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  1. tbh this is my introduction to the track, too... yeah, welcome to 2013. anyway what a brilliant fucking piece of pop music and i kinda agree with gnarlybog: while the original constantly teases you by leaving you hanging for a drop this remix is all smoothed up and satisfying as hell. makes me think of certain street sounds electro compilations actually so yo, can definitely get behind the eightyfied remarks, too. glad to know this now.
  2. pff, so very comfortable bandwagoning now that he's no 2 weeks from no longer being a "person of public interest" aka "person of financial interest"... i mean yeah of course i welcome the mass banning as it will hurt the trumpster but c'mon, where were your balls all that time... fuck off big tech knights of clear consience.
  3. yeah well, unfortunately identifying incompetence is a cognitive skill in itself, dunning-kruger etc. while being disgusted to the core i can't really blame these poor idiots or even trump himself, stupidity and mental illness won't die out anytime soon. the real scandal is the "grand old party" going along and letting all this happen, it's the actually clever ones who are apparently willing to do anything to cling to power and i can only hope this escalation will finally serve as a kind of litmus test. colbert is right in pointing the irony they would seek refuge from those protesters, i
  4. +1. set fucks... hard.
  5. glad to have joined the club yesterday, experiencing no side effects whatsoever. lots of my elderly care nurse colleagues express similar concerns, tho... dunno, i think things will settle with wider availability, i absolutely can see private businesses in gastronomy, air travel, gyms etc. asking for some kind proof of immunity in the near future.
  6. tbh i think i'll go for THIS instead.
  7. just got the last ending in cyberpunk (the secret one). found the whole thing to be thoroughly enjoyable, guess it's good i was hardly affected by the hype. characters are tropey as hell but very well written at that, really felt em. city's breathtaking, just being able to finally move around neo tokyo freely felt like such a treat. kinda inclined to further dive into the lore / pen & paper stuffs now actually. went stealthy hacker all the way, worked out pretty well. ah, music's pumpin, too. yeah.
  8. https://fontsinuse.com/uses/10580/pubblicita-in-italia-1964-1965
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