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  1. Why no love for Damogen??? I love that album start to finish. Ufabululum...not so much.
  2. Dude you forgot Thomas.
  3. Inspiring. You really should write a book, man.
  4. Oh man I forgot Jesus is King and Hi Scores rerererererelease. Nevermind.
  5. I live literally right down the street from this shitshow. The traffic drives me crazy. Grumpy old man rant over.
  6. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED series right here. I mention it every time John puts something out, but I truly mean it. Fall down the rabbit whole with us 😀
  7. TIED UP. (also Spiritualized Electric Mainline mix on the single).
  8. In all seriousness...this kills. Y’all need to hop on the two-person hype train.
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