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A question about the SoundCloud tracks


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I'm aware that most if not all of the tracks from Mike's SoundCloud dump have been downloaded and shared elsewhere, like on the Internet Archive, but I'd read that a little over half of the tracks featured there were recordings of the streams as opposed to downloads of them. While a good chunk of these tracks have been given official releases, I was wondering if there were better quality mp3s available of the ones that haven't been given an official release yet. I'd be happy with the actual 128k mp3s from the standard SoundCloud streams. And I guess he didn't delete the tracks, they're all still there but made private now. I actually grabbed the 128k files for the More 94-95 Stuff from the playlist link someone shared here, and I was hoping to grab the rest of the Lunatic Harness and Royal Astronomy stuff that doesn't look like it's getting issued again. So, can anyone help out? Thank you.


Update: I found clean rips of the SoundCloud streams, as in the actual 128k files, so nevermind.

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