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  1. I dunno if he completely napalm deathed them, he just dismembered their bullshit talking points in a well written, concise thread. Let’s hope the GOP cannibal corpses itself, imo
  2. Not gonna lie, I never even knew about the My Content thing, but it sounds nice and my newfound appreciation for the red alerts is well placed imo
  3. It's true. Even the 'chre made a track about pegging.
  4. I just saw a squirrel get pushed out of a tree by another squirrel. This country is so fucking divided.
  5. I am jealous. I would see the shit out of Mgła.
  6. I’ll be 32 next month and my nose hair is flourishing
  7. Polyamorous pansexual aquatic genderqueer blastbeats for a new generation have arrived, nerds.
  8. Andrew Johnson fucked up the reconstruction era by not making the traitors pay, the way I see it.
  9. If Roe VS Wade gets overturned and all the dumb states pull an Alabama/Georgia in celebration, won’t it just create a huge brain drain and fuck up their economies even more? It seems like it would just make a big portion of the US go full third world.
  10. How about a lush update of trip-hop? You know you want it.
  11. Anyone tried Maynard's wine? If I saw it at the store, I'd buy it. I've bought Francis Ford Coppola's wine. He made The Godfather 1+2, Apocalypse Now. Of course I have to try that fucking wine.
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