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  1. Ah no that music is one of the best parts cause its exactly appropriate to sporting events and what they would have on stuff like ESPN bullshit. So hilarious, and I just watched one where, at the end, the channel guys were rapping over trap beats about like stuff that had happened in previous races! It was so dad jokes.
  2. That remix is a Tom only production but its absolutely one of my faves ever. this new singles and remixes set removes “The Groove” as well as Reload - “Biosphere (Global Communication Remix)”.
  3. Grabbed phatty LP box. I mean that’s what this was all about right? Having a dream thought that A Collection of Short Stories and it’s proposed sequel could be put out as a 4xLP together. That’s VERY wishful thinking.
  4. It's Bandcamp day you fools! Go grab this amazing LP preorder. The previews are massive! Retape vinyl is such a rare circumstance. https://mindcolormusic.bandcamp.com/album/aux4421?fbclid=IwAR2xTtrmwFL2NtmqrWm-67ADaO40xPtC7o7b9f-ls58OZe_sW89v2mc7NCM
  5. Just grabbed whole bundle of stamped test press versions yesterday on the Bandcamp. They threw up a few whole bundles and WHO4’s.
  6. Think I picked up 4th to last tape. Didn’t even know this was happening. Recommended random by some mostly older raver group on FB so word got around.
  7. Love that video though. The Milky Way: How Big is Space
  8. “Moonbathing” from Lifetracks is in there, “Return to Atlantis” a personal fave from 15x15 Big Chill comp. and also “Gliding (D&B mix” one of his digital singles.
  9. New stuff out in Sept. he says. He talks for about 10ish mins and then the first track is GCOM I think but the rest seems to be already released stuff.
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