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  1. Getting live feedback of things I missed on the bingo. Updated version: Bummed we didn't include "Weirdcore does famous [country-specific] celebs with AFX faces" tho, he's been doing that for like 10 years too so that would've been an easy score.
  2. Just a heads up: Melodie is from 1995 (and rereleased in 1998), THR is (I think) a different version (without the vocal sample) from the Rephlex compilation where it was called Fcs.
  3. Not unreleased though... My favourite unreleased AE is easily this one (technically unreleased, promo only innit): Uploaded it almost 10 years ago, asked AE about it in the AAA (see video description). Blows all the other Keynell remixes out of the water, I'd do anything for a long version of this entire session (or anymore stuff of this era of AE). Other contestants: Coil remix (above mentioned) and Byproduct 2.b (Sensational Meets Kouhei - Sensachre 10 Mix (Autechre Remix) (Instrumental). The vocal version has been released obviously, but that instrumental is fire. Also, Sean's Horizon patch but I have it so I can enjoy it occasionally. Rob's leaked mix tape from ages ago too.
  4. @Lada Laika Well, the tags work anyway.
  5. Feels like Jesus rising from his grave, and it's almost easter too! What beautiful timing, welcome back Mozex. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  6. Heard the initial bandcamp release which was really excellent, curious for the extra stuff. Bought!
  7. Played Four of Seven out sped up a bit at a gig this summer and it was mental. 10/10 would DJ again.
  8. Bonus shout out to Rubin Farr who I could've met but stuck me up, twice, because he was too stoned to leave the hotel. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  9. Shout out too Verdant Hickies, Phoenix, Hello Spiral, triachus, rix, Brian Dance, caze, andihow, Dan C, Blank, Boddhidharma, Fenix, Berk, think I met Phudoshin too like 10 years ago, the Penryn crew and thanks robert moses at the colundi gig, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone right now...
  10. So much gems on here, absolute belter. Listened twice today already. Best stuff from Rian so far! Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
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