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  1. Come on now chen.. I understand that you feel a bit of a duty to defend him but he is a cunt to the core. I know you must know this.
  2. I don't know why it's a stupid question really. Seems a pretty standard, routine question after a scoreless draw. What really gets me is that mourinho was no stranger to parking the bus when he was at chelsea but now he's all fucking bitter and bitchy about it every time a team defends well against him. He's just the biggest wanker.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39468699 such a total cunt
  4. Ozil has a good pass on him and excellent vision which is useful when he can be bothered to play but he doesn't do any tracking back, he barely gets out of a light jogging pace, shows very little desire to win and apparently needs regular cuddles from his manager to "motivate" him. That does not make a world class player. That makes a lazy little pussy. Sanchez is true world class in every respect. We could really use a few higher calibre players but there is already enough talent in the squad to be doing a lot better and that is down to the manager.
  5. Consistently average. By Champions League standards anyway. What's the use in qualifying ever year if you never have a proper try and we really don't fucking try. The only benefit is the money it brings but what good is that if you're still not attracting quality players? Yeah we got Sanchez (for now) and he's fucking incredible but then who? Ozil? What a massively over rated, lazy cunt. He can fuck right off. All of this "it could be worse" talk is total nonsense to me. Especially when you consider ticket prices. Right now I actually envy Liverpool. They have a top quality manager and I think they're probably only a couple of good defenders away from a league winning team. Even that other fucking filth down the road..
  6. You're right. It has become a total joke and the only way it stops is if fans stop putting money into the emirates but that will not happen so :( It's so weird and wrong now that I watch matches half hoping that we lose. Just because that is the only thing that might possibly eventually get him sacked. We probably have to lose a good 10+ in a row before that is even up for discussion with the board and still unlikely but it's the only thing that might help. The next manager is gonna walk into the same bullshit set up but maybe he'll have some shred of ambition in him which helps us take a step forward. Wenger will never ever take another forward step. It is only backwards from here on.
  7. wenger out. fucking embarrassment. this is the most humiliating time to be a gooner that i can remember. he is such a fucking arrogant, clueless cunt FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  8. That is completely fucking bonkers. He must be his own agent. I reckon that in his warped mind, that is exactly how his half time talks go.
  9. ohhh cooper! what are you like..
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