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  1. Ok I see some sandwich talk above. The idea is to make an already good sandwich and then put chips in there(kettle cooked ftw) for some xtra kraaannnccccgghhheee
  2. No. I go to a building and use weird manufacturing equipment to make drugs. I make stuff for society, so I gotta keep makin that stuff amirite? Even if there's a big supply of a drug, we make it. Relentlessly. (help me) But hey it's a job that's always there and working in a hospital would drive me insane. They are the true warriors of our time.
  3. Do you think the DNC should have rigged the primary for Bernie? For him to win, they would have had to do some serious rigging, because he didn't have nearly enough voters. We can only play the cards that we are actually dealt, here. Bernie never had a chance, and not because of the DNC.
  4. Ты думаешь, я не могу получить новый паспорт? Я уезжаю в новую страну, женюсь на женщине. Легко.
  5. Squid ticklin’ ragamuffins triflin’ all up in my shit. Heated. Dead-ass
  6. Short term leave for manscaping classes. Vomit waffles. Animals being unlikely friends during a global catastrophe.
  7. I panic purchased a handle of: and also got a 750 of: and still have a little bit of:
  8. This root beer + whiskey talk sounds college as fuck. I remember the ingenuity we had to have.
  9. Too bad we can't settle this like we did in the wild west.
  10. There's a chain of organic burger/sandwich/salad stuff called B. Good in the US, and their soda machines have a brand of soda called Stubborn. Pineapple cream soda is instant tastebudgasm forreal and I don't even drink soda.
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