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  1. Those are really good. He said to just stop listening to music you like, not music altogether. Pick up a Billy Ray Cyrus or a Grimes album and let your creativity soar :V
  2. It was a rare synth even on release. And you wanted to start a thread on this synth for a long time, and this is the result? 3/10
  3. That is a really messy patch, but not super complicated. His dac~ is in the middle of everything, ffs. There are unlabelled subpatchers there too so I have no idea what is going on even being literate in Max. He obfuscated it like that by choice to make himself look like he knows more than he does.
  4. Get Renoise unless you see yourself spending a lot of time reading and programming. I also use it with a laptop(no numpad) and it owns.
  5. I don't know of a single person who has used Redux, let alone purchased it. Anything that was exclusive to Redux can be found in Renoise, Renoise is an entire studio vs. just a VST instrument, and only a $10 difference between the two.
  6. Three things I can think of: 1. You'd have to have both programs and then use something like ReWire to use one to control parts of the other, or vice versa. This is the sanest option. 2. You could also export everything out as midi and wav data separately when you transfer one to the other, but that is both time consuming and prone to many errors. I don't recommend doing this option, but its the most straight forward one. 3. Both of you could use ableton and then pick up Redux, which is the vst plugin version of Renoise. This is the most expensive option. Whatever the case, you can't save a renoise file as an ableton file, and can't save albeton as a renoise file.
  7. Hipster soy boys stole the IDM look back in the early 2000's. The whiny, premature balding, cardigan sweater wearing, unkempt beard, black rimmed glasses, gaping mouth, computer-hunched, and pathetic demeanor upper middle class faux-bohemian look was stolen by social media parasites and is now OUT. The new IDM look that is IN is a keto-staved skeleton looking Nosferatu creature that screams for the sweet embrace of death.
  8. Pretty much my take of it too. Good starter and ending, but the middle tracks are just kind of *there*.
  9. Dedicated chatroom. I'd like there to have some minor modicum of moderation against the alt-right stuff that is plaguing discord.
  10. Notice how big the D and A keys are at the ends Really cool little device, though. Guess it'll come down to pricing as the bottom line.
  11. Omg yes that would be incredible. I'm using jit.matrix right now in max for the tracker interface part but having the entirety of renoise inside it would be insanely powerful.
  12. Redux and that "alike-samples" finder thing were duds. Not just pianoroll and loop point modulation, but there are some ways that I'd like to chain fx send signals back into previous fx tracks in a recursive manner and it's impossible to do so in Renoise. There are obvious reasons why it's disabled, but I'd rather be allowed to do it and risk my audio project exploding than to not be allowed to do it at all. It's why I use Max to 'fill in the gap' in that respect.
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