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  1. hm, knew i had seen that b4... https://www.reddit.com/r/Astronomy/comments/8lkhzd/closeup_of_jupiter_looks_like_work_of_art_nasa/
  2. yeah, first official ocrilim shirt ever actually. it's on his bandcamp: https://ocrilim.bandcamp.com/merch/ocrilim-shirt
  3. happy camping sporting these rn: frönt bäck
  4. and yet again, seemingly out of nowhere, a new krallice album: wee.
  5. barney sounds alot more powerful in recent times than even the 90s, what happened?
  6. it just happens to be the first song to be played on bandcamp, used the general album id.
  7. nice, fell for it.
  8. beautiful stuff, the lighting in this one is like straight out of a hopper painting:
  9. used to enjoy morningrise quite a bit, especially this part: can't say i've been following em much since, but judging by the stuff my flatmate (big fan) showed me it went all downhill from there.
  10. same. i mean obvious hit is obvious, dat ending / solo... ? meshuggah=legend fo sho. haven't been following as much after catch or so, tbh i felt they got somewhat samey after that but hey, not like they'd have much left to prove by now. carved their very own niche (and a whole subgenre in the process), so i guess it's cool to keep exploiting that... would still go see them live anytime. btw this is me whenever i have to read kidman dis: pretty incredible for a debut, always thought it sounded kinda like a more advanced version of justice for all. it'd be funny if they'd go back exploring that path, has anyone else since? also bring back them gang vokills! XD but
  11. no mention of the cirith ungol comeback album yet?? not too shabby, positively surprised tbh, especially by the vocal delivery.
  12. is max playing? cos lol if not... sounds like the original to me, or am i missing something?
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