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  1. It's just another paraphonic pretending to be poly, so no.
  2. chim


    Coming from a north European background, it's impossible to read it any other way and it was quite tough dealing with the pronunciation in the movie.
  3. I work with young adults with developmental disorders and autism (the real and debilitating kind, not internet nerd kind) and every holiday is a funbag of horrors, especially chrimbo. All the off-days, changes in everyday routine, gaudy decorations and obligatory spending a couple nights at home with the families gets positively overwhelming for the poor guys. So my gripes with the bastardized traditions and shopping hysteria seem pretty minor by comparison. It may be stupid but that imaginary fiat money needs to flow out there, especially after lockdown so let the idiots do it. It's pretty easy to distance yourself from. Life's too short to go to bleeding heart Koyaanisqatsi depths about how stupid humanity is. My most preferred christmassy music tends to be stuff like Ella Fitzgerald and North American brass bands. Some more upsides: Early morning porridge, coffee and candles Die Hard SomaFM's Xmas in Frisko Zephyr Nova's Silent Nyeet Taking a walk on Christmas eve when no one is outside anywhere (you could shoot a 28 days later style movie on this day around here) Cheap cheddar and other delicacies during sales between Christmas and new years
  4. Samples from Mars is having a ridunkulous sale right now, $39 for all the things. https://samplesfrommars.com/products/all-products-from-mars
  5. chim


    I have watched this four times by now, I've managed to make my Sci fi-hating S/O watch it (she loved it), I think it's one of the greatest films in recent times. What an achievement. It gets even better when you read the book and Leto knows what he's getting into...
  6. chim


    I had way low expectations but was really amazed by this. The visuals and atmosphere fit the story so well, and it's mature and mystical. I'm excited for the next part and currently plowing through the book(s).
  7. I would consider it a success when you can give a certain publisher stakes in Spotify stock in exchange for cheaper artist streaming rates. The publisher would never agree to that if it's not a profitable move. The rest is just pulling at human nature. You don't want to pay $10 for an album that may or may not add to an already healthy playlist.
  8. Streaming wouldn't be so successful if it weren't as exploitative.
  9. What you can do is check DPC latency and LatencyMon results on sites like notebookcheck. There are also CPU comparisons in Dawbench results. Many recent laptops perform a lot better latencywise if you temporarily switch to integrated graphics instead of Nvidia graphics and drivers.
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