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  1. https://milkyheart.vip/album/3butterf-exe-ost the soundtrack to my latest bullet hell game. it's very square wave+noise.
  2. my game's soundtrack is now available on bandcamp! three short but sweet funky tracks designed to be looped. https://milkyheart.vip/album/momentum-ost
  3. so did you know i also make video games? games can be a great venture for musicians! this is a track with many contrasts, it should keep your brain occupied as you go for high scores. check out the game here (Windows only): https://verysoftwares.itch.io/momentum
  4. any thoughts on this? it's only 7 minutes off your busy day 🙂
  5. 10th Milkyheart EP, Express Anti-Derivative Energy https://milkyheart.vip/album/express-a-d-e
  6. the demo traxx have combined over 400 streams! let's keep pushing!!
  7. now in a handy playlist for your convenience
  8. 4th track sounds something like this, could be longer
  9. PS. there's a 4th track on the way, i think this EP might have 6 tracks
  10. 169 streams on Spotify! let's push for some more
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