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  1. 30 hours left to join the preorder only 12”. It’s for sure getting pressed already, but anyone can still grab it.
  2. It’s like I’m in a time machine! https://evolution-merchandise.bandcamp.com/merch/evot02-classic-evolution-black-on-yellow-logo-t-shirt-4-colours-grey-blue-olive-red
  3. 58! It’s bouncing up. Get on this train. Need to see this one get made. Pre-orders on these new Mighty Force vinyls usually hit around 120-130 by the end. That’s number that get made and thats it.
  4. Excite excite!! I’m hyped for this!! Never thought I’d see that Mighty Force label signature circle turned into a black heart. 🖤
  5. ?/The Hologram is like the single for Under the Sun that came out 7 years before it! Lol That reminds me of the MBM 10” KASM 2.2 that came out years in advance of those two albums it ended up being on.
  6. What PLUS looks like from above.
  7. Yeah he’s been on here or still is. I’ve chilled w/ him irl in years past. I forgot what his name on here was tho. This new one is his third one. This is the first. https://www.discogs.com/Monadh-Muara/master/1051746
  8. ...and I’m drunk. If you are trolling me that was a lazy troll and fuck off.
  9. If I don't get this, am I not an AFX completist anymore?
  10. TEED is the reason I took a listen to this. Golden.
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