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  1. Promising review. I’ve been purposely avoiding listening to any of these tracks save for one viewing of that Dirty Rat video. Trying to measure my expectations.
  2. Highly recommended by me as well. Marco can develop an atmosphere like few others. I’d also recommend the Alphageneric three-part album set from late last year for those that may have missed them.
  3. Mortal - Deco is one of my favorite albums from that mid-90s golden era. Only discovered it a few years ago, but since then I’ve been a massive fan of Mortal/CODE. There is a new release of reworks of old tracks and some new stuff that Further Electronix brought to light, that is well worth checking out. https://code16.bandcamp.com/album/continuum
  4. If for some reason you have yet to own these classics, this is the perfect opportunity.
  5. Snagged. Really enjoying this.
  6. While you are at it, check out the other early Border Community albums from Nathan Fake and Luke Abbott. All hit that analogue melodic sweet spot.
  7. Loved his previous albums. Hyped by the preview track here. Instabought. Nice to have him back. It’s been awhile.
  8. https://christian-coiffure.bandcamp.com/track/worshipping-anthills This tune.
  9. Always been one of my favorite tracks of theirs. So nice to have it in lossless vs my vinyl rip I’ve been playing for years.
  10. Always great to hear new (and new/old) Lowfish. His first albums still get regular plays from me.
  11. FWIW - I enjoyed it. But I am a dad who just turned 40.
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