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  1. It's bizarre to watch people on here congratulate eachother for being so ideologically fixated, that they can't respond well to someone telling them to stop shooting themselves in the foot. If there was no rioting over the summer, it would have been a Biden landslide and Dems would have control of the senate much more easily. This is a positive outcome. Does that sound conservative to you or just someone that doesn't want fringe bullshit alienating half of the electorate we're supposed to be winning back instead of losing? A lot of the things I pass along here are from someone who is in a position to know and what they've told me has pissed me off numerous times, but then they're right. And every time that happened, I've noticed what I was wrong about. I hope others can do the same.
  2. You should stop paying attention to things that blind you to our current political realities. People have given me shit on here for all kinds of things that ended up being true. No one learns. This really doesn't have anything to do with my views. You just didn't like what I told you.
  3. I know everyone will take this personally, but if people like AOC and Ilhan Ohmar keep getting media coverage, we're looking at Tucker Carlson in 2024.
  4. He’s gonna leave an upper decker before he exits DC. Literally and figuratively.
  5. I think we all have permission to cum at this point. Cum away. CUM CUM AWAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. No, I really don't have many problems with Biden other than his age guaranteeing him one term, which isn't good for the long run as it looks now. I know a moderate candidate would have to be running against Trump to thread the needle. You'll notice even more minorities voted for Trump this time, The Squad's racial/socialism rhetoric actually turns a lot of people off and doesn't work well outside social media. The GOP keeping control of the senate but getting rid of Trump is their dream scenario right now. How do you think this would have turned out if Bernie was on the ballot?
  7. The victory won't feel as good as it should, because the race shouldn't have been anywhere near this close. I'll still be relieved, but I'm not sure for how long.
  8. Rip off a bandaid and read this one https://bypass.theweek.com/articles-amp/947824/left-just-got-crushed?__twitter_impression=true
  9. If anything, the GOP will just run a smarter, less pain the ass Trump. Things are weird as fuck and the election in 2024 will matter even more. Hopefully BOTH parties quit being utterly retarded and also the polling industry should go fuck themselves for being such wrong cunts. Fucking shit fuck cunt
  10. Is the Drew Carey Show not an accurate representation of Ohio?
  11. Shrek loads (when you have too much spirulina)
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