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  1. Looks like a 192 is available for the seekers of souls... (Why not rip at 320 though?!)
  2. Most stoner comment ever. (high five!)
  3. Looks like he's been practicing the bass. Really nice and varied set here.
  4. Listened to Private Press the other day...still really good. The later stuff....nah.
  5. Yeah I grabbed this one. I pretty much grab anything with Norwell on it, but rest of the tracks are good too.
  6. Morphology - Urania's Mirror Soul Oddity - Tone Capsule (maybe not traditional electro) Elektroids - Elektroworld Cygnus - Radical User Interfaces (EP) Photodementia LP Lowfish - Memories Are Uncertain Friends Agree on the Dopplereffekt. And of course any Kraftwerk or Model 500. ...off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm missing a ton. Or just track down every ERP remix/one-off/ep while your at it. They are all good.
  7. Normally I’m on par with Species and ‘badger but gotta agree with last few posters. Moon Shaped Pool is best Raidiohead since In Rainbows.
  8. Literally a perfect electro album. Few have come close.
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