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  1. God damn, only 60 too. Terrific presence in all his shows and films.
  2. Patiently awaiting a sensible discussion without references to the big 4.
  3. Chess has been in and out of my life since childhood but I've played regularly on chess.com for a couple of years, I enjoy tactics and ballsy positional play rather than long analysis, with mixed results of course. Finding mate in 10 is impossible but I'll gladly fork & pin your pieces while you're setting your stupid endgame up. My heroes are Mikhail Tal and Morphy. I really enjoy Agadmator videos on YT.
  4. My keeping tabs on EKT work is egregious to say the least, but I've always been a huge fan of your Raccoon Acid work! Please don't tell me you're killing the moniker! It's unique, catchy and fun, and you've made soo much of it. Big mistake to sleep on this (looking at you other EKTers and WATMMers). Can totally relate wanting to tidy up past work, consider yourself lucky that you still had access to all this material, I've lost track of how many hard-drives of stuff that died on me over the years. I also recognize the need to polish old ideas that were really great at the time although the execution was lacking. Shame so much of my stuff from that period was lost. Anyway, your harmony and sound selection is so enjoyable, and the beats are absolutely seamless - this was a great journey! So freaking raw and excellent at so many stages. Excellent mixing and crossfading too!
  5. Yes, through the magic of cloud processing! Pultec EQP-1 is pretty amazing at treble boosting...
  6. FM heaven with my new TX7. Fairly raw single patch, ran into LA-2A, Pultec EQ and Telefunken reel tape.
  7. Holy crap, apparently I've been living under a rock and didn't realize the -takts got song mode. Kinda want a Syntakt now.
  8. Overjoyed to finally find another TX7. It's the one gear I really regreted selling, punching way above its selling rate and has been nowhere to be seen in ages. The Plogue emulation is excellent but couldn't quite scratch that gunky itch of the original. Subtractives are a dime a dozen these days but old school FM is a unique beast.
  9. Yeah sorry it's a Snowcat, those things look deadly af.
  10. Jeremy Renner in critical condition from a snowmobile, and this? Those things are fucking death traps. Didn't know his name by heart but the gymkhana videos were huge when they made the rounds.
  11. Wow, the crypto shitshow just keeps on delivering. A lot of questions around this. How do you even break a cold wallet? The guy doesn't seem all that stable... inside job or some kinda tax evasion plan?
  12. Abatap : The Way of Blank Checks Me, my S/O and another couple a few rows down were the only ones in the theater. Comfy start. After 20 minutes two retards showed up, sat themselves three seats to the right of us, talking constantly and using their cellphones. After a few please's and hey buddies it didn't stop, I brought staff, at which they took great offense and started whining, one even barked at my S/O to shut the fuck up. So I gave him a death stare and told him to watch his fucking mouth. I sat with pumped adrenaline levels for about an hour waiting for shit to hit the fan because you can't be 6 strangers in a public space without at least one person being an inconsiderate asshole. They did reluctantly shut up for the rest of the movie though. I'm never going to the cinema again. Movie was tight though. The visuals were of course great at the Waterworld tech demo parts, some other bits looked like they've been in development hell for too long. Big machines on the big screen is always fun, and the action is good and nasty which balances out all the Kumbaya new age padding (it's loooong). Music score was too rehashed from the first, so boring. Worth seeing before it ages. Story kinda so-so, your typical Jim Cameron shlock.
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