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  1. https://www.mixcloud.com/nonlinearspacemovement/nonlinearspacemovement-low-orbit-mix-pt1/ https://www.mixcloud.com/nonlinearspacemovement/nonlinearspacemovement-low-orbit-mix-pt2/ check out my space mix.. if you like space, you won't regret it.. best enjoyed horizontally ;)
  2. awesome! check out my approach to twin peaks: http://suprstructur3.bandcamp.com/track/audreys-dance (sry.. dont have it up on sc)
  3. awesome stuff man! loved every bit of it! those basslines are pretty sweet!
  4. its like moombathon without the beats and the siren sound.. ;) 'de phuck kinda style is this mang?
  5. very nice! keep it as it is.. listened to it on my beyerdynamic headphones.. also sounds good on my yamaha mid range monitors! (i always have it all hooked up.. so i can switch speakers at the push of a button.. i also checked it out on my hifi system (infinity speakers)
  6. nsm


    awesome stuff with the voice and all! very smooth and warm! i also like the subtle glide on the bass! i can very much imagine an ambient version of this where you tune down the rhythmic parts to a very minimal microrhythm.. keep the stuff coming! pretty cool!
  7. interesting rhythm! for me its a bit on the overloaded side.. maybe try a version where you thin it out a bit.. don't get me wrong.. i love chaos.. but in a controlled fashion ;)
  8. thanks for the nice words.. yeah.. everything that will happen has already happened.. millions of times.. from singularity to expansion and back again.. or whatever ;) .. its just a name dude.. but thats how people function.. we have the mental disease of habitually needing to tag everything with a name.. back in the days when you hadn't learned the word tree you might have stood gaping in awe at its magnificent beauty.. now its "just" a tree.. ∆∞Ω
  9. jus finished building my new studio.. first track recorded to break it in.. https://soundcloud.com/historyeraserbutton/fuy4izgzhl2z
  10. yea dude! it really hits the spot! very unique indeed!
  11. awesome stuff dude! love it!
  12. nsm


    here it is.. http://suprstructur3.bandcamp.com/track/audreys-dance its based on bits and pieces sampled from twin peaks
  13. nsm


    i'm a real fan of the old guy.. the waiter of the big northern.. he winks at coop and gives him a thumbs up while he is lying there dying.. awesome scene! another fav of mine is the major! i made a twin peaks remix track once.. gotta dig it out for your folks..
  14. nsm

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    check out "the cosmic serpent" & "intelligence in nature" by jeremy narby.. very interesting reads!
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