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  1. In that interview, Sean mentions releasing what sounds like a CD of either patches or something similar....apparently on the Falsch label? Is this real? I have never seen anything about this supposed release anywhere other than this one interview. If it is real, does anyone know any more info? (See quote below): AR - Ever work on CDs of programs that run and sound like Autechre? SB - Yeah, we've done a fair bit of that. We've already done a couple of releases of recordings of systems that generate recordings. I think our first Fals.ch release came out about 18 months ago, maybe even two years ago. We've done a few things like that.
  2. I am in the process of learning Max/MSP. Send book/idea recommendations (other than Cipriani/Giri book series - I already have this one)!

    1. jaderpansen
    2. Entorwellian


      What is your coding level? If you have no experience, I would recommend doing these first:



      This will also help you if you go further into other things like gen~ or wanting to make your own objects. Be warned: You got to do actual work.

  3. Bahaha oh no, I thought that the slow ship had sailed....! So yeah, I agree melody is probably too strong a word for the similarities that I'm hearing between various pieces of the AE_Live-->el seq-->NTS family. It's more that there are microstructures that pop up between pieces that are just similar enough (either timbrally, or rhythmically or whatever) that my ears perk up. I'd like to think it's Sean and Rob being good trip-sitters and pointing out some familiar landmarks here and there to put the songs in perspective. Or just that like someone mentioned in another thread, there are just some sound-babies they've created that they're very proud of, like apparently the rear end of Bladelores. But who knows, it could just be a function of using similar subpatches or abstractions across a number of pieces. All I know is that NTS has been WAY more approachable and enjoyable for me than el seq was, even though its sound pallet is way broader than el seq seemed to be. I don't know why, it could just be the patented AE effect...
  4. Yeah, maybe to clarify, not the exact same "melody" but very similar intervals, rhythm, and progression to the notes. At the very least, they seem to spring from the same well. I just thought it was a neat example of how with the recent stuff, there are all sorts of vague references between and among the pieces; for example the way there are echoes of elyc6 0nset in a number of the live sets (usually toward the end or 3/4 of the way to the end)- but never an exact match. Just enough of a similarity for the mind to have something to grab ahold of - kind of like little wayposts in the insane maze of all of the post-Exai stuff. Another weird one is the strangled-sounding glitch-melody that struggles to come up for air throughout feed1 makes a sort of transmuted appearance at exactly 16:00 into l3 ctrl - it's just such a great way to give coherence to a massive body of work in the past few years.
  5. When I heard Dummy Casual, it drove me insane because I just knew I had heard that "melody" before. It took a few weeks of random listening both to NTS and the back catalogue but I finally figured it out: Dummy Casual has the same "melody" as tac Lacora! Forgive me if this is obvious to everyone else, but: Listen to Dummy Casual, 0:00 - 0:50 or so. Listen to tac Lacora from 0:49 - 1:58 or so. I have to say, I prefer Dummy Casual to tac Lacora, even though they are brothers (and even though L-event is way high on my list of EPs)...Dummy Casual has this sinister shuffling, feels like you're in a strange land feeling going on. There's a few spots in the NTS sessions where I've discovered wormholes not just to other material from the el seq era on but also going further back. If I think of any more wormholes I will update. I just love when artists have recurring melodies or themes across their catalogues, it makes the whole listening experience that much more intense and rewarding. There's not a ton of artists who do it. I suppose Neil Young comes to mind, as does Mount Eerie, in the rock sphere. Electronic-wise, AFX has certain pads and sounds he's very fond of but not necessarily melodies. Of course, in AE's case, the fact that portions of certain patches are probably re-used modularly also can explain why these pieces of songs appear in other songs as well. With AE, it's not always (or often) melody, but can be any portion of a patch that can be brought in, so the sonic wormhole possibilities are endless. God bless these boys, each and every one.
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