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  1. Short thoughts on the subject : Harmonic complexity in sounds -> sparser chords, this is an inverse relationship.. Except for piano which is pretty rich and likes big chords! A big chord usually likes another big chord to follow Tracks need room to breathe and grow The best inspiration usually comes from music diametrically opposed to the kind you're writing! I love dim chords! They're so deep and underappreciated. This loop is basically all dim chords except for a m7 (I think) https://www.vocaroo.com/1nT7o94KNaWH
  2. This is a lot less Kstew than I expected, and I didn't expect a lot.
  3. What's the best ideal to live by? If you were in charge, how would you solve the most pressing world crises? How do you deal with hardship? What scares you? What's your proudest achievement?
  4. Holy cow! A rendition of this magnitude of a piece by deaf Beethoven, that's some serious shit...
  5. Big Brain is just a worse Farnsworth
  6. It's the proto-Caretaker "so deep" album that messes with normie heads.
  7. Where did you find the vocals for "Fuck tha razor, stroke beards"?
  8. There's a VCA balance trimpot that will remove the clicking. If you want to go further like actually soften the attack, you need to get your solder on. But that one is literally just adding a capacitor to an empty spot. Some of the other cool ones look kinda finicky as the areas are tightly populated.
  9. Why would you need patch memory on a 303 clone? "Ah yes, there's my old square sound with cutoff at 20 degrees and resonance at 75!" It's a great 303 rip if you don't mind the archaic programming. I need to open up and trim mine because the attack is kinda clicky. There's a recap mod that makes it a lot bouncier like OG's as well.
  10. It's the new generation of pedals/effects, thank strymon. Check the back catalog of some of the reverb manufacturers. Early 90's like the Alesis ones get kinda crunchy for using on everything but it's dirt cheap. Otherwise I'd take a stereo pedal that's not too pricey (Boss, MXR etc).
  11. I take it as an offense to not pay for your music. I've followed you cross-platform (on gearslutz), we have a similar taste and I count you as a brother. This album is on par with the best parts of Untilted (AE's best album).
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