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Community Answers

  1. Yeah Ping Disc is cool and wacky and rad. Home of Myoptik. He's got some great collabs here on Ping as well, like him splitting or working with Roy of the Ravers or The Horn. https://www.discogs.com/Roy-Of-The-Ravers-Myoptik-Learn-To-Brew-With-Roy-Of-The-Ravers-Myoptik/release/16504188 https://www.discogs.com/Myoptik-with-The-Horn-Bananasplitz/master/1741115
  2. And with a highly improved album cover as well! Is that John Candy? Now I want to go put on The Great Outdoors.
  3. I’d like to make Myrtle moan.
  4. A survivor, w/ the strength to recover, which is hot. ...and I hope that was a Trainspotting reference.
  5. Rad. Been waiting 20 odd years for this. Only have Likemind 02. Super excited he’s back and interactive!
  6. Clash of the Titans (2010 remake) w/ Sam Worthington is really fun. Its the perfect kind of movie to remake w/ new tech if you’re not trying to hold on to the kitsch stop motion nostalgia. The Hobbit Trilogy I find really underrated. Gollum never looked better.
  7. Was thinking of Crouching Tiger as well, but if you want some of that OG wuxia style stuff that inspired it, check “A Touch of Zen”. Its like 3 hours but I grabs me and pulls me all the way thru every time.
  8. Pardon me not getting read the whole thread. So many great ones listed that I did see however. There’s this 2000 one, “The Cell” w/ JLo and Vincent D’Onofrio. Fun psych-detective thriller. That movie had a sort of unrelated counterpart by the same director called “The Fall” Then somebody said Gilliam so gotta throw in his last good movie which was “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” Oh somebody did say The Fall ok, but The Cell was better.
  9. Only because I can confirm your real life type over many years, can I see it, but Khaled!? REALLY!?
  10. It was to carry the Star Wars theme of artists on the Clear label (Where he debuted this name) like Middleton/Pritchard calling themselves the Jedi Knights, I think is the most likely theory.
  11. https://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/decayed from Decayed EP On a rmx roll here.
  12. Bandcamp Friday, here we go. First artist to get remixed by Ae twice. The last one was brilliant. https://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/decayed
  13. Yeah it was meant to be a Meow Wolf gift shop exclusive. All tracks are either him solo, her solo, or them together. There’s a key to who’s who on the back.
  14. Sick! If you love David Last then you need to have this soundtrack he and Cherushii for the arcade at Meow Wolf. https://shop.meowwolf.com/merch/arcade-soundtrack-cd/ And you need everything by Cherushii.
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