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  1. And for the better rly. Game's all about about surviving with limited resources / against the odds innit. (Akin more to Alien than Aliens)
  2. "TEILE UND HERRSCHE!" (soz if jazz)
  3. yup, that the list. (actually gimme the whole run from node to spl including runrepik, latter is deffo somewhat underrepresented).
  4. jaderpansen


    digging the remix.
  5. jaderpansen

    elseq 1-5

    agreed. 13xstep tho...
  6. smartphones and their alledged swiping gratification psychology are killing webdesign in general imo. oh you want dat info? it's right over there, surely! just a little bit more... yuss... c'mon... ugh. that recent stadia promo page was another serious offender in that regard which springs to mind...
  7. hands-down the most solid one overall. enjoy.
  8. Don't know which one in particular you're referring to. In any case i agree.
  9. good for listening metaru (if you purisu): and some riot because. this is this post.
  10. maetl... also yeah, plz just drop the onesix and make this desperate silliness stop.
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