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  1. Lol. This shit terrified me more than any other movie I have ever seen in my life. Picked it up on a whim as a young teen without any clue of who David Lynch was.
  2. MAD GOD bought the blu-ray(and it came with a dvd too which was weird) and watched it last night. This is like 95% stop motion with an odd choice of throwing in a few actors. I’ve always had a soft spot for stop motion and really underestimated how dark and outright disturbing this would be. I can definitely appreciate the enormous amount of effort that went into it, and despite being dark a lot of the shots are very beautiful like the sequence with the plague doctor, but I have to admit I really didn’t enjoy sitting through Phil Tippet’s trauma. I guess it does a very good job of representing what hell looks like to him (with a heavy influence from Hieronymous Bosh by his own admission). I guess I’m just growing tired of all the dark and edgy shit that seems to be par for course these days. All stabs at dark humor missed the mark for me as well. I couldn’t imagine what working on shit like this for decades would do to your psyche. I would definitely recommend checking out the special features after watching it though for some insight and background on Phil. Kinda like some of Jodorowsky’s films I have a love hate relationship here. It’s a unique, ambitious, and unapologetic offloading of one dude’s mental illness steeped in heavy symbolism and set in a hellish, Beksinski-an backdrop. It’s impressive but I at the end of the film I was actually more worried about the guy who made it than anything, and even moreso for the people in his life. I just hope that all of what was shown is just what’s in his head and he personally hasn’t been damaged or damaged other lives. I’m normally not the guy to say that type of shit but this was that disturbing. I hope it was a cathartic experience and he can move on to something way less bleak going forward. Final verdict: Ambivalence. Equal parts brilliant and revolting. Your move, Marvel.
  3. Thanks man. I have it on whatever the default mode is (normal I’m assuming). I beat the base boss for the first time last night but it felt kinda cheap ngl. I lucked out and had a S-tier Scythe which was way broken imo. I also got some gold pick me ups and had a max level leg hugger etc. I may have rolled out of the way a few times but for the most part I just obliterated the hand of the king when I got there. Now I have the option to adjust difficulty but I feel good where I’m at. Beautiful game though, and great music as well. Did you get to the room in Draculas Castle where you can watch the ghosts waltz? I just chilled and listened to that song for like 2 minutes straight 😅 Now I’m forging ahead into all the DLC I picked up. Current roadblock is the Lighthouse. Credit roll was pretty clowning.
  4. Also jumped on Dead Cells when I realized it was on PS Plus for free. Promptly purchased the Castlevania DLC (actually was never a fan of the game because I never owned any copies. My fandom is thanks to the animated Netflix series which was phenomenal). Loving the game but damn it’s hard. First Hades (can’t wait for the sequel!) and now this. I’m a believer in rougelites. Also, got the psvr2 and picked up a copy of GT7. Haven’t enjoyed sim racing probably since GT1. Now I’m preparing to buy a wheel, pedals, stand, etc. So fun. But please give me a new wipeout, burnout or twisted metal though.
  5. hope we get some premiers w/ wild ass beats https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpnnN92gkOn/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. Drums stand out more so than the guitar but I love the inclusion of it here and there
  7. Favorite project since World Building. Gave it a full listen last night and was really happy to hear there were elements of songs that sounded unlike anything in your previous RS and Trackermatte works. Obviously it still had your fingerprints all over it and retained those signature bass lines, driving percussion, gurgling synth chords, etc. we all know you for but it felt equal parts unfamiliar if that makes any sense. Probably not. It’s fucking good is what I’m trying to say.
  8. halfway through atm. I was unaware that there was even a “grim dark” genre but I needed something to scratch the itch after finishing Fire and Blood and a little research led me to the first book in a trilogy. Based on how it’s going I see myself reading the other two soon.
  9. Mr. Steal-your-girlfriend just dropped a new EP today. Totally didn’t have to drop it as a name your price option but he did anyways. That suave, clean-shaven son of a bitch. listen: https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/no-sleep
  10. That guy was a real menace for me as well. Not a boss fight but I knew things were going to be bad when I got hit with a cut scene. Good job sticking with the game. It’s stressful but I’m sure you’re doing quite a bit better already and it’s an immense and amazing world to explore.
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