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  1. Gotta say that Homelander dude seriously nails the villain-you-love-to-hate thing.
  2. oi, gonna give storm and the heavy one a spin. thanks!
  3. Holding Neurosis in high regard despite never fully falling in love with them. Through Silver in Blood i still put on quite regularly but i kinda lost track of em after Times of Grace. Any standout releases after that? Dis is good track imo: ... and the one with the bagpipes. yeah.
  4. I'm ashamed to be an Autechre fan somtimes: 😧 ... Apropos: Onesix soon to end this mess? Pls. I'm gonna miss eugene's compulsive contrarianisms. Imho assholes (/ppl pretending to be one) spice a place up to a degree and this one is far, far from being 8chan or whatever from what i can tell. But yo, tis not mine... In any case aspiring to make ppl behave on an online platform like in a "live" public space where they can and have to look into each others eyes is just completely unrealistic in my estimation.
  5. is this the new WATMM is dying thread? triggered.
  6. time to lighten this thread up a bit with some classic hellgian speed metal:
  7. Hm, i lived under the impression it's just IDM slang for "meticulousness" or something along those lines, in any case connotated rather positively really. Wasn't there even a thread where everyone basically boasted with their autism spectrum test results?? Edit: I mean sure, arguably still kinda tasteless. Just sayn.
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