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  1. Stop bumping my ancient threads, the cringe is making me sick to my stomach
  2. Most of the second half is a tad waffly for my liking, but otherwise it's a pretty solid release! Definitely beats The Digging Remedy, but falls a bit short of Reachy Prints for me (though I have an enormous hard-on for RP). Standouts for me so far: Los Maru Ops Drowned Sea!!! Dancers The Pale Moth starts really strong but kinda gets a bit faffy when the oboes come in. The beginning bit really reminds me of this track from Cultist Simulator though (very plaid-like) Meds Fade is half decent but I can't figure out what they're trying to do there. That goes triple for Recall. Interesting premise but it doesn't go anywhere. Can't figure this one out at all. The rest is fairly standard Plaid fare. All pretty good stuff but not much else to write home about...yet...
  3. It almost feels like malicious compliance at this point, after the decade or so of fans constantly asking for live sets. Like, "OH, YOU WANT SOME LIVE SETS?!?!?!?!"
  4. Since when do you have a private line to the Chre?
  5. Is all this happening in the watmm discord or something?
  6. So, evidently this is Autechre's form of a pre-release ARG?
  7. I'm super out of the loop here. They released MD/MM patches on their site, and now there's 13 hours of crazy A/V stuff floating around?
  8. I haven't had the chance to make it through the entire thing yet, but Revsic has earned about 6 or 7 rotations already. That track is top 10 devine for sure.
  9. I've gotta say, I've been really enjoying 9 chr0. I feel like there's an enormous amount of depth that I keep picking away at on each listen. The polyphony in this track is insane. In the way that some autechre tracks are like a synth duet, this track is like several people all excitedly talking over each other trying to tell the same story. It's also one of the few tracks on this record where the rhythm is slippery enough to get away from me regularly. I'd be interested in listening with a metronome to try and figure that aspect out.
  10. I'm very much enjoying NTS so far. As of now, I would say it beats out elseq for me, maybe not quite as good as Exai though. I think there's two main things I would criticise: Too many of the tracks are almost completely lacking in progression, despite almost all of them being upwards of 10 minutes. Go peruse through any tracks of theirs from the last decade and as you skip around the track it's like several completely different tracks all woven together. Used to be the case if you played me a 2-3 second snippet of an autechre track I could tell you the rough timestamp. I think I would struggle significantly with most of NTS in that way. It feels just a tad too jammy. Like they just put a 16 step pattern on loop 4-8 times, and then switch to the next 16 step pattern, etc etc. Glos Ceramic is maybe the worst offender here. It feels like the patterns in some tracks are kind of just bolted together, without particular regard to a sense of flow or transition. I don't necessarily mind jammy autechre, and certainly the track lengths are not the sole culprit here, as I would say Gonk Steady One does far more than it even needs to remain thoroughly interesting throughout. I think it's just that the tracks here are lacking a certain metamorphic quality, or perhaps to a certain extent lacking attention to detail. None of that is stopping NTS from being on constant rotation for me though.
  11. Ugh, I really don't like the idea of streaming only bs. So I need to have an app to listen to the one track I don't have in my mp3 collection? Here's hoping they release it for paid download later on their site or something, otherwise I will defo be finding a rip.
  12. 9 chrO at 2:25-3:35, 9:00-9:20 Am I crazy in thinking this track has kind of a country-rock vibe to it?
  13. Made a little jam today just messing around with parameter automation in renoise. What do you fellers think? EDIT: dicked around with it a bit more and re-uploaded a new version.
  14. Nice one, reminds me of Bruxist Frog.
  15. That's a tasty little diddly. As others have said there isn't much going on in it, but it would work perfectly as an interlude track of sorts I think.
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