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  1. Yeah I saw this article today. Weird how this mythology is starting to go mainstream after we’ve been following it for so long.
  2. That was a great read. Well done, and thanks.
  3. Yeah. It’s pretty so so... ...and again disappointing after creating some of the classics you listed.
  4. Been meaning to listen to this - thx for the reminder!
  5. Really harnessing those SAW 85-92/Polygon vibes. Also very nicely varied collection. Very nice!
  6. Sounds like he’ll fit right in. And the conservatives can feel good they have a “minority” speaker.
  7. Spinner - one of my favorites by him (and Eno). Also recently got the reissue treatment. https://brianenoallsaints.bandcamp.com/album/spinner-expanded-edition
  8. Yeah I stopped about three releases ago. Can't keep up.
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