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  1. Really enjoying this. Thanks for putting it back on my radar @beerwolf
  2. Would love this! Come on @purlieu 😉
  3. Yes, those are the three untouchable classics, imo. If you've never heard them before, I also think their live sets are a great place to start. The official Eventim Hammersmith ones from Monster's Exist era offer a really nice slice of their sound. There are also several high-quality unofficial classic sets that are floating around out there. Glasto '94, Leeds Soundcity '96, and Space Opening Fiesta, Ibiza from '08 are three of my favs.
  4. Agreed - mostly. Timeless but a bit bloated. Never been a fan of Monday, but I guess it’s the palate cleanser before the lushness of Halcyon.
  5. Well that’s what the WATMM New Releases forum is for! 😉
  6. Really well written review that encompasses everything I feel about this album. I’d add Beezlebeat to that tracklist of yours though.
  7. I would say the cream of the Altogether tracks including some of the material from that bonus disc and one-offs, would make an LP that would stand up with any of their earlier releases.
  8. One of those artists I have listened to here and there over the years but never really gave a fair chance. I will at your recommendation though!
  9. One of my favorite electronic tracks ever. Slow burn remix by a Rabbit in the Moon alias. Maybe even hear some proto-BoC sounds in here. Simple, yet profound to me. Nice to be talking about Orbital again!
  10. Always up for more RX. Been a fan since his SoundCloud dump - still tons of great tracks from there that are unreleased.
  11. Been getting into Gerd for the first time over this past year. Was unaware of this release. Thanks!
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