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  1. To come back to thread hehe

    Music is something you do out of love and obsession really.There 0 garantee of any money,fame, success, recognition AT ALL.And it was always like that.Grunt work and hours put it WILL translate in artistic progress eventually but think in terms of decades and hundred and thousands and thousands of hours but even then there is no garantee of anything else.That artistic progress and experience has to be enough in itself or else you will get discouraged.The nice thing is that you learn small things, in small steps everytime your work, everytime you are moving forward, i think when you focus on that it helps keeping your moral.

    But yeah, Art is hard and there is no shortcut.

    The great artists are simply people that constantly obsess about their artform and have tremendous passion for it imo.


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  2. I will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymoreI will not write with big space anymore

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  3. I think the mistake Brian did is to underestimate the audience or have a bit of a generalization of the audience.

    Never take for granted what an audience might like or not like.

    To say it's better to start with bebop because it's easier is not a fact imo.

    It's like saying the Beatles is easier to get into than Metal.

    Might be true for some but you can't generalize too much with music, too many variables, too many different subjective point of views with something like music.

    The guy in front of you maybe will become the biggest free jazz fan of all time, he just doesnt know yet.

    It's like when people ask what is a good first track to recommend to people that are curious about AFX.

    Many answer Flim or whatever because it's easier or chill or whatever.

    Well i would say it certainly can be , but maybe ziggomatic will also really hook them.

    Really, i think you should never underestimate people ability to feel pieces that are more unconventional or more intense.

    Best example in my own life are my own mother and my girlfriend.

    Neither are musicians but through my listening habits they've been expose to really weird and experimental stuff and they often love it.

    People are surprising.





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  4. i think studying music can deepens the appreciation but i dont think its in any way needed or prerequisite

    all you need to understand music is to have ears

    i would even argue that the notion that music is to be understood is non sense

    you either feel it or you dont

    understanding doesnt mean anything

    its like people looking at art saying ''i dont understand this painting''

    there is nothing to be ''understood''

    it is something to be felt more than something to be understood it seems to me


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  5. 5 hours ago, brian trageskin said:


    btw i'd like to clarify my point about listening to bebop first and free jazz second :

    what i mean is, if you're interested in having a better understanding of how the language of music works and you're in the process of learning how it works, you're gonna waste your time if you skip bebop and jump straight to free improv. doing so won't help you get a better grasp of how music works because you'll be missing quite a few basic blocks of knowledge




    There is an assumption that everyone would understand or prefer bebop to free jazz tho.

    As someone who likes breakcore, weird idm and contemporary and modern classical, and music with lots of weirdness and dissonance in general, i straight away prefered the real intense free jazz to bebop or cool jazz.

    I thought i didnt really liked jazz until i started catching some Coltrane, Miles Davis, Albert Ayler or Ceci Taylor wild stuff.

    The wild stuff was the entry point.

    Im pretty sure loads of people would say the same.

    And i think this is in fact one of the issues in classical and jazz.

    There is not enough concert/radio broadcast with the truly wild shit.

    Too many people have a vision of it as a something of an elevator music or chill music, with no tension or intensity, music for old people to drink tea.

    Show the youngsters some Ligeti and some Cecil Taylor, not only Mozart and Smooth Jazz. (and im saying this but i still fkin love Mozart to bits)


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  6. Take AFX influence.

    Take ''one or more other musicians you admire but working in an another style of music'' influence.

    Merge them.Merge both influence.

    Ive had decent results doing that.

    I think originality is often either an improvement on the original influence (like Bach style was Buxtehude style but taken to the next level, and Mozart style was basically Johann Christian Bach style but taken to the next level)


    a merge of vastly different aesthetics in one new sound

    Of course this is easier said than done haha

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  7. 4 hours ago, MIXL2 said:

    You're better of not knowing probably.. he's just a giant idiot. Last I heard of him he was fully on the trump bandwagon and spewing all of that garbage of the election being fraudulent etc.

    There is this mini series on him if you really care or want details on his idiocy..


    Into the third video and i want to throw up.

    Dark shit.That Stefan nazi guy.


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  8. If you would take Facebook, Memes, Youtube, Youporn, Onlyfans, Tik Tok, Selfies, Instagram, Digital Art, Destroyed MP3, Google and everything else, good or bad, there is in the internet and somehow find a way to merge it into sound, thats what it would sound like.

    Hyperpop feels like internet itself was translated into sound.




  9. 50 minutes ago, Alcofribas said:

    this is an interesting aspect of his persona. when you look at people he associates with like dave rubin or ben shapiro or whatever, these guys just come off like assholes, grifters, but basically normies ya know? 

    but peterson often projects depression. in many interviews and talks i've seen (i've looked somewhat thoroughly into him bc i find him weirdly fascinating as a public persona for precisely reasons like this) he slouches deeply into his chair, he often covers his face with his hand in a kind of tortured gesture when certain topics arise (specifically anything having to do with "the left" agitates him quite often), in general he kind of retreats into himself and often has an "inner shadow" cast across his face. in fact, having read about this facial symptom in novels and stuff i still never knew what it looked like until seeing videos of peterson. 

    i think he's a troubled guy, honestly. he seems like he has some serious issues that he is playing out in this persona as a persecuted intellectual who is heroically standing up to evil. i think he's allowed himself to adopt the alluring heroism he's read about in jung but is not self-aware enough to fully realize how much he's projecting. his case is interesting bc it is quite jungian - in the way that people in different types of analysis will exhibit symptoms specific to that style of analysis, e.g., having "jungian" dreams in jungian analysis - but it really does seem to me he should be dealing with a lot of this stuff in therapy and not grandstanding about world affairs when it's abundantly obvious he often really has no idea what he's talking about. i mean, take the example i mentioned before about his lecture on foucault. peterson claims to be something of an expert on the horrors of communism. in an nyt profile he's seen standing (miserably) before his collection of vintage russian propaganda posters. while his understanding of humanity is cribbed from jung, his politics is just a lite version solzhenitsyn who obviously formed his politics within the context of communist russia. so with this in mind, how could it be possible he thinks foucualt was a marxist? this guy's supposed to know all about communism, part of his original rise to fame was his diagnosis that the west was being undermined by "cultural marxism" and "postmodernism." but it's obvious he doesn't really have a working definition of these terms at all. it encompasses just as much as what is signified when donald trump refers to the "radical left" which includes completely conservative, centrist liberals. now, when trump or ben shaprio says shit like this i feel completely confident it's because they're full of shit and and actively interested in manipulating people to sell their brand. but i think peterson is a bit different. he is absolutely a grifter but i think he's actually unaware of how much what he's doing is psychodrama. 

    What i see in him is a constant battle to repress whatever sensitivity he may have to be able to keep his cold rational ideal going.

    I think he built himself a picture of what it is to be a man or intelligent or successful or what you need to survive in this world and he tries extremely hard to keep that ideal alive not even realizing it might be what makes him so unhappy.

    The thing is, that it really seems to be difficult at a deep level.Something in him revolts against it.But he can't let go of this ideal.And it burns all of his energy.

    He does have some sort of sensitivity and intelligence but he denies some part of it by imposing himself these very detached, emotionally repressed views.

    For that i agree he is different than some other more alt-right people.

    There is a very real conflict in this man.He seems really unhappy.

    On top of all of that he is himself a psychologist hahahaha

    Anyway that is what i see.I might be completely wrong.

    It's an interesting character i think, from a psychological point of view.


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  10. The first thing i noticed is how joyless he seems...

    Needs more human warmth in his life and philosophy.Good old, basic human warmth, Jordan.

    It's like he doesn't even let himself feel joy because that would be out of character.It's chilling.

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  11. Watched 30 min of one of his videos to see what the fuss is about.

    I now have a massive headache. lol

    He has a chilling, articulate, self-controlled, reasonable facade that could come off as wisdom if you don't know better.

    Like a cold lawyer.He can talk.

    But this man likes power.He likes to dominate with his words.

    Seductive Nietzschean persona.Though love dad.

    And i personally can't trust such guys.




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  12. 4 hours ago, brian trageskin said:

    yeah that dude has a sick youtube channel dedicated to music theory of the renaissance period (how much nerdier can you get btw)


    Excellent, love that stuff.

    I once bought a renaissance counterpoint book lol

    Here some more nerdiness, Leonardo Da Vinci instrument invention: Viola Organista

    Glorious.Viola da Gamba on a keyboard.


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