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  1. parallel universe level cover of Nirvana’s “Stay Away”
  2. Just found out Stretch and Bobbito played an unreleased KMD joint on a tribute show. It’s a good one. Tough enough to lose Sean Price, losing DOOM fucked me up even more. RIP.
  3. Ha! Perfect throwing bowling balls at cars music. Nice to see CCAI is a part of this universe.
  4. The Trackermatte stuff is great too. Used that as the soundtrack for another vid. Thank you Rolando and OR for not striking it down.
  5. Fun times indeed. Damn, I was excited for your spiritual successor to The Chronic 2001
  6. thanks man. I’m using a GoPro Hero 7 Black here with a GoPro chest strap.
  7. Bunch of talented motherfuckers in here (self excluded). Nice arts guys!!!
  8. He’s probably breaking all sorts of gear himself right now forcefully forging new and exciting music.
  9. Collapse was the best audio visual pairing of anything I’ve experienced in the past decade. Richard and Weirdcore are the tag team champions of the world right now in my book. Hopefully they can bring their creations into VR at some point as well as I recall that being mentioned at one point...
  10. Had a close encounter with one of these dudes (edit: Long Eared Owl) biking through the snow beside the river. Big ass bird swooped down from above over my head and perched on a branch beside the trail. Got within about ten feet, stopped and locked eyes with it 👀 for about 20 seconds. Figured it was pretty chill so I went to pull out my phone and it ghosted me. I’ve seen owls on 3 times mountain biking but never that close.
  11. Picked up my oculus quest headset and purchased and played through quite a few titles. I don’t consistently game but when I do I really get into it. The quest is pretty low-powered compared to PSVR but despite the gap in graphics and even AAA experiences the trade off for being completely tetherless is totally worth it. Lies Beneath- Loved this, the graphic novel style animation survival horror type world it throws you into is incredible. One of my favorite gaming experiences ever alongside Astrobot and RE7VR. Trover Saves the Universe- Stupid fun platformer from one of the Rick and
  12. Yeah, my grandpa’s decision in his later years to visit there every summer really seems to make more sense these days. Tragic to hear of a guy that young exiting this life so early. RIP.
  13. Went on a vacation this past summer that I can look back on fondly. It wasn’t difficult at all to find a song that fit the vibe of the overall experience. p.s. Rolando shared A small clip of some new music on his IG stories. It sounded pretty gangster.
  14. Last track was my favorite. Nice to hear something that sounds considerably different than a lot of the recent output, not that it isn't great in its own right.
  15. most idm thing I've listened to this year
  16. Was raised half a block down from the third precinct. Then moved down 5 blocks from there when I was 7 and it looks like the destruction has spread just 2 blocks away from there with the Hexagon burning down. Went biking around the old neighborhood just to see what state it was in yesterday and jesus christ this shit is depressing. I don't think the neighborhood will recover from this shit any time soon given the financial collapse and pandemic. Sorry to say but the guy that got shot should have seen that one coming. You think you're just going to break into Cadillac Pawn, which has been in op
  17. This one went under the radar for me. Started checking it out yesterday and Thunders was great.
  18. Hyped to hear Trackermatte is still alive and looking forward to these new EPs mang.
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