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  1. well i guess there's this: https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/autechre-plus https://boomkat.com/products/plus-795f6cfe-f000-4cb5-a6d3-791c6d141e21
  2. i just thought FM7 sounds like the fat, drunken brother of all tomorrow's linoleum. then i typed it.
  3. btw remember how sean said these were all "old", as in pre-revamp? and it indeed seems like sign and plus are still somewhat rooted in the familiar system, hence the beany artwork maybe, signifyng the connection? makes me all the more curious about the new live set and bummed out we didn't get to hear it in q4 2020 as planned. of course that's an insignificant first-world-problem compared to ppl actually dying or losing their jobs because of the situation but yeah.
  4. good one, thanks! i genuinely wonder how they got into coding smoking that much weed. i can't think analytically for shit while high.
  5. OK, i think with a little help from my drugs i got alot closer to the secret just now. but i think you got the order incorrect: it's PLUS -> SIGN. the former gets gradually more emosh and deprovich on sides C to D, paving the way for the soul shattering sign. this and nothing can follow r cazt ever. (despite the jap bonus track being very good in its own right). let's see if/how p1p2 works as bridge. worlds mang, worlds.
  6. TM1 concludes plus on a rather depressing note, too, imo. : ( maybe p1p2 will provide a happier ending?
  7. schule4 is such a dirty motherfucker towards the end... i mean there is groove, sure, but this is obscene.
  8. marhide. ever more marhide. there's a multiverse of choirs behind the veil, calling my name. and i follow.
  9. yeah it's awesome because it's actually so easily missable. also worth a mention: colored sleeve insides of oversteps and SIGN (and presumably PLUS, too).
  10. +1 like for the plus / mot comparisons -1 like for elseq artwork comment 😛 got me this bad boi without ever regretting it.
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