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  1. This might just be one of the deepest tracks i ever heard in my life, fucking epiphany. 😮 Sincere thanks for bringing it to my attention! (@AE too, oc)
  2. http://mixlr.com/autechre/showreel/autechre-on-mixlr-2/
  3. jaderpansen


    It's easy on the eyes in itself fo sho but doesn't really fit the mood of the record imo. Terms springing to mind looking at the artwork: Bright, exalted, expansive, angelic. Music: Dark, dense, intimate, claustrophobic even. Dunno. Those greens are OK tho. Tape version = best version? Untilted is spot on.
  4. arkham knight. it's free in epic store atm. my old pc couldn't keep up with it back in 15, so here we go. it's... a batman game. i like it. looks quite brilliant from the trailers alright. presentation-wise, too.
  5. Yeah, suprisingly psychedelic, definitely diggable.
  6. First track of forthcoming Angel Witch: Nice.
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