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  1. I'm getting the sense from the pics in the above posts that the tunes will be more modern sounding (like the recent remixes) and less retro-rave like the DJ Food mix? Would love to see those tracks on an official release.
  2. PSA: these tunes still sounding lush-AF a year later. Vortex in particular is one of his top tracks ever.
  3. Love their stuff with J Spaceman. And seeing that Atom TM is producing ensures quality here. Looking forward.
  4. Yep. Awesome track. Would love to see them tour together again.
  5. Huge victory lap for the boys. What a great way to release new tunes too.
  6. Snapped up a box. Wish they’d come to the USA...
  7. ...then puts aside the keypad and sets his mind to go produce some Orbital-like tunes. Umm.
  8. This album is absolutely lovely, btw. Thanks Lada for the rec.
  9. Well I got news for you... ...BWE is Upsammy.
  10. Yes this is pretty damn special. They are reminding the world that they are still the masters. also, Drift is nearing AFX SoundCloud dump levels of awesomeness.
  11. First listen = really enjoying the top-tier Milieu melodies filtered through the kaleidoscopic 80s vibes. Lovely tunes. (will be on repeat this summer)
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