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  1. I’m neither based nor redpilled, but this madcap asshole still brings a level of humor and A+ editing skills that none of his “peers” will ever match. I totally get why Joe Rogan ducked the fight all those years too (RIP Joe).
  2. Tony Hawk as Larry David for Halloween warms my soul
  3. ^pretty baller just saw this bad boy the other day. Unfortunately it’s sold out 😔
  4. Outstanding return but the sad reality is that I’m still too ape-brained to take in 15+ minute songs with any sort of regularity. It’s a formidable barrier to entry for some reason. I feel like I gotta make a commitment and set some time aside just to listen to it which is delusional. I’ll give it re-listens on some longer bike rides, maybe then I can start to process and grown to appreciate it more. Or maybe I’ll just start drinking cheap beer and listening to arena rock instead. I don’t know.
  5. Didn’t watch the whole thing but that was sounding nice. Those glasses are +5 magic at least. Anyone notice the game Downfall in the background?
  6. Since Fire and Blood, or at least the earlier chapters, reads like a text book I can only assume the writers will have a lot of freedom as far as dialogue is concerned. There’s a lot of cynicism in the air from fans who got their feelings hurt by the final season(s) of GOT but I think this show has potential. HBO pulling the plug on the other show that was in the works starring Naomi Campbell was likely a good sign in terms of their standards not being met. Color me cautiously optimistic.
  7. Didn’t know this was a thing. I feel like “squidge in the fridge” is definitely about a foul RDJ party prank now. Richard shit in a fridge confirmed.
  8. More shocking to hear this dude swam out into the ocean to take a shit than the fact that he almost got taken out by a current.
  9. Summer Witch is ill. Keep feeling like it’s gonna break into an 11 minute Pink Floyd jam. Loving the more natural sounding drums the Music Packs contain. Pots and pans, tribal shaman drums, whatever is being used in spots, I like it.
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