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  1. Never heard this before. Right up my alley.
  2. Digitals out now and sounding quite dope.
  3. I always try to order direct from Omar via http://www.omarsdetroit.us/index.php But looks like it's not posted up there yet. Samples sound tight.
  4. Lot to catch up on. But have really enjoyed what I’ve heard from him. Get well soon, Chris.
  5. Sure is. Snagged it the other day. One for the braindance heads.
  6. https://boomkat.com/products/rakka Deserves it’s own thread. Sasu is back.
  7. Bump to remind you all of this phenomenal album. I feel like it got overlooked with the end-of-year blitz.
  8. Oh dang. Im also holding out for a cd. I struggle with this type of music on vinyl.
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