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  1. Haha looks like I bought this two years ago but only listened once. Will have to remedy that.
  2. Wow this came out of nowhere. Love that classic Humanoid sound. Bring it on!
  3. Consider Lenin in Imperialism: The capitalists divide the world, not out of any particular malice, but because the degree of concentration which has been reached forces them to adopt this method in order to obtain profits. [25] It is useful to conceive of two interlocking but different struggles: that of the worker versus the capitalist, and that of humanity versus capital itself. The workers’ triumph over the capitalist (“to each according to their work”) is in a sense a precondition for humanity’s triumph over capital (“to each according to their need”).
  4. Just relistened to this. Such an excellent track. And album.
  5. Here’s what I see as an casual observer of this “discussion”. You are a person who (at times) makes some valid and thought provoking points — but they tend to be completely undermined by your smug, black and white, holier-than-thou attitude. Might be time to take a break from the net, bud.
  6. Oh and by the way...here's my semi-annual PSA to listen to his FACT mix of all original stuff. Really deserves a full release on his bandcamp.
  7. Finally got around to listening to this...very pleasantly surprised. In the absence of any new Phoenecia, this one hits all the Brown Out buttons for me. Subterranean Miami electro grooves.
  8. Can't wait to hear what his next LP will sound like.
  9. Completely agree. Traveller on has been essential - including all the CRC stuff. To me this ep even tops Dark Wheel, which I thought was stellar.
  10. Haven’t listened to him in years - excited to give this a listen based on what I’ve heard.
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