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  1. i absolutely adore this guy's music. thanks @watmm for the introduction. these are great. hope he'll do another ugly banger like zero bounce tho, that record fucks majorly.
  2. Wow, i actually just recently thought about this track and wondered if anyone figured out the sample source by now (being boiled by human league was floating around for a while but got debunked by the bros)... great find! thanks! not familiar with the commercial, guess it's gb only?
  3. Path of Pain: Check. 🙂 That was genuinely fun, challenging but doable if yer Super Meat Boy / Celeste hardened. Still stuck on Pantheon 4 tho, Pure Vessel's a fucker of mothers. 😞
  4. IV BtS. Also new massive BLASPHEMOUS update, the final one before part 2 apparently, once again totally free. Introduces whole new places and enemies, new (awesomely designed) bosses, new spells and beads, new turns of story events -> new ending. Shit's brimming with content and replaying this game turns out still being a blast even after the 5th time! I positively love it. Blasphemous!
  5. Update: After almost 2 1/2 hours of practicing i finally got the bastard. 🙂
  6. it's a cool word in any case. and just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? "Quaristice".
  7. Ah i think part 1 will still keep me busy for a while anyway. Got all normal and dream bosses so far with the exception of fucking Nightmare King Grimm, easily 30 runs in already lol. Then there's still the Path of Pain and 112% (@106 atm) / Godseeker Pantheon shit. Gee. Oh, and i deffo wanna finish the journal and see the hunter! Think i'll pass on Steel Soul and speed challenges, though. Lore turned out rather dark... Whats with everyone ending miserable / dead. 😧 Gotta love how pretty much everything you do actually affects people's lives and different outcomes (dat smith man )):). There's fuckloads of love in this game... i mean i only learned about Charm synergy. Depths within depth. Hollow Knight. ❤️
  8. whole thing is awesome, vibert bangs, too.
  9. Latecomer to Hollow Knight. God damn. Digital heroin rn, completely blown away by the sheer vastness and detail. An explorer's wet dream and completionist's nightmare, there are secrets around literally every fucking corner. Absolutely living up to the hype, probably the "most metroidvania" game i ever played and i've played some...
  10. Well, this was... watchable, i guess. Enjoyed the numerous easter eggs in the scenery n props. Phoebe's pretty adorable, rest of the cast did their parts well enough. Some coming of age shit, some love story lacking any real chemistry... Lacklustre but tolerable. At least the movie seemed to search for its own identity... for a while. However fan service went rather unsubtle in the second half, but i guess that was to he expected. The mid-credits scene was the best thing about it actually. Oh and the Stay Puft Gremlins.
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