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  1. i smell a onesix in the pipes.
  2. Dave Mustaine diagnosed with throat cancer apparently... Ironically i was on a total Deth spree since last week when i red the nus. Worked my way down from Rust. So fucking good: Especially his singing, usually the main complaint for many, is so full of pure antisocial POWA here!!1 fuk
  3. "You wanna be able to fully appreciate the chre aesthetics? Better read sum Schopenhauer first!" Arthur Schopenhauer
  4. fuck. once again you are the mans! FÄNKS! ❤️
  5. Poor me! His graphic death and return freaked the shit out of me as a kid. 😧 Anyway, where were we... Ah yeah, warp n stuff. What's going on in the yard theatre? Just some listening party?
  6. http://uk.thelion.me/nts/ also your av always makes me think of this: now you know.
  7. plaid inner sound set was quite something, too.
  8. overall this set feels alot closer to incunabula. guess we're approaching the 93.
  9. all while typing on the watmms... you are an inspiration!
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