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  1. Kobe Bryant buys it, helicopter crash.
  2. This old site is still good : https://pianoworld.com/fun-stuff/piano-scales-and-chords/ Extended chords are fairly straightforward once you understand the counting system 3+4 semitones for minor vs 4+3 for major, it's the same method up into the 13th extension. The sus, dim and aug chords often get neglected on the keyboard as opposed to the guitar, they open a lot of new ground. Dim chords are particularly sweet when used right... but I'm partial to the passionate bossa sound. Classical theory is usually too dry for innovative pretentious synth & indie music. There are loads of useful and accessible Jazz resources out there however, look for stuff about the circle of fifths and chord substitutions. The circle of fifths is the foundation of keyboard wizardry. All substitutions are gold, fifth, third etc. There's always something clever to do, chords love shifting keys, or maybe try shit like transposing the bass melody to a substitute interval. One of my favorite melodies involved the bass running in a 2nd substition, you can't really believe it would work but it does. Synthesia/piano roll videos on Youtube in slowmo mode are great for practice The rest is just grit, if you want to play with both hands, practice fifths with the left hand while you play your chords, eventually you start freeing it up. For a four bar pattern with a C chord, alternate : C---G---C---G with your pinky and thumb. Oh right, probably look up correct finger placement.
  3. Great label, pretty much the soundtrack of my teens. Still love the sound.
  4. It's the same holy grails across the board with the pultecs, PAF pickups and whatnot, it was always cheap shit that usually can't be made to exact specs because the components aren't in production anymore. But it's the kind of cheap shit that happened to get involved in seminal music, so they attain mythical status. Probably loads of indie bands that will be all over the pro 1 clone and model d, everything has an 80's synth hook these days. The electronic scene seems too occupied with vaportrap/whatever to make acid house. Still, watch the vendors and people are buying up the units...
  5. Yes it does, it's capped at 320kbs and squeezed through chunks that tend to drop further as there's a redundant stage of compression. Though it shouldn't matter in the commute or at the gym. There are variants like aptx that are supposed to perform better.
  6. If they pull the CS80 off it's going to be a gamechanger. My experience of purist gear is a 606 whose hihat section sounded like a circuit bent car alarm within two years and a 707's sequencer gone from bad to unusable in the same time period. Both units were bought for 500 eur twelve years ago. Second hand Roland gear is skyrocketing, good luck hunting units in """mint condition""". Forget what it says on the label and you can get a fully analog-log--log---log...® outboard skeleton crew for under 1000 eur; moog or another 80's monosynth clone, drum machine and a 303, maybe excluded a decent audio interface or sequencer. All warranty covered. You could set it up in a couple months on a normal salary with limited expenses (don't make babies), or at least pull back on bar and restaurant tabs for a quarter. The passionate boutique stuff (Sequential/DSI for starters) quickly approaches passionately exorbitant prices per unit to cover the overhead, and isn't really as versatile. How do you justify that? You really have to love the prophet/oberheim/whatever sound, and probably remind yourself of it 6 months from now. Not sure what the Behringer Arp will go for but that kind of shit was unthinkable not long ago. Shame that the sound of these machines isn't as irresistible after all these years (imo), at least not enough to justify hogging a ton of space. Having the option is super nice though.
  7. The cs80 looks like it's coming as there are prototype photos from uli HQ. No ETA
  8. Pragmatism went out the window when Richard declared that the smell of vintage analogue makes you make better music
  9. When's the PS-3300 knockoff coming out?
  10. Did some snooping around and it looks like an epi is the more sensible option in the price range. I was demoing various pickups last night and the much sought-after chime of the vintage style ones is really the opposite of what I'm after. 490 humbuckers sounded full and great. I noticed the epi LP Tribute series have 57 classic pickups that get a good rep, I have to demo those too. Shame it doesn't come in luscious black like the Prophecy...
  11. I was looking at the same pages but they're rather dry and clinical, so I was hoping for some real world input. I play fairly clean stuff. Music stores are all out of business where I live. No big deal, would just like input on this. I am open to second hand but am a bit wary of what people do to their guitars. I used to have a second hand Prophecy EX, 2010-ish model that felt fantastic, played and sounded well, the tone just came out a tad brittle when I recorded it. And the previous owner had fucked with the action which was difficult to deal with. Peace of mind is worth its price. An LP style guitar is the only thing I'm interested in and I'm convinced a remotely decent model will more than satisfy, the only thing is that I'd probably like one with better pickups than the previous EMG's. I was doing a bit of reading and it's confusing. I was looking at a Prophecy GX kit and it's just under 900 eur, then there's Gibson LP's for around 1100 eur. Since the epis are the budget variant I was worried it's a bit of a dolled up shell by comparison. The Gibson humbuckers seem nice on the epiphone and are the same as a lot of Gibson guitars. The Gibson i was looking at has the P90 which some people claim is more dynamic. Then there's the burstbuckers that are supposed to be really lush?
  12. Looking at some fancier Epiphone LP's and they're about 70% of the cheaper Gibsons. Is there a big difference?
  13. Son of Saul Real sleeper hit here, totally blindsided by it. I was a bit hesitant due to he filming style (and it being yet another WW2-era drama), but the exalting reviews led me to give it an honest chance. I can understand the divided opinions and am a bit undecided on the exploitative significance of what is essentially a holocaust theme park ride, but damn! The insanely visceral and fucked up cinematography grips hard and doesn't let go. Once you step in rhythm with the feverish and cramped camera work, it makes so much sense as it enables the subjective experience in which the mechanical routine of slave laboring at Atrocities'R'us (something that is effectively portrayed but never forced) becomes a constant yet slightly subdued backdrop because of the desensitization of the people forced to work in its midst. One of the interviewees in Shoah described having no emotion at all during his experience. When the dehumanization is complete, every misstep risks the penalty of death and the human will starts to present itself in this environment, you as a viewer can't prevent holding your breath in every turned corner, every head turn that could be percieved as insubordination. The oppressive rhythm marches on unceasingly and the film maintains a tempo which effectively prevents the viewer from reflecting on what's going on and completes the nausea. The plot feels a bit forced at times and doesn't always makes sense, but I'll allow that a circumstance like this really isn't supposed to make sense. Very much on par with Come and See, if you stuck it in a blender. I have to see it again soon.
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