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  1. The way people turned on a dime and started characterizing him as evil and just another Trump has been pretty revealing in how susceptible everyone on the political spectrum is to propaganda.
  2. I’m not sure how evil Bill Gates is these days, but overall you should never trust tha Zucks, Musks, and Bezos out there because their one true goal is to trap us all in a virtual global orgy where they can use mankind as a whole for their experimental tech fetishes. Think Island Of Dr. Moreau meets The Matrix meets Salo/Deliverance and you have every reason to be a little apprehensive.
  3. Wow, so it’s actually pretty simple. You get Trump out of office, then, if you really give half the fucks you say you do, you stay politically active with a much better admin/ratio in Congress. Actually put the work in to change what you want, like how anything has been accomplished, ever. What in the everloving fuck. He’s the most benign, harmless normal candidate ever. Jesus fuck.
  4. I think most people have completely tuned out any of this Hunter Biden bullshit and just want a functioning administration run by non-retards.
  5. Esoctrilihum - Eternity of Shaog Andavald - Undir skyggðarhaldi Cosmic Putrefaction - At The Threshold of the Greatest Chasm
  6. I’ve had my bad times for sure, but I’ve been eating very low carb/whole 30ish and the most I can drink now is 2 shots. I think it’s because you get dehydrated faster but also changes in gut bacteria. A little over a year ago I blacked out during a company outing, and regained consciousness an hour on foot away with scrapes on my knees and elbows like I’d been skateboarding or something. No harm done, no one had any idea. But ever since I’ve barely touched it.
  7. I don’t understand alcoholism. It takes a lot of effort to drink that much and at some point, you feel like stopping or you get too tired. Self explanatory. Just hit a vape pen and chill, easy.
  8. I have this antique dutch oven that looks old timey and dope and I made chicken paprikash in it.
  9. Early voting/National turd flushing takes place for me tomorrow. After I vote, I'm going to buy a really good bottle of scotch. Any recommendations?
  10. Robot farts are pretty subjective, I’ve come to realize. We all seem to have our own preferences for robot farts and that’s okay, it really is.
  11. I’m happy they didn’t make another 8 hour art installation. I barely listened to elseq or NTS sessions because it was more like Ae wallpaper than an album I can pay attention to. I can’t absorb that at all.
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