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  1. Finally got a cast iron skillet 👍
  2. Incase you use spotify, you might like this playlist. It's in line with my slumbr work and serves as a heavily vetted playlist of deep & sleepy ambient music. It's been in the works and listened to for several years and as such, I've recently found myself just as likely to remove something as add it. So far 15 random strangers are subscribing and it's slowly growing.
  3. Very cool. Reminded me of this (video kicks in after a few minutes)
  4. Yeah, another good example is Super Best Audio Friends... For people tired of 4+ star ratings. 😅
  5. WATMM can always be trusted to collectively decide what these things are for...
  6. The extended choir chords in this are really something...
  7. I'm getting a corporate vibe as well. Maybe it's a great market?
  8. Shit that's way too expensive. If you need a mixer in that range I'd rather look at a second hand Midas. The DAW tricks might as well be done with a.. DAW.
  9. How about Dark Empire? It hit me at such an early age and will probably retain the top spot. The Boba Fett cameo (?) really reminded me of it.
  10. Price point will make or break this
  11. This looks and sounds really tasty...
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