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  1. I was openly lambasted by David Lynch. My name is my name, but I still finance his work to this day. His recent animated short? I had to sell two of my most fire Beanie Babies to fund that thing, but that is the cross I choose to bear.
  2. I remember wondering why The King of Limbs wasn’t just released as a Thom Yorke solo album. It sounds like it was meant to be one but then he changed his mind and called up Jonny Greenwood at the last minute.
  3. Maybe it’s making new music less exciting. Looking at the Pfork cover what seems like this week’s latest high school talent show doesn’t seem as substantial as watching a non canonized band’s new music video in 1997. There will be no stars, no one will seem very important.
  4. Lol yup. Apparently the house burning down was just the grand finale after years of bullshit. I’m surprised my mom’s house only had a few windows cracked because the flames got really close. Second fire in that house, third on her street in a couple years. Now when I go visit there’s an empty lot with weeds growing where the house used to be and it’s... beautiful.
  5. But on the other hand, my mom’s neighbor had a house that was supposed to be a duplex but had 17 people. It completely burned down and the owner got investigated for human trafficking.
  6. Stay smart and be politically active while a better ratio in congress and better president/admin are in charge. Have a good plan though.
  7. Cryptic Shift is on some next level space odyssey shit forreal
  8. Captain Deadheart is Beef Captain Deadbeef is Heart
  9. As a child, I was reared on nothing but wild bison, durian fruit, and whatever breast milk the village had available. The sky was barely visible due to unceasing locust swarms. The sound of horns in the distance suggested a war that would never come, and we learned to live minute by minute, hour by hour. One of my several nameless parental figures returned from an expedition to the Outer Realms and spoke to us of steeds of steel that could run faster than the bison, birds of steel that could take us into the clouds. At one point I was rescued by federal agents and brought to a deprogramming camp. And then comes the hard part: Life.
  10. Candiru

    Shitpiss 15

    How many bushels of cumsemen are required to power an 1890’s steam engine on a transcontinental trip from coast to coast going 45mph with the wind at 7knots? Don’t know? Educate yourself. 😤
  11. I doubt many MAGAs turned that stimulus check down. Everyone likes social safety nets as long as the branding is right. That would be a lot easier if the States were actually “United”. We could be like an edgier Canada. Omg JUST IMAGINE
  12. Isn’t it because the oligarchs just take all the money for themselves? It’s speculated that Putin is the richest person in the world because of this.
  13. Candiru

    Shitpiss 15

    Shitpiss6 Shitpisser - Ultrapissitor, Go Pisstake, Feed Me Weird Pissshit
  14. True. I think they originally approached Trump to be an agent of influence. He was never formally a spy or completely aware of what he was being used for but they did come back and bail his ass out. And with the mob, there’s always a catch.
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