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weirdass analog effects


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synced ableton and my 606 to my 707, routed the final mix through my mixer and got some weird effects. bass phasing and shit lol. no idea why it turned out like this but it sounds pretty damn cool in my opinion.


just wanted to say i fucking love syncing to the 707, its tempo is fucked up as hell, but absolutely lovely!



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Its not obvious where to download the file from on this site but eventually I figured it out.


Reminds me a lot of Rik Davis only Cybotron. Mmm these pads have a very dark and end of the world pads feel to them.


Mmm not bad. It does drift a little I'd say and some of the playing could be tighter. Probably needs some more elements to make it really interesting but certainly listenable as is. Wasn't 100% sure about the 707 cowbell it felt too rhythmic in the context of an atmospheric deep type track such as this. Interesting drums fades through out; I like that.


Overall I liked the feel of the drums a lot with the 606 tom toms as they had a nice electro reverb crispness to them. Not bad I guess as it had quite a 80s goth electro feel to it. That said I'd be interested to hear some more elements.

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thanks man, I really appreciate it. It was sort of a one take jamming attempt so the playing was crappy. Check out my other recent thread for a more full track with the 707 and 606.

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