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  1. I caught a mouse on a sticky trap this morning. I also saw another live mouse when i get home from work. I'm ready to see the body count rise.
  2. Limpy Loo was absolutely insane, but I just watched in bewilderment.
  3. I got 1 ten years ago for posting the cover of the Mayhem album with the shotgun-head kaboom
  4. I never realized there was such a dark, mobbed up undercurrent to WATMM. A sleazy, backwater, pit of snakes and corruption that stains anyone who touches it. I must say, I feel like I survived something and perhaps even built some character for having come out of it unscathed. I shall wear this as a badge of honor and bring it up to co-workers unprovoked, in the middle of their conversation. Remember guys, we are being divided. https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/19_0717_cisa_the-war-on-pineapple-understanding-foreign-interference-in-5-steps.pdf
  5. When I was a kid, these books were fucking incredible to me. Stephen Gammell, the illustrator is a fuckin boss. For a few summers, I'd stay in a cabin in Maine for a couple weeks and the setting made the books way scarier. I know there's a movie coming out based on these, but I don't have the highest hopes or anything.
  6. I didn't download the app, but I had a coworker take a picture of me. I ended up looking like an even mix between both grandfathers but goofy as fuck because I wasn't in any wars. So that makes sense.
  7. *Travels to 2019* Cylob subforum: still exists Children: 😭
  8. Apparently my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma saw a this as a play a while ago and started laughing hysterically not too far into it. They pissed a bunch of people off and ended up leaving soon after. I totally understand now.
  9. I was wondering why A$AP Rocky’s crew didn’t just get a fucking Uber or something if a couple randos were bothering them. A stunt/propaganda. Stay frosty my ni🅱️🅱️az
  10. Maybe it's our spirits that are dying. And we belong to something bigger than a watmm; the heaving chest of mother earth as we sink into the mantle and and melt into a primordial soup of GoGurt that flows into the sea. Be naked in nature and weep with me, for the cries you've been hearing your whole life are from all of us.
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