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    Science and turtlenecks mainly. Oh and music (Aphex Twin, Rolando Simmons, Boards of Canada, Devin Townsend, Ochre, etc.) as well.

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  1. These stupid ass Apple Bottom Jeans videos are getting me pretty good
  2. Heavy post + avatar combo here
  3. Got the sequel shot last Friday (Pfizer). Worse than the original, where I felt absolutely nothing. The 2nd shot’s effects came on about 24 hours after the fact. Soreness around the arm and ribs on the side where I got it, slight chills came on and a dull headache which eventually turned into a migraine. I have a history of migraines though so I was worried that would happen. I refrained from using any acetaminophen until about 140am because The last time I tried to ride out a headache with no meds it went on for like 3 days. Fuck that. Took a shot of NyQuil (yuck) and got some sleep. Woke up feeling fine. Don’t take acetaminophen if you don’t have to though, as you’ll get a better anti-viral response apparently.
  4. Bewwip’s music was already damn good but this is levels above that. IQ 200 type shit that even the legends themselves couldn’t eclipse this year. God damn.
  5. Lol. Dude at work recently alerted me to news that a couple dudes from Mgla have a side project. not much of a departure stylistically but still really dope
  6. Hail Sagan

    afx nft

    Good luck topping this
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