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  1. Is there anyone in the featured artists who doesn't smoke at least occasionally.. Doesn’t Squarepusher get high by drinking Earl Grey tea and thinking about music theory?
  2. Once Upon A Time is a very significant shift in tone more towards his first three movies and it’s really good.
  3. There’s a skyscraper where I grew up in MA, and there are no skyscrapers there IRL at all. In fact, I think that’s supposed to be Providence, RI and this map is inaccurate. Off with their heads!
  4. Nah weed is nice and enjoyable and I’ve done things
  5. For real? Right before I was about to drop my Barry Lyndon themed footwork album this motherfucker swoops in
  6. I saw him live back in 2016 and thought it was really good. I have to admit I haven’t dived into much else beside Endtroducing and Pre-emptive Strike
  7. Fuck yeah! Memoria Vetusta II is one of my favorite albums and the track they released from this first sounded like it was close to that in style. I will dig in immediately.
  8. BoC of Canada The Arcade Flood Black Cabbage
  9. I walk by this park/green area everyday and all of the squirrels I see in it are black. I wonder why? The standard around here is gray, and the occasional red squirrel. Black squirrels aren't usually a thing. So I made this joke in my head that the park is the last non-gentrified area in my town, heeuurrheehehuuuuurrrrrrrheheheheheeh
  10. Cosmo Grandma is my favorite but that track with Denzel Curry is ace.
  11. I want one with the same logo that says "BoC of Canada", or maybe "KoЯn of Canada"
  12. It had potential that it never followed through on because they just weren’t interested in doing that. Even in the better moments of the show I sensed a certain cynicism and sort of contempt for the viewers. A kind of shallowness/cheapness I definitely didn’t sense from a show like The Americans, for an example of a series that aired at the same time... on regular TV, no less. I know I can’t be the only one. It’s like the gore/porn is what the show was really selling you and any plot/character development was an obligation or simple copy-paste from the books, apparently. Even the dialogue was ridiculously pornographic at every opportunity. Because fantasy shit is for nerds! Lol! Rape everything with my huge cock!!! Very teenager-y and juvenile. Not great HBO series storytelling. I may sound like an old lady here but it’s my honest opinion. People oversold this show a lot and I kept waiting for it but ya know.
  13. Inter Arma - Sky Burial Inter Arma - The Cavern and my choices were complimented by the independent metal music store owner and it warmed my heart yo
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