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  1. srsly let's not be whiny cunts. (and check out the steels rework. it's pretty fucking amazing.)
  2. woah. the steels (the feels remix). crazy good! do go on.
  3. oh... i am missing out, aren't i... 😕
  4. somewhere towards the end of yesterday's set he mixed in some synthezied voice saying "wash your hands"... subliminal!
  5. jaderpansen

    Rob pls

    so you made spaces how v. thank you for that.
  6. sincere thanks to all recording peeps (<[email protected] again)... and again to sean oc! stuff of legend fo sho... again.
  7. yeah, super curious how that'll translate to home-listening. certainly was one of the set's highlights live. "organ - wooh!"
  8. no shit. i wonder why ppl would keep posting song requests (especially during "metal hour")... i mean we're all at home, not the discoteque. isn't potentially getting surprised and taking away some cool unheard stuffs the main allure of this online radio business? if you wanna listen to some particular track just put it the fuck on... imo.
  9. oh. you're right. forgot to f5... i'm a fucking idiot. thanks. 😛
  10. arriving home and it's over... ffs.
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