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  1. mmmh https://lineto.com/typefaces/replica/ ... so, how was it bro?
  2. yeah, the tube always delivers: it slays. big time.
  3. yeah, i think one can also hear "man... machine..." right before that. pretty cool.
  4. aaand back to finishing my ng+ elden ring "no ashes-no bullshit" playthrough. practicing parrying malenia atm, slowly but surely getting there... but man some of these bosses surely show an ugly face one vs one, like fromsoft wasn't sure what setup to balance around, which is kinda understandable considering the wide array of options. first-tried mohg on first playthrough, the aoe management when you're alone is quite ridiculous, tho.
  5. woah, this like helsinki's lil b-boy brother. sharing quite a bit of pallet, but this one's seems more upfront n funky, also think i know what ppl meant with the "dial" part. if this is similarly better in hi res like the other one compared to bootlegs, we're in for another god damn treat alright. ❤️
  6. what the actual fuck... guess that anwers my question what they were doing the last two years. they really got various versions of this set ready, now i guess we JUST NEED MOAR DATES to collect em all... *wink*
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