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  1. jaderpansen


    gotta agree. specially the arbitrary attempts at humor are cringey as all fuck. "i am similing"... eurgh. bland costume design, clichéd ethno musics. sets look ok tho. ah well, might still be solid.
  2. sign = da shiznit. plus... still dunno. first 4 tracks all as long as ecol would have made for an awesome EP, but as an album... dun no. (tbh imho etc)
  3. gg strive. took some time to get used to coming from xrd, having good times now (<-ky). is it dumbed down? most deffo, but in a smart way, if that makes sense. recommended. good place to start with the franchise, too, methinks.
  4. indeed, about as enticing as tekken 2 cinematics.
  5. coronary in his early fifties... fucking hell. big rip.
  6. jaderpansen

    elseq 1-5

    yeh, not gonna lie: tracks like dr dre n marhide offa plus really made me miss the exorbitance of elseq/nts... criminally short. also i tend to listen to the onesix megamix more than individual sets. the more the merrier, basically. milk it, bros!
  7. btw: updates in ignored threads still seem to affect the overview status of the respective subforum (making it appear bold). any way to fix this maybe? fanks!
  8. loving these. 3. casual gonk
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