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  1. Lazy, the original is better 😬
  2. Yep, stuff is happening. Dig the choice of clone as ordering an original will take over a decade to receive. Not fully convinced it's a solid studio addition and not just a mad lab box (watmm's favorites). And they need a better looking VU meter!
  3. Signed cause I browse at work and the gearsz workaround doesn't change the actual url displayed on top. It's just dumb.
  4. Quadraverb Crew reporting in, and Thafknar for convolution. I'm partial to impulses of plate reverbs and old Dynacord boxes. With some time adjustment you can get good sounds. I've been eyeing the Vermona VSR for a while...
  5. Excellent and inspiring work! Miles above the typical standard of this sort of thing...
  6. Get ready for the next battle!
  7. Don't worry, nobody's making money off of music anymore. Maybe if they turn it into some kind of musical onlyfans venture...
  8. Mos Def on Blackstar - Re:definition
  9. I think the extent of important studio power habits for a lot of people amounts to basic hum avoidance, not chaining power strips into eachother or letting the missus plug the hairdryer into the same branch outlet as all your gear...
  10. Loved that one, the Tusken Raiders were something else for sure...
  11. BC strictly for purchasing. Soundcloud for discovering, Spotify for streaming the same ol'
  12. Kept getting the feeling it's a bit too much Xena the Warrior Princess. Not the strong female characters (I've checked my privilege!), but the predictable "journey/challenge of the day" format and idiot goons. Doesn't feel engaging at any point. I really like the production values, the Krayt Dragon was one of the few moments blatant CGI isn't an issue to me. Boba's reentry was great, the dad bod strangely made it more believable. For modern day SW it's all decent.
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