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  1. You have both expanded my mind and my respect for you as a person
  2. My dumbass is working two full time jobs at the moment so I pulled the trigger on the oak treasure chest edition. Still feels majorly irresponsible in this economy. Throwing up a prayer that SAW III will grace our ears one of these years.
  3. I’m rooting for the Panthers since they’ve never won a cup and came back from the brink of collapse to vanquishing the (fuck) Boston Bruins 2 years in a row en route to another appearance in the finals. At this point though I gotta admit that the Oilers somehow pulling off the reverse sweep (hasn’t been done since the Leafs in the 40’s apparently) would be an even cooler story and cement McDavid as a hockey god. Panthers got this though. Just need Bob to calm down and get back in the zone.
  4. I’m high as fuck off of playoff hockey after that game. What was at stake, McJesus moving through a group of defenders like a vapor cloud, Tkachuk’s heroics to keep the cats in the game, momentum shifts, etc.
  5. If I remember correctly the same thing happened with Cheetah EP cassettes
  6. “Soccer” for men: Lord Stanley would be appalled by the UK’s fascination with all this crybaby kickball. UK did look the best it has in a century on the international level this year though.
  7. House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1. People who didn’t enjoy what happened to Daenerys in GOT are going to hate seeing the Dance of Dragons. In other Westerosi news the Tales of Dunc and Egg short stories will also be coming to HBO. That will be much more light hearted and without all the political intrigue, etc.
  8. Appears to be so but can’t find the source. Where was this posted? Definitely not the old 2 disc set I bought decades ago.
  9. I never really got into the Flashbulb’s music as it’s just not my style but goddamn, his videos are high quality and really interesting.
  10. Scavengers Reign is available on Netflix now. Sounds like MAX is apparently cancelling all animated series so unless it did well on Netflix it’s pretty much RIP. It’s not top 10 so I’m assuming the most fleshed out and imaginative alien world is being laid to rest right now. Fuck. If you’ve already seen it it’s probably worth rewatching and liking to try to breathe some life into it.
  11. Lol. Is that you? If so goddamn, I thought the theater we were in was barren. Also shout out to your lady/friend/photographer on the ICEE selection. Probably haven’t had one of those in like 20 years, kinda want to give it a try next time.
  12. Furiosa in IMAX. Damn I feel bad for George Miller, this 79 year old man cinematically dunks on all of his underclassmen only to barely beat out fucking Garfield and rake in less than 1/5th of what it cost to make the film. Went as a group of 4 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it in a disappointingly empty theater. I was a little skeptical naturally with it being a prequel but upon watching it I’m excited to rewatch Fury Road now. Chris Hemsworth was great in this. It was refreshing to have a villain that came across as incompetent instead of the usual insurmountable force of pure evil. He was more of an impulsive dirtbag who rose in the ranks and you really get to see the consequences of his leadership throughout the film. Furiosa herself is great as well (both the girl and ole anime eyes herself, Anna Taylor-joy). Honestly I really appreciated all of the smaller roles in this film as they were all very distinct and memorable in their own way. As far as the action is concerned it is still damn good in parts though not as relentless was the case in Fury Road. There is some wonky cgi here and there that was a little distracting but I’m forgiving it all as there was an abundance of other really fun and exciting shit going on. Being more story-centric also meant that the dialogue here was way more interesting than anything in Fury Road. It’s a shame it bombed at the theaters because George said if it did well he would write one last chapter but at this point I don’t see it happening
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