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  1. Really enjoying this direction he is going in. Hope to hear more from him in the future!
  2. I’ll try to send them in a bit when I get back to my computer. I’m kind of ignorant in these matters - I’m assuming the artwork is AI generative stuff? Dall-E?
  3. His new tracks are pretty next-level. Can’t wait to hear what the album has in store.
  4. Love this tune. Infinite State Machine in lossless? Dang, what a treat. This dump has been a fun ride.
  5. I like it - but hearing this album always makes me want to just put on some Bjarki.
  6. Really enjoying waking up each day and adding new tunes to my zvLd playlist.
  7. I only have quantum 2c…and love it. Didn’t realize there was another?
  8. Also loving these new tracks. Seems like a more sparse, ambient direction - which is really hitting the spot at the moment. I’d also recommend grabbing Chaga aka Lyra7 from last year - it was recently made downloadable (as requested by @ARPA). Epic track - easily one of his best.
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