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  1. Braintree, I think what psn is saying here is that lower frequencies are discarded when the system *listens to* the audio to determine its average perceived volume, but left alone when it *alters* the volume to compensate for it. So if you make a particularly bassy track, it will be technically louder than the others in terms of its literal energy, but won't sound it due to how psychoacoustics work. As in, all the system does to your audio is globally changes the entire volume of each track, but it does more complex things to determine what that volume should be in the first place.
  2. That's a good point, context is important. So the full album and EP versions of these tracks would be sent to Bandcamp (which largely keeps them intact, aside from converting them to all the major codecs), and DistroKid (which passes them on to Spotify, iTunes, etc). So being Spotify-friendly is a concern. This is in contrast to the quickmasters I make myself (light EQ, maybe light compression, L2 to stave off any wayward peaks but certainly not squash everything). I convert these to FLAC and MP3 myself, people download them, and some use them in their YouTube videos. I'm not sure what
  3. ...Are you saying you'd rather use a REDD desk than a TG12345? I'd take a Neve, API or SSL over either any day,
  4. Some insightful replies here that I'll re-read in the morning, thank you! Nowhere near anal enough, I suspect! He seems to have a certain mindset that's really beneficial when it comes to creating the music (not adhering to set ways of doing things, excellent), but not so useful when it comes to retrieving it. That SoundCloud dump was wonderful, but came across a bit "oh, I found another tape today, here you go, here's a few of the tracks from it," which is great, but I worry how much music he's just lost forever. I'm sure he mentioned taping over his mother's prerecorded cassettes
  5. My sweet summer child, promise me you'll never try to work out which is the best version of The Beatles' albums. Records, 1988 remastered CDs, 2009 re-remastered CDs... stereo, mono... the 1983 black triangle Japanese Abbey Road CD based on the premaster that wasn't supposed to be released... All using different takes, no less... Meanwhile, the Twin's recording to cheap Compact Cassette tapes and format shifting to DAT longplay before giving it to someone to master... You might as well just ignore it all and enjoy the fine music.
  6. This sounds quite sensible, thank you. Yeah, I think I'll start exporting premasters as well as quick masters then, so I have the option later on to have them mastered more professionally by someone else. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have any advice (or strong opinions) on mastering? My current workflow involves making no real distinction between the master buss and the mastering process. The whole mix (NLS buss output) goes straight to a bit of light EQing and limiting, which is different for each track. This helps with releasing at least one separate track each month, each one ready for people to download and play. When it comes to grouping some of these tracks together into albums and EPs, I've simply collected tracks that go well together, and kept them as separate files to play one after the other,
  8. You know what, I suspect it's just the reflection (aliasing, folding) you get from not having a reconstruction filter. It's probably just sampled at about 20-22 kHz, for a Nyquist frequency of about 10-11 kHz. (Which is curious, as the closest the FZ-1 gets is 18 kHz.) (And it still tickles me that it's been mastered to 48 kHz when it would literally sound identical at 32 kHz. At least the DAT player was filtered this time!)
  9. Didn't he go lo-fi for the simple pleasure of it anyway though? From the Syrobonkers interview: Low fidelity's character building, if you want to go that way. ? (I've been looking at some of his tracks' spectrograms lately, and it's funny to see how many are obviously either Compact Cassette, DAT longplay, or Compact Cassette format shifted to DAT longplay, with no reconstruction filter to speak of when playing it back so you get all these reflections above 16kHz... and then people talk about how great it sounds, how it must be at least really high quality chrome tapes, and how t
  10. True. I'm not sure what the term is for them. They're not really promos either. Or mixtapes. Just... tapes of your own music, given to your friends.
  11. I've been trying to somewhat organise what we know about these. Did I miss anything? Untitled, 4 tracks Untitled, 6 tracks Untitled, 14 tracks Untitled, about 16 tracks New Chapter Serious Tunes for Nice People
  12. Yeah, though I wouldn't even say he was ahead of other musicians, so much as he was (and still is, to a certain extent) so idiosyncratic that if he didn't make this music, no-one else would either, ever. Which is a good philosophy to have, largely doing your own thing. I wouldn't go so far as to say that any of his tracks have what you might call proper names, though... I guess that's the nature of abstract, instrumental music.
  13. Totally! I could live without some of the older tracks on that album too. I much prefer a lot of the new old stock tracks. This album has grown on me to a big extent, from one of my least favourites of his to one of my favourites. The new tracks make it my firm favourite album of his now, I think. I can't imagine why they didn't originally bump off some of the older tracks for some of the previously-unreleased ones, it would have been much stronger for it. The two Ventolin releases, taken as a mini album in their own right, are really neat too. Difficult in places, but so out there t
  14. Yeah, I believe it's new: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/29da6bd2-ff9f-47b2-a475-79f92855c333 Contrast with e.g. Bank Lullaby: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/210689c6-c80a-4bde-ae94-4437731e4abe
  15. http://www.junglebreaks.co.uk
  16. Really, though, you can't beat Autechre's Incunabula as far as ambient techno albums go. Only a fool or a hero would attempt it.
  17. Off the top of my head, these albums, amongst others, hit an ambient techno sweet spot for me: Microgravity 76:14 The MS-Series
  18. Theoretically, there should be less potential project management issues when the project in question is being undertaken by a single person, who claimed seven years ago to already have completed it... Though I have no idea what goes on in his world. I was as surprised as anyone when he actually released all those old tracks on SoundCloud and some turned out to be amongst his best work. So maybe he's telling the truth after all. Who knows?
  19. Yeah, it's a fun little album. I hope it gets an official release one day.
  20. Or you could just listen to the high quality new digital downloads...
  21. Speak for yourself. You just need a partner who's also a musician. Couples who play together stay together!
  22. "Has being polite gone too far?"
  23. Yeah, I ignored both Ventolin EPs for the longest time, not particularly liking the title track. But the others are much better! And now I'm at the point where I like even the Ventolin track too. I'm in too deep...
  24. From https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/68148-aphex-twin-selected-ambient-works-volume-ii: Blue Calx: track 19 [side 5, track 2, omitted from CDs] ("Stone in Focus"): #22 ("Spots"): #23 ("Tassels"):
  25. I thought the Richard D. James Album did sound mechanical, that's why I thought it sounded like it was made on a tracker! It's so harsh and brittle sounding; quantised; fastidious and intricate; and sample based. These are qualities that trackers lend themselves well to.
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