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  1. interesting how these kinda "starcult" aspects always seem to sneak their way in. in this case especially since electronic music culture often has the tendency to superficially shift focus towards the product and away from the "author" (in the focauldian sense), problemizing the latter with sampling / dj-ing, questioning traditional notions of virtuosity and inspiration down to functionally reduced artworks etc. ... or maybe that's just my interpretation. anywhoo, not a complaint by any means, just an observation. humans just seem to love admiring other humans.
  2. oh wow, never even heard of it... thanks for the tip!
  3. boss. besides cages and sandman, which are on-topic things i "rate", also responsible for the artwork of three of my fav+ metal albums ever (paradise lost - shades of god, icon, draconian times).
  4. Hooray for zilty's fav function: http://xltronic.com/mb/57868/0
  5. what are you refering to? think i missed that part.
  6. is he growing his hair to look less like moby?
  7. k, back for a minute... did he drop any news about when they're planning to release the 22 sets? edit: aaand it's over lol.
  8. ah hell, i rly got some work to do... any heads-up to recordings when shit's over would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  9. ah shit there goes the weekend...
  10. wow, totally missed this was in production. gobbled em up til ~seasons of mist, then i honestly kinda forgot about sandman (graphic novels in general for a while), but i have nothing but fond memories of the series. gaiman also really seems into it, so this might actually work? (despite the comic really living through its medium, like with the different types of fonts and bubble styles, changing artists etc. )
  11. i've been chatting shawn all my life, would spot him a million miles away, this is imposter bull, sloppy comments, weak remarks. mixing up years, yeah right. fuck right off!
  12. yeah just figured it was jazz at that point.
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