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  1. All this retconning and ham-fisted fan fiction hurts my head. The only good thing out of it is vindicating Hayden & Ewan even more.
  2. It's even crazier when you know how it works, it starts with randomly colored dots and uses pure statistics to assign value, hue and saturation. I just can't believe how it understands lightning so well. After a while you start to see the "random noise" kinda thing it assigns to stuff (look at the right hand in the gladiator pic), and it's really bad at words.
  3. Like how they sound (especially the discrete Pittsburgh Modular filter in the East Beast) but one osc is a bit weak.
  4. Almost can't believe I just scored this for a mere €100!
  5. Convo between Google engie Blake Lemoine and their AI LaMDA. Lemoine claims LaMDA is sentient. https://ia601407.us.archive.org/28/items/lamda-conversation/LaMDA konversation.pdf
  6. Ah yes, crypto bros being reknowned for respecting copyright and IP's. It's slightly reminiscent of Crypto Island, if just a little bit (a lot) less cringe.
  7. Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Figured I could consolidate some old releases, thia is my thread after all. If there's one track I've made that's worth listening to, this is the one. This SC link is just a repost, the track was made in 2014 and was loved by a lot of people, from label owners to 4chan: Made this collab with another WATMMer: Another WATMMer remix: My contribution to a MSF charity comp of my making. In the 2000's, Drill was an acronym for Drill & Bass, not for aggressive UK drug dealer music. We're far enough into the future so that's switched, but here are two releases from that period, my most prolific one. https://idiotisterecords.bandcamp.com/album/xenocrates-fat-guys-with-cigarettes I'm especially proud of this, part of the Project 168 challenge (make an EP in one week): https://idiotisterecords.bandcamp.com/album/xenocrates-idiotiste In the period afterwards, I made this dubstep-centric album. https://sharee.bandcamp.com/album/life-macro My favorite track from that album: https://sharee.bandcamp.com/track/same-ol-halfstep A live set from 2008: As part of the 432hz challenge on WATMM, I made this track. It was made using only FM8 and tuning every instrument to my own just intonation tuning. My enormous bossa nova track for the CHATMM space age bachelor pad comp: I was commissioned for a video game soundtrack in 2014:
  8. Pretty amazed he still exists. This is kinda footworky?
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