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  1. Hey, sure, I've drawn a lot of influence from their live sets from that period, and yeah, that voice/formant synth is a standard synth engine on Monomachine. Other fairly recognizable one is the digipro chord engine. Yeah, I've played it live a couple of times, response has been mostly good. I was kind of surprised of the aping/plagiarism comments, there is a lot of influence from the live sets, but also from classic electro sound. I do use the monomachine voice synth a lot though.. but its just too good 🙂 I started learning tidalcycles now. It's a super powerful language for coding patterns and I'm loving it so much. Future sets will incorporate it as master sequencer more than the elektron seqs, but I still gravitate toward the same style. I dunno, if people feel like it's aping so be it, I'm not trying to hide the fact where I draw my influence from but I think I can still very well call it my own work. Thanks for the reply, sorry for the long posts.
  2. It's not like I've started doing this kind of stuff recently either, I mean I've been doing stuff since late 90s, often with similar set of "rules". Here is a track from 2008 that is in the same vein as the things I've been doing recently, except going in half time with the claps
  3. I was suspecting that was the idea that x0x had, based on a comment he probably left on elektronauts? I've drawn more influence from the 2005 era live set and I really have not touched the sysex files at all that were shared, at all. I use mostly vo-6, saw and dpro ensembles + fm synthesis from monomachine and all the sequences and sounds you hear are self made. That said it is pretty straightforward to do this kind of sounds with monomachine, and Autechre has been a great influence, especially the 2005 live set which is kinda evident. In the previous live set (you can find that on my soundcloud) I had a track that has bass line really similar to 2008 pattern h. I would call it a remix of that and might be the reason why x0x would think that I copied something but that was also made from scratch, just fm bass and monomachine distortion But for the rest, I 've just been making stuff with this kind of idea: repetitive patterns with slight changes, full on avoid drops, sub/bass emphasis on kick drums, little blends and very dry signal path. Monomachine is the main source of melodies along with microfreak, waldorf pulse and digitone. Drums are from octatrack and digitakt. I see the similarity in style with autechres live sets, after all that was the style I was going for, but I don't get how you think it's the same It bugs me a little that you would think that I would copy and then post it on WATMM. And that after listening to the set still think that way. Even though the style is similar I feel it is different from what Autechre has done, to the point I felt confident enough to post it here. Anyway, I don't know, I feel like I need to convince you guys somehow because it irritates me. I just love this kind of sound, got my hands on a monomachine, tried dpro ensemble with fixed ratio transposes and found myself with loads of patterns in couple of months work after a huge inspiration boost the synth gave me
  4. What's pathetic about it? 🙂 Not really selling anything but wanted to hear opinions about it. I've always loved Untilted era live sets the most and the repetitive pattern morphing
  5. A recent live PA I did. Autechre has been the source of inspiration for me for a long time now 🙂 That probably shows
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