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  1. Do u mean that a girl doesn’t half 2 b smart 2 cuddle and luv. It is tru
  2. I, too am economically challenged. I can keep track of arithmetic of what I spend and what I have saved, but if you start speaking like the movie The Big Short in front of me I will space out and the sounds of amp feedback or something will fill my head. That is a good movie though.
  3. A money shot of psychedelic toad venom to the face. My next album title.
  4. And apparently, the rest will come out too. Probably for maximum election annihilation.
  5. Are you seriously saying burning and breaking shit, facepalm emojis and being a little babby is way less effective at making Bernie Sanders president than voting is? But that means you have to take 30 seconds to fill out a form online and then go to a building to fill in a circle on a piece of paper! Check your privilege, bootlicking scum.
  6. Sounds crazy. What do you think of that movie The Lives Of Others? Also, any interesting stories from that time? I think Trump is focusing on Antifa because they're a left wing extremist group, and he has to counter what happened with that Unite The Right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. It sounds like it's Bill Barr's little project. Apparently it's not a very organized group at all, though.
  7. You might also be used as controlled opposition, and you’ll find out when it’s too late. 🕵️‍♂️
  8. Yeah, but another one of those hard pills to swallow is that in order to overcome racial disparities, we need to realize the flaws in Critical Race Theory, a tool of the managerial class which is proving to be more of an obstacle to people getting along than it is helping. A lot of the hip beliefs people have about race and identity these days are actually a product of the establishment many claim to hate so much. When no one is a good enough ally, you won’t have many allies, which is better for the status quo.
  9. Everyone played beer pong in college, even the fuckin nerds.
  10. Yep, essential worker here who couldn’t protest, or call out of work because someone I work with is getting tested for Covid and we are shorthanded. I’ve gone to at least a couple others in the past few years, but not this time. I’ll catch the next one in three months or whatever.
  11. You’re the one making assumptions about innocent bystanders getting bricks thrown through their window and saying it’s cool because they’re white. Which is the kind of thinking we’re all supposed to be against, right? Feel free to explain your enlightened ways to me and how this will solve unfair treatment of people of specific races.
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