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  1. Anyone going to this? I won't be able to make it to any of these shows but it would be lovely if someone could capture this for posterity.
  2. takeshi


    Das me. Sorry. Sometimes... I forget this isn't the old WATMM i.e. an open air drug market. I was only half serious about non-legal activities having fun. If it means anything now I have zero interest in getting my face melted off while I'm there. Added to the list. I want to feel like I'm in a William Gibson novel. Ghibli is on the list though we may not get in because gaijin-only tickets sold out online a month ago. Hopefully we can get some in a Lawsons. I really wish we could go outside of Tokyo too, but this is our short money trip. Those JR passes out of the city cost a grip. The furturest south we're going is Kawasaki to see some arcade that's supposed to look like Kowloon Walled City. I've looked into bath houses but have read they don't let in people with tattoos, to keep out Yakuza. Thanks for the tips everyone. If anyone has any more knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. takeshi


    So I'm the asshole that booked a trip to Tokyo a few months before all this N. Korean escalation. If it's still standing I'll be there in November. Can anyone here recommend things to do in the area? Just know that I'm a very cheap man and the thrills don't necessarily have to be legal.
  4. of all the things i've ever read, this is the most offensive hell yeah
  5. Tall Tales Bodega Boys Chapo Trillbilly Worker's Party The Legacy Music Hour The Watch Black Astronauts Podcast Air Buds Monday Morning Podcast also... West Coast Cum Town > East Coast Cum Town (mostly because I like Jamel Johnson and Stav's laugh is grating)
  6. [youtubehd]K6RjlPad-SI[/youtubehd]
  7. [youtubehd]eXzcHwH2v0g[/youtubehd]
  8. [youtubehd]nb2SOstKQVw[/youtubehd]
  9. [youtubehd]soqKICY-3ME[/youtubehd]
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