Unfortunately a lot of them pretended to be Aphex and sounded like shit. This, on the other hand, is pretty cool.
  11. Yeah, I'm late on that. Wasn't following Joyrex at first but now I get it.
  12. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. New special? Is it on HBO?
  14. Yeah. That's one of the best openers I've heard in a while. Sounds like what the universe unfurling before your eyes would look like. I exaggerate. Shit's still really good though.
  15. Man, I never would have thought the end product of being constantly angry, drunk and on acid could sound like that. That adds a whole new level of humor to future listens. Getting "Angry, Drunk and on Acid Vol. 2" doesn't seem very likely anymore. That's unfortunate (for us anyways).
  16. Kinda the vibe I got from it as well which is why it surprised me to hear that. Maybe not an outright joke, but it didn't seem like they were going for anything serious. It's got a goofy saturday morning cartoons on LSD thing going for it but overall I still think it's a fun listen.
  17. For real? That kinda sucks to hear but I believe it. I recently read an interview with Mike and he said when he first submitted his work to Richard he said something along the lines of "Yeah, it sounds ok. But it's all b-sides. You have to make some a-sides, ok?" Brutal. Definitely brutal, but with all due respect to Mike (someone who's music I like but never loved), it's a pretty good way to summarise AFX vs Mu-Ziq Yeah, I mostly agree with that sentiment though I do believe that he has improved and more than earned his acclaim. I guess the reverse is true for Mike with rega
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