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  1. I used to joke and bash on pretend celiacs when the trend started... I've had a nebulous and chronic type of prostatitis/CPPS for about 10 years, the kind that docs can't touch, and personally found out about two years ago that going gluten free (among other diet restrictions, stretching and warmth treatment) is one of the only things on the planet that help with the main symptoms (strained/painful pelvic intramusculature and having to pee a lot). It's hard to keep up for a bread and pasta lover and it takes a month or two before the flora stabilizes and symptoms change, but it's pretty amazing what a difference it makes. We all have varying chemistries and intolerances, but gluten is an irritant and gluten products are mostly sugary. Food is a big deal, equally medicine and poison, there's so much to watch out for out there. You never know how long you have before your body starts punishing you for careless diet choices. I've experienced mild annoyance or simply obliviousness from clerks when asking about gluten contents and substitutes. I don't care - a lactose intolerant kid almost died recently because the staff at a local coffee shop stupidly served him dairy ice cream. Sadly, gluten makes bread fluffy and delicious... substitutes at Subway and similar joints are depressing! Pasta substitutes are kinda pricey and not great either (ever had a glutenfree spaghetti bundle remain a bundle after you've cooked it?). I find it easier to just make different meals.
  2. This looks promising. https://audius.co https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/24/audius-music/
  3. Interview is out. I can't stand the interviewer asking idiotic questions and running around in circles (the attempt at a nature vs nurture discussion was painful). Or the constant cutting to his stupid face nodding every 3 seconds. He keeps Sammy talking but never manages to challenge or corner him. What's the angle on this channel? Succesful entrepreneurs feeding you their world view? Sammy has an interesting life story but his recollections don't seem trustworthy half the time. The mob made the streets safe? Give me a break. He babbles on yet is clueless about modern issues like mental illness and gun control. He's a clever shitbag who made it this far and is trying to squeeze dollars out of his image the last few years of his life. A fascinating surface look I guess.
  4. I think it's sad but unsurprising to see western corporations fess up to their true allegiances, like Blizzard and the NBA. The market is so insanely crowded and competitive that any losses in market share and shareholder confidence could spell death. People I know who play Blizz games have been frustrated by entertainment and politics being conflated like this, but it's exactly what oblivious consumers need to see. The world is that intertwined these days. The tactics deployed so far are really unnerving. The protestor behavior looks pretty crazy in some shots but what'd you expect? They're getting ganged up by Triads. The extradition bill was reversed and now it looks like a hodge podge of demands for recognition and democratic reform. I'm curious what the repercussions will be if the protestors step down without amnesty. Jinping the Pooh has promised bones and ash if this goes on and it doesn't look well...
  5. Some of them are monoblocks like the MC75 tube amps on top, so it's one amp per channel... As for the rest, from what I've seen of Hifi communities, buying this stuff eventually spirals into clinical levels of GAS. Some of them might be DACs and preamps, it's hard to tell but McIntosh gear has those blue VU meters. This looks like a million dollar example of GAS, a single amp on there could easily go for upwards of 10.000 euros...
  6. Looks like a bunch of McIntosh amps, one device alone can set you back heftily, that lineup is ludicrous... Does the owner switch depending on the type of music? Haven't seen the star wars droid speakers before, they look better than the Avantgarde horns every other rich guy set touts.
  7. I've been eyeing the Behringer model D, it seems pretty cool in the shootouts...
  8. Really amazing track, clean sounding, fun and consistent analord/cheetah lovechild. Deadcode came to mind... Syro is pretty schizo and rough sounding except for XMAS. Collapse was getting there except for the viral bullshit part and the fillertastic rest of the EP. This is a sound you can actually kick back with.
  9. This nice little combo arrived... HD650 and Feliks Echo. I originally planned on a cheaper Bellari amp (even prepared with a JJ ECC803s tube now just lying around, ha) but there was a single unit available from the only reseller in the country, and I just couldn't pass up after reading up on it. The two drivers are russian NOS 6N1P, supposedly good so I'll give them a good spin before rolling any replacements.
  10. It's generally a bad idea to treat every track with the same brush as the program content can vary wildly, but you can add individual stereo mixes and their mastering FX chains in the same project file with analysis tools and a limiter on the master, as you can then adjust the individual track outputs to maintain cohesion. A buss compressor can usually be used with slightly similar settings on multiple tracks to help glue mixes similarly. There are free intense analysers like Orban Loudness meter and Voxengo SPAN, but the most critical portion is to use your ears and compare on low volumes. Unless your speaker setup is top notch, any serious treatment is a bad idea and mastering services aren't that expensive these days.
  11. Watched through a video that painstakingly compared the frequency responses and behavior of most Oberheim VAs out there and this still came out on top:
  12. The album is mastered to a lower maximum volume than ordinary, which some outlets have reported. What they fail to add is that it's still clipped pretty hard, which is kinda self defeating (and nearly ruins some of the best parts). The kick, cymbals and some guitars are too sibilant in a lot of tracks. Other than that, I love the raw feel, it's hissy and buzzy, not too cleaned up. There aren't any obvious double takes or overdubs. The drums are so tight! At first I liked the overall laid back approaches but the energy of 7empest would've done good elsewhere on the album. The continuous chugs are a bit overdone and tame, except for on Invincible where it fucking rocks! Pneuma is brilliant. In fact, the developing structures of all the "real" songs are all right up my alley. It's Tool being Tool without trying to move out of the 90's, which in itself makes for a fresh record. I get the criticisms but it's kind of hard to crit an album like this, you either vibe with it or not.
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