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  1. Last track was my favorite. Nice to hear something that sounds considerably different than a lot of the recent output, not that it isn't great in its own right.
  2. most idm thing I've listened to this year
  3. Was raised half a block down from the third precinct. Then moved down 5 blocks from there when I was 7 and it looks like the destruction has spread just 2 blocks away from there with the Hexagon burning down. Went biking around the old neighborhood just to see what state it was in yesterday and jesus christ this shit is depressing. I don't think the neighborhood will recover from this shit any time soon given the financial collapse and pandemic. Sorry to say but the guy that got shot should have seen that one coming. You think you're just going to break into Cadillac Pawn, which has been in op
  4. This one went under the radar for me. Started checking it out yesterday and Thunders was great.
  5. Hyped to hear Trackermatte is still alive and looking forward to these new EPs mang.
  6. The Obsidian Floyd of the black metal scene. Love how much variety these guys seem to have in their sound and they do a good job of building the atmosphere and intensity.
  7. First introduced to Rolando's music when I came across 'Sisters on the Shore' on soundcloud and had that oh shit moment. He has provided many more since then.
  8. Odd contrast of mellow music and darker concept on this one: "I contacted Martin (All India Radio) on Twitter this week and asked if he would mind if I released this for the Quarantine Project and he agreed, so I made a quick video for it and I hope you like it. the term ‘Call Of The Void’ was one that I heard referring to that sensation when your driving beside a cliff and have a strange fear that at any moment you may just hurl yourself over."
  9. Agreed. Love the art and colors on those. Favorite EPs I would say are 1. Yuo're Life 2. Walk On Strawberies and 3. Rolando Simmons EP. Highly recommend picking up volumes though, as it is 4 very early EPs combined in one and features a really good variety of cool ass music. Great tracks on all releases though imo. Choose your own adventure!
  10. Posted on Facebook: "All current releases on my bandcamp page (except World Building) are name-your-priced until further notice.Thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe!" If you haven't heard him yet you may be able to ride the 'rona out w/Rolando https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com
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