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  1. Totally forgot to include Senga Ferreira - Take The Evil Spirit Away, which definitely deserves to be in there somewhere. Top tip.
  2. Top fav's Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - Made Out Of Sound Arp Frique - The Seed Space Afrika - Honest Labour Dean Blunt - Black Metal 2 (+ the dubs) Loraine James - Reflection Work Money Death - The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises Danny Wolfers - Song of Moss Lugubrum - Bruyne Kroon Mark Fell & Rian Treanor - Last Exit To Chickenley Terrence Dixon - Reporting From Detroit DJ Manny - Signals In My Head Honourable mentions Aleksi perala's 2021 output Amhain's 2021 output Hieroglyphic Beings 2021 output Mushroom Hour Half Hour - On Our Own Clock Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 Cylob - Placeholder De Schuurman - Bubbling Inside Salvatorin - BRICKWORKS/RANDOM ANCIENT SALVS MEMBERS ONLY - The Worst Edits vol. 2 Darkthrone - Eternal Hails...... RP Boo - Established! The New Boyfriends - The New Boyfriends 3 Pamela Z - A Secret Code Madlib - Sound Ancestors EP's SDEM - SYNCAV Sophie – Bipp (Autechre Mx) Omar - S - Still Fucking Resident Advisor + What's Good for the Goose Rian Treanor - Obstacle Scattering Theo Parrish - In Motion Billy Lo – It's The Life DJ Stingray 313 - Molecular Level Solutions NWAQ – Above EP Humanoid - sT8818r Humanoid Dollkraut - Vuile Leugenaar DMX Krew - Peripheral Visions + Overseer Various - Private Party (030303) Caramel Chameleon - Solitario Capsule Network – Colundi Interception 3 Compilations Sounds Of Pamoja Swave Villi Us Club Coco Essiebons Special 1973-1984 Onderwereld - SCHENK1 Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Cover Tape 1 The album best encapsulating the pandemic in 2021 https://fakeestates.bandcamp.com/album/a-mechanical-joey
  3. Indeed, after Syro we had insane amounts of music, Fieldday and DFN 12"s, the soundcloud dump, the Bleepstore, etc. After Collapse we had the London 12" with two? new tracks, and don't forget all the new tracks played in his liveshows (that were also recorded in HQ), and a couple of new tracks on his soundcloud a year ago. There's quite a lot of those new tracks recorded at gigs: I'm still digesting all of the output from the last couple of years tbh. It's nothing compared to the post-Tuss draught tbh :^) Still very keen for this one to get released myself:
  4. https://workmoneydeath.bandcamp.com/ https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/bc-nov-21
  5. https://workmoneydeath.bandcamp.com/ Best jazz album of the year?
  6. Went to a techno boat party in Amsterdam where my brother had to DJ, and there was an outbreak of covid there. Me, my brother and a few other people I knew from there all got it. Been vaccinated (Pfizer, 2x), still got fever, headaches, loss of smell and taste, etc. One week since I started getting symptoms now. Today was supposed to be the last day of quaraintine if I didn't have anymore symptoms, but alas. Yesterday was the first day I tried being active inside, clean up and stuff, and I was dead tired afterwards. Headaches since. Upside: I can smell peanut butter a tiny bit again, after a week of not being able to smell or taste anything. Downside: coffee also smells like peanut butter a bit now.
  7. I mean loads of pop songs from what was popular back in the day, I used to record tapes from the radio. Kaoma - Lambada, The Sunclub - Fiesta, Daft Punk - Around the World, Moby, Lil Louis - French Kiss, but also Destiny's Child, first Korn things, Ozzy / Black Sabbath, and all the top 40 stuff, bad trance things, Eminem, whatever else. The first 10 TMF Hitzone CD compilations. Specifically to this forum though, one of the first music things I remember, earliest memories. I was two / three when these came out but my brothers who were already teenagers had them on all the time: My mum also had this compilation which I loved: Also Peer Gynt Suite, Vangelis - 1492. There was always gabber around the house too, Speedy J, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers as well. Then my brother showed me Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty, Nirvana - Nevermind, Steve Rachmad - Emerging mix CD and some Aphex classics while I was playing with lego (the Classics comp with On at the end) in 1998. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat CD single being the first music I ever bought soon after that. Also one of the most precious things to me is I somehow ended up with this tape when I was 10 ish: https://www.discogs.com/release/1569460-Company-Flow-DJ-Spinna-Company-Flow-Presents-Little-Johnny-From-The-Hospital-Breaks-Instrumentals-Ra Still have no memory of how I got it, probably through a mate of a brother? But it was life changing, both Company Flow and DJ Spinna, took it everywhere on my walkman. Even more awesome when I met DJ Spinna in 2019 at Dekmantel and he signed that tape.
  8. Nice one, I really loved this one in all it's lo-fi glory all those years, for an outtakes album it's a really strong release (just like Onclements Outtakes). Glad he's finally put it on bandcamp in full quality now 🙂 Take 06 and Take 01 are massive fav's.
  9. Yeah, I've had the full thing on a bunch of times in a row already. A is really lush, but B really hit the spot for me. Congrats andi, beautiful release. I hope the tape arrives from the void that is the UK now...
  10. So gutted about this. You will be so, so missed, Salv.
  11. They totally 80's-fied it. Massive 👌 "In 2015 when potential remixes of BIPP were first floated the unequivocal response from SOPHIE was “No remixes..” a long pause followed “..unless it’s Autechre”. We asked, and five years later an email from Autechre arrived “sorry this is so late, hope it's still of some use”. An Autechre live show recording from a Numbers show in 2005 had first inspired SOPHIE to source the equipment used to craft new music including BIPP, LEMONADE & more. The BIPP Autechre mx is 3 minutes 33 seconds long, stripped back and loose. Sounding like Autechre paying tribute to some serious late 80’s influences. The duo's interpretation channels an imagined transition point between NY electro and UK street soul, that pitched down SOPHIE vocal reconfigured into a wanna-be Latin Freestyle Natasha King, jiving over a deep slice of TR-606 funk technology.” Coming on vinyl soon! https://boomkat.com/products/bipp-autechre-mx
  12. Look at the order he put the latest albums in: More Midnight Sun albums to complete the puzzle? Not caught up with 2B yet, but I've heard 1 and 2A a bunch of times now, plus that 2 hour mix. Incredible how he keeps his sound fresh with the frequency of output. Hardly have time to revisit the older stuff, so whenever I'm in the mood for it (had a few months off with colundi) I can just catch up with just new stuff instead 🙂 Nice one, Aleksi. On the top of his game.
  13. Is the PSA still in covid-hibernation? Really miss the monthly shows, going back to listen to some previous (and favourite) ones again now. Hope the PSA crew are all floating along nicely in Cornish corner of space 🙂
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