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Loose Link - A.I Assisted (EP)

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Howdy. I'm also a DJ who goes by the name Loose Link. If you're interested, my links are here:



I'm currently working on my next album, the first one, in about 9 years so far. Taken me a while.

On the side though, I think we are all familiar with A.I by now. Destroying jobs and that. I'm currently also making a set of tracks that use A.I.

I personally find it fascinating, and wanted to play around with it. Because its really gonna be a thing soon, if its not already. Anyway, these first few will be Hip Hop tracks at first, but I would like to move to other genres. This maybe on-going, so let's see.

I would like to say one thing, I think we need to make a separation between "A.I Generated", and "A.I Assisted". I consider these tracks I'm doing, "A.I Assisted".

"A.I Generated" is where, you just type a line of text, then the A.I generates it, then you just post it. 'Kay?...

But "A.I Assisted", is where you do the same thing, but then you edit it yourself, you notice the A.I voice slurs a word or two, then you go a re-record then fix it, then you record a few versions, so you feel it works. A.I Assisted requires more of a human touch than something that's just "A.I Generated".

To be clear, this is all for fun, yep A.I is also a thing though. I've witnessed from Print to Digital, or from 2D to 3D animation. If people didn't adapt, they get far behind. Now its going to be from Digital to A.I. If you didn't adapt to that, you may be far behind. I think now's a great time to at least play around with it. So that's what I'm doing here.

One thing I will say that inspired me to try this, is I used to write poems/rhymes back in primary/high school. I got hundreds of those. But some of those I wanted to imagine another singer singing them. Well, now with A.I, if I type it out right, we get that. So I am going ahead and doing, at least an album's worth (40-70 minutes) of these. Though it could be on-going, we will see.

Hope you enjoy, be interesting to hear what your views on A.I are.

I'll post more when it's ready.


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On 4/7/2024 at 3:59 PM, milkyheart said:

interesting concept! i am drawn towards AI-generated things.

Awesome, I got a couple more 2pac/Biggie ideas on the go at the moment, hope to post them soon. But then I'd like to play around with other voices for other tracks. There is more than one A.I voice generators out there, so I'm trying and picking and choosing, like someone in a vinyl store picking out things that would be great for samples.... man, it takes time!


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