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  1. Just relistened to Second Toughest today. What a timeless classic. Thought I’d share: https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/underworlds-second-toughest-in-the-infants-proves-to-be-impossible-to-beat
  2. Also got into a debate with my daughter about if the sample at 8:30 (and many other parts of the song) was saying "electronic" or "like chocolate". I said "electronic". I'm getting old.
  3. This Dark Train Drift remix takes a classic banger and does some 2021 justice to it. Epic tune.
  4. Would kill for a 93-97 unreleased tracks box set. Maybe with official hq versions of Kalpol Introl live and the Oscillate trax.
  5. Isn’t it a WATMMer? Tunes are on point, for sure.
  6. I was talking about that Ocean Moon album. Would love to have a listen but it seems to be vinyl only.
  7. Finally got around to listening to this in full. Superb collection/curation of these cosmic ambient tunes. Really stands apart from the pack of other early 90s ambient/chill out stuff.
  8. Woah - didn’t realize this was Gridlock related. Formless was/is a masterpiece. Will check this out.
  9. Really enjoyed Lakks. Will check this one out.
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