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  1. On first listen, save for Carbonade, this is their most boring and mediocre record. Just felt there were a lot of kinda dumb choices made. I’m a fan and not getting this at all. I don’t see them topping Don Solaris, but nobody said you gotta.
  2. I love her. This is much better than the last one. There were no memorable moments on that one, and I wanted a full vinyl or CD which never happened. I feel like Honey Soundsystem just abandoned that record. This one tho is sexy and versatile. Lil ravey. A great amen workout. Good stuff, and 2xLP.
  3. De:tuned anniversary flashback series 09. Tasty The Black Dog original trio era archival tracks. Now need all the archives! https://bleep.com/release/139089-atypic-de1009 https://www.juno.co.uk/products/atypic-de-10-09/741089-01/
  4. Amazing The Black Dog era archival tracks!! Now I need a Plaid/The Black Dog archival dump. https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/atypic-de1009-pre-order-detuned/162084
  5. Lana Del Taco Ariana Grande Iced Skinny Carmel Macchiato
  6. Good lookin out! Didn’t care much for that first EP. would rather have them all on one thing.
  7. Yup, last 12 hours. It’s at 119 preorders now. He said he’d give a(nother?) digital bonus track if it hit 125.
  8. So......yeah......it's um, July now? It's all good. Maybe this cat is chillin with Dave Monolith. No judgement. It's not like we preordered it and then they dropped off the face of the flat earth or anything.
  9. Mighty Force is back on July 8th. 4 artist split EP, featuring Golden Donna’s “By A Thread” and The Horn and some folks. https://soundcloud.com/user-768402070/mighty-force-mf-acid-ep-mfacid001-sampler It’ll be digital for sure. If he gets 100 orders for the vinyl there there will be physical too. https://qrates.com/projects/18781?fbclid=IwAR17HVJxBHAdceRCHQnKiqPd2fjTDUv5TAzRmLfGI6jR_FDoiRHNXm66Cy0
  10. This Mortal Coil covered Colourbox, cause they were all 4AD.
  11. I think he just meant Slave to the Rhythm in general.
  12. It’s at 38:02. No lyrical content from that song tho.
  13. Also Imagination - "Just and Illusion" original is sick af. Everyone needs that. I remember it playing over the credits of 1986 movie 'F/X'. Best video.
  14. I about lost it when they dropped my fave Colourbox track ever! Wish it had been the whole 7 mins cause that droney guitar breakdown at the end is mind melting.
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