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  1. Finally snatched one of these bad boys!
  2. If nothing else, they've lit fires under the butts of complacent developers. Dave Smith went rather quickly from "I don't do reissues" to putting out two types of Rev4s ("before Uli does it" by his own admission). It's been a rather untapped market for a long time and what it will lead to is anybody's guess. Team B will likely have the capital & guts to come up with more original designs. As for QC doubts, numerous Korg 2600's and aforementioned Rev4's have arrived in lousy conditions, so it's clearly not solely a sub-$1k product issue...
  3. The Korg was a limited run and not available anymore, and if it were it's still clearly aimed at another type of buyer. I'm not really on the lookout for another mono, but it's a damn 2600 and the price is just too good to pass up. I had a tremendous time with an early cracked version of ARP 2600V nearly fifteen years ago, and I remember a profound frustration that the real thing would forever be unobtainable. It's quite a different world now. The TD-3 is indeed plasticy and too much of a gimmick for me to use regularly, but the Pro-1 is a super fun and great sounding synth. I don't expec
  4. Aside from the different labels, isn't there literally one unique function, the extended sub osc?
  5. If it comes with chartreuse details and the Decima mono light typeface... Maybe.
  6. The 2600 will be $599 https://www.facebook.com/105517788913/posts/10158877984058914/
  7. Cast iron crew in the house. Takes ages to develop a good patina but you gotta love the solid heat and sear you get on anything from steak to carrots. I'm cooking a lot of fish these days and need to get another one
  8. There's a hierarchy to the reacts, Farnsworth has precedence when applicable.
  9. So, yeah, don't forget to buy this on the off chance that it'll enable yet another far off pipe dream in the synth world.
  10. How would you do the bass on Last Rushup 10M, three minutes in? I'm sure it's some dumb modular thing but it sounds pretty doable with FM and some expression control.
  11. I've been spending some time with the TX7 now and the architecture is pretty simple. There's no mod matrix, cross-modulation or other wacky shit like that, just one global LFO for pitch or volume and the operator settings. It gets messy with all 6 operators active because each one has a complex ADSR to pilot. It's got one control for the volume of each envelope step and one for the rate at which they get there, so bog-standard subtractive sounding stuff is kinda awkward to pull off. Luckily you can copy-paste envelopes in the software editor, must be lightspeed compared to a DX7 interface. The
  12. Unfortunately Novation already did such a thing with the MoroderNova, a lackluster Mininova reskin with some patches sanctioned by Moroder. So far, microtuning and a multitimbral AFX mode are the only certain functional additions, the rest of the visible knobs and functions look virtually identical to the BS2. Here's hoping there's more to be revealed, otherwise it's going to look pretty stupid.
  13. Best of luck, fingers and toes crossed here. Going under the anesthetic is scary, just trust they'll do a good job.
  14. I think the wonky effect is just the AFX calling card nowadays, marketing guys know it's distinguishable. Certainly no reason to expect imminent new shit.
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