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  1. more of clone than anything, but a good one for sure. Fun band and have been digging their latest releases even more so than the earlier stuff
  2. Spiral has been struggling with Richard's success, adulation, and just overall existence for years now. Take anything he says with a massive, cavernous salt mine's worth of salt
  3. Last night's episode was the best of the season thus far. The last 2/3rds had some really good acting
  4. Wrapped up true detective season 3 a few days ago and really enjoyed it. So much so that I actually kinda want to give season 2 a second chance. Would that be a mistake? I think I bailed after like 4 episodes.
  5. pheel good song here
  6. cool video for a classic rolando track that will be on the upcoming forced hypnosis release
  7. Ahh ok. I've never heard someone do the coughing thing without firing a shot at whoever they were referring to. You're right in that getting exposure from day for night did definitely help out. I remember seeing his bandcamp purchases increase substantially after that set.
  8. sounding pretty passive aggressive here man, what's your deal?
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