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  1. Thanks to google maps archive These would have been "shot" when he was in the studio. Notice the open windows... Typical of RDJ to squat in a building with thousands of pounds of studio equipment with him...that rebel
  2. Haven't listened to SAW 2 since March 2018, put it on today...amazing, even moreso when it is like listening to it the first time as you have no memory of the tracklisting...
  3. Wouldn't mind a few stickers. Could stick them on the back of bog doors. Instead of the usual pen styles.
  4. I don't know what is more sad. That there are heroin users in the first place, or judging by the youtube comments, the general public only care about the female victims featured in the documentary. Like being born with a vagina somehow means your safety and well being is more important than if you were born without one.
  5. Richard mentioned at one time he had the Donkey Rhubear costumes in the upper storey windows staring out, before they eventually dissolved due to "caustic sweat". Interestingly the Gaurdian lists a LLoyds Bank that was closed / sold as "Lloyds TSB England & Wales 133 Stoke Newington, Stoke Newington, UK" ie no road also. Maybe banks were listed differently in London? That was in 2011. I was always curious what branch the bank was before Richard decided to make it a flat... that being said, I suppose he had to have a proper bathroom put in (with a shower or tub) since I can't imagine any commercial building having more than a basic toilet and sink. This is getting into Twoism levels of fanboyism... There was an HSBC just up the road, number 82 I think, so you can rule them out, unless they moved into the big tower (Eileen House) and left their standalone building behind.
  6. I am unsure if AT even cares about £££ in the ways that others do. In all his interviews he has hardly / if ever mentioned money. He seems to use his brand to troll instead of to gain finances which makes a nice change IMO! I remember him trolling Simona Rich about buying a pirate ship and sailing it around the UK, docking in ports and playing there...she fell for it hook line and sinker... this was back in the 90's on good ole MTV!
  7. Interestingly the Gaurdian lists a LLoyds Bank that was closed / sold as "Lloyds TSB England & Wales 133 Stoke Newington, Stoke Newington, UK" ie no road also. Maybe banks were listed differently in London? That was in 2011.
  8. If you can find the post code, it will give us street address! Does anyone have images of the inside? I got this awesome pic of a bank vault full of synths...in my head. Would be interdasting to compare it to reality! Ironically somewhat I have been looking at getting an apartment in Strata SE1 which is right near MoS at Elephant & Castle.
  9. So lemme get this straight... Aphex does new release. 5 pages on the best AT related forum full of people insulting each other, bragging about being in some kind of clique where this clique and this clique only, gets a rip of the music, and being racist. About 3 posts about the actual music. For someone relatively new like myself...how do you think this appears? And for AT himself do you think he is glad to know his fans behave in such ways? No wonder he likes his privacy...
  10. many times when I've listened to a few hours of random horseshit off the internet, I sit back and think why the fuck didn't I just listen to Boards of Canada... This. I consistently just listen to Aphex Twin, BoC and Carbon Based Lifeforms. Whenever I take the time and effort to listen to others, I end up disappointed. Bumping old thread btw because awesome.
  11. Sometimes when I am browsing this forum I like to wonder which poster is RDJ. It is obvious, to me, that one of the members, is, infact, himself.
  12. I think he is probably enlightened due to the amount of psychedelics consumed in his lifetime and his unwealthy background (the whole of Cornwall is poor, I come from there, I should know) shifting to being rich and probably realising that money doesn't buy happiness, (I think what he really cherishes is family hence why he is so private). Enlightened people are not ruled by their ego. He comes across to me like he simply doesn't care what people think of him or his music and that is a non egoic state of mind IMO. I know one thing, his music is amazing. I will sit down with new headphones etc and go through all my favorite artists like Carbon Based Lifeforms, BoC, etc and end up on one of AFX' many works and sometimes find myself crying with tears of bliss. No other artist can do that to me. SAW2 is an ideal example. I can't wait to hear SAW2 on a lucy comedown.
  13. Money is boring... BTW I read somewhere that deadmau5 said something about this - he makes his cheezy stuff because it sells and makes him money but he really loves creating synth heavy music that no one buys. Ergo you do x to create $$$ and you do y for your real passion.
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