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  1. Man this has been some good reading.
  2. Everything I love about 141414 — each release so epically good and so under the radar.
  3. Will check for sure. Dig your stuff. How you liking Anima? Bring you back to DFN?
  4. Jealous. Would have loved to see that.
  5. https://bleie.bandcamp.com/album/the-adept Waay behind on this one...but first listen today is giving me chills like the first time I listened to Speedy J or Mark Van Hoen. Seriously intense, psychedelic techno music from Bay Area resident Sarah Bly. What a way to pay homage to the legacies of her Ghost Ship peers.
  6. Love this statement. Trying to be better about doing this myself.
  7. Surprising this is not getting more love. This is epic braindance.
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