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  1. Had the 2LP since it came out but missed out on the EP back then. Of course, once again I managed to buy that EP second hand right before the reissue :^) (same with Abstract Thought and a whole bunch of other reissued stuff)
  2. Alltime fav. Flawless. Someone from watmm posted a version of this remix with a Stevie Wonder vocal over it back in like 2006ish, no idea who though but I still love that one.
  3. Diatoms was with my mates and me after the gig while walking out. He was looking for you @phudoshin but didn't have your number. We said goodbye at a roundabout full of festival people, he was headed to his hotel nearby there iirc.
  4. Just got back from London last night, got the record (well, the card) for me and two other chatmmers. Had a real great time hanging with Braintree, tec, eaw, hello spiral, aaaah, glunk + RB at various moments throughout the weekend, and meeting phudoshin and Diatoms (so nice to meet you man, absolute pleasure) as well a bunch of cool Scottish and British people in the crowd during Aphex. The whole talking issue was mostly because it was so fucking packed you couldn't move or dance where we were (front of house) and the volume of the gig could be louder but it's in the middle of the city innit. I didn't mind it as much really. This was my 6th time seeing him since 2007, fun to see how much his show has evolved since then (in 2007 it was just a venue gig, one red lightbulb on stage next to him, nothing more). This gig was great, visuals were intense, enjoyed it more than last Field Day. Seemed like an ever bigger production this too, quite incredible. Shoutout to Jayda G and Juliana Huxtable for really great DJ sets, Actress for doing his thing and Arca for some great entertainment. Kelela was good too but we didn't stick around for long.
  5. Last time at Field Day I wore my avatar on a t-shirt to make it obvious, not sure what I'll wear this year but look out for a tall lanky blonde idiot with a heavy Dutch accent.
  6. Renaat teased with "something coming up" before, without result (or just another reissue of Classics or SAW85-92), but let's hope SAW 1.5 will actually happen now ?
  7. When Drukqs came out my brother bought the vinyl on the day of release (I was 12 at the time but heavily into AFX) and he ripped what he thought were the "normal" tracks for me on CD-r (so Vordhosbn etc.), all on 33. As the first 2 records are meant to be played on 45 I had the wrong versions for a few months, until I bought the CD myself. Still have the rip of the slower versions tho, as it's so nostalgic now.
  8. I see it more as generosity from someone pouring his soul into his life's work. He doesn't have to share any of it but I'm extremely grateful he does. Don't try and feel forced to keep up, just listen whenever you want and put on some random new album (I'm still keeping up with it ten years after the first colundi tbh although I've heard some albums only once or twice). Really enjoyed this one too, as usual.
  9. Goes for pretty much every Container track, absolute legend.
  10. It's a holiday every 8-10 weeks or so for me. Summer break is 6 weeks, christmas and spring break are both 2 weeks, plus two 1-week holidays too. Then those 5 optional free days on top of that. Disclaimer: conveniently not mentioning all the overtime during a regular week. Loads of evenings and weekends lost that way. Still recommended.
  11. Yes, over here it's 3 months per year plus an extra 5 free days to use.
  12. Another Dutch teacher reporting, but I never used this right nor do I know anyone who ever did. Will have to dive into this :^)
  13. Lovely mix, wonder when this was actually made considering the Neuvoids person said the mix was laying around for a while now. That Sunken Foal one had my ears perked up, good stuff.
  14. Totally going along with the hype-trein again. Love the new track. Ordered it, not sure why I ordered it from the Aphex store instead of just picking it up at Rush Hour or something but hey, tradition I guess.
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