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  1. I was notified that one of my co-workers died from covid this week 😞
  2. Putting dead bodies on a palette and fork lifting it like cargo
  3. From the podcast "This week in Virology":An immunologist doc called in on his break from covid hospital chaos.- they're learning new modalities of care. Stealing from China, they've figured out to have four patients to a ventilator.- certain immunological markers are incredibly strong predictors of outcome, specifically leukocyte to lymphocyte radio, the strongest- initially, the virus causes symptoms. As virus titers go down due to immune response, the immune system eats itself and everything else via cytokine storm mediated by interleukin 1, 6, 11.- off label our doctor used a monoclonal antibody to reduce interleukin 6 causing a dying patient to improve considerably.- nasal swabs from the front of the nose is 95% as effective as the invasive back of nasal passage swab- aeresolized virus is not much of a problem since it's such a heavy mother, outside of scenarios that would cause it unusually, like intubation. Worry about droplet transmission (sneeze, cough) which goes max 12 feet and most, most importantly contact with fomites. The chief benefit of a mask is to prevent self inoculation by touching your face. No mask, use a scarf for the same purpose.- hydroxychloroquine is worthless, vitamin c is BAD, since the virus attacks heart, lungs, kidney, liver in that order, limit use of nsaids which tax the kidneys.- Japan is mainly under reportingWay way way more information on the podcast http://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
  4. Sounds like America, UK and Australia desperately need that stuff all over their cities. Also:
  5. "Huangmei (within Hubei) citizens want to go back to work in Jiujiang city after the some restrictions are lifted. Jiujiang residents disagree with their fists. Things escalate. Both local police forces join in on their side of the riot. The Huangmei police and citizens want to open the bridge since the national CCCP says they can safely do so. The Jiujiang police and citizens absolutely refuse."
  6. There is no leadership. Trump is a third world dictator, right up to his home being plated with gold and making his underlings (governors) compete for his affection. US is going to balkanize at this rate. I wouldn't be surprised if there is violent rioting in major streets by next month. Case in point with what's happening in China right now:
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