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  1. Can’t wait to put this on this evening.
  2. I think the opening run of tracks are great - Hawk Kings in particular. Just fun, upbeat tunes.
  3. I dig the opening track! Daze has been stuck in my head for days. But yes -- this album was a really nice surprise and keeps getting better with repeat listens. While I know Alex is notorious for "just dropping samples" (and it does sound like it here at points), I think he has learned a lot from Fehlmann production wise. I definitely can hear a Thomas/J Dilla influence coming out on a lot of these tracks with some of the looped orchestral and instrumental samples. Anyway, it is clear that this Rendall guy has chops - look forward to seeing where this project continues to go into the future.
  4. Your daily Extralife PSA: Do not forget Trackermatte - Na
  5. First listen through - digging it. Weird and wacky electro bangers from start to finish. Surprised this hasn’t got more live here.
  6. Haven't listened to Funki Porcini in forever... Will check this out.
  7. https://dasdreieck.bandcamp.com/album/sloika New one from one of my favorite (super-underrated) producers. Sloika presents some of the darkest and most techno oriented Dasdreieck music released as of yet. Modular drones, hypnotic kicks and dubbed out basslines mix with Dasdreieck's trademark psychedelic sound design and IDM influences.Expect a blend of organic and industrial sounds in 8 spaced-out, heady pieces of independent electronic music. Whether blissing out on headphones or cranking up the soundsystem, Sloika is sure to appeal to fans of 90s electronica and foward-thinking dub aficionados.
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