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  1. Great ep. Smooth Fixation in particular is my jam.
  2. Just listened to Vol 1 - really nice collection there.
  3. https://bandcamp.com/extralife Had a real nice haul yesterday.
  4. Man this music has some serious drive to it. Loving what I’m hearing so far.
  5. Will listen later today. Gotta get through this new Bjarki first.
  6. Pandemixes 3: https://bjarki.bandcamp.com/album/pandemixes-3
  7. Just picked up the digital. Reminds me of the Blush Response album released earlier this year on Schematic. Really heavy stuff. I dig.
  8. Also: Be sure to check out his Ociya releases with Tin Man on Acid Test. Both came out this year -- the best kind of techno on these releases. https://acidtestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ociya-powers-of-ten
  9. Yeah this is surprisingly phenomenal stuff. O Henry is a major earworm. Will be purchasing the cd.
  10. Definitely one of the albums of the year. Getting some Rolando Simmons vibes on several of the tracks.
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