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  1. https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/--3 You guys gotta listen to this. Not sure if it’s one person or multiple artists - but these are some super funky distorted acid house/IDM tracks.
  2. Oh wow. On my End of Year list for sure. This album scratches a very particular IDM itch that I have. Color me impressed.
  3. I have the right to be a superspreader, dammit.
  4. Just looked over this again and noticed that track order is now different and there seem to be new tracks added. Same with the new untitled comp. Plan on listening closer in the next few days. Schematic has been having fun this year. Good.
  5. Haha yep. Always loved Rushmore. Was filmed very close to where I used to live in Houston.
  6. Yeah R&S would be cool but Astrophonica has put out some incredible releases this year.
  7. Been meaning to post this one. Great, underrated band. Really enjoyed this album on first listen.
  8. Radiation Dub flac on a good pair of headphones is a good enough sell for any non-believers here as well. 5.1 not necessary.
  9. My favorite track on In Dub is Happiness Supreme Dub which was basically just a sample skit on RUOK. Vintage Jack sample work on this one. And great scratches. Edit: just realized Sweepstakes posted above
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