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  1. Don't f around, get an actual spring reverb!
  2. This was around the time she started eating souls to sustain herself or whatever, and maybe I'm influenced by the ABBA sampling but it's a good track
  3. This was responsible for the first powerful music moment I had in my life. I was around 7 y/o on a bus ride and had to put down the candy I was eating when it started playing on the driver's radio. My S/O's favorite, very 2000's
  4. Real recognize real
  5. A relative has Lebanese neighbors who, in some weird neighborly fashion, shared some phone videos from the blast zone their relatives sent. Horrific stuff, people were literally blasted to pieces. Lots of people are searching for their family members in the ruins. Mildly interested in what explanation they'll pull out for not dealing with this for 6 years.
  6. What kind of fireworks does that? I guess all of them put together?
  7. Big players don't need Spotify plays, they get radio royalties, big tours etc. Gear is also a volatile investment for sellers. Undesirable items hog up space in stores/inventory and will have to drop in price just to leave room for new stuff. The used vintage market is undergoing a huge speculation bubble waiting to burst.
  8. That's ridiculous. I bought a chorus/delay for €150 early this year and recently sold it for the same price, and I've seen them go for less. But I know they're popular with folks and would expect a price hike (excluding gougers like your guy). It was a bit too noisy and inflexible for my tastes. I own these two pedals, nothing short of amazing.
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