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  1. I lost the bidding for the Rockman by €20... Frikking last minute snipers. But there was a second listing and when you've decided on a device, guess what. Snagged it for €160.
  2. I could live with a world where every album had a bit more of Chronologie in it...
  3. Beautiful studio man! Do you ever spin the chair and play whatever you stop on? 😄
  4. Some of his albums are weirdly out of sync with the times, I listened to Geometry of Love a ton when it came out, it was one of the most modern sounding albums of the 2000s and still is! I think his D-50 stuff from the 90's will be back in style soon (Revolutions). He's made such a return to form with the recent Oxygene and Equinoxe albums.
  5. I'm trying to build a playlist of analog synth music. Stumbled upon this album and figured some might be interested in the great vibe. This track has 33 views and deserves more. Check out the full album on Spotify. Might as well have a thread for more recommendations, so let's have 'em!
  6. Which release are we talking about? I don't trust people who don't have a soft spot for Jarre. He's put out a lot of cheesy shit since the 90's but Equinoxe Infinity is massive.
  7. Tried one of these, limited supply. My first trappist beer. First few sips is a clearly sour and unspectacular weissbier. After a while it's more characterful, very nutty, but I expected more.
  8. Deckard's Dream is a real pad monster and the 8 voices could use some stereo spread even when dry. I can see people not wanting to muck up its character with superfluous effects. There's a €1000 expander that adds pseudo-stereo outs, FX and a ring mod, a pretty ridiculous ask, especially as its DSP... Other than that it's one of the most impressive synths in modern times.
  9. So aside from the UB-Xa and CS-80 (or whatever they'll call it? BS?), Behringer have made trademark registrations for Kobol, Polykobol, Polyvoks and Trident. All cool synths, the Polykobol and (Korg) Trident in particular as they're polyphonic (and ironically, not the Polyvoks). There's a current €4000ish Polykobol remake by Black Corporation so it'll be interesting to see what uli comes up with. B Corps synths sound really good but seem plagued with technical issues and weird drawbacks (like no stereo on their CS-80) that make it difficult to justify the prices of several thousands. But they're a small business.
  10. Coronavirus Coronavirus Disease -19 It's like Duran Duran
  11. https://www.dw.com/en/german-state-finance-minister-thomas-schäfer-found-dead/a-52948976 German finance minister found dead by suicide. Also left a note behind. "His main concern was whether he could manage to fulfill the huge expectations of the population, especially in terms of financial aid [...] For him, there was clearly no way out." Surely public office is a stressful job these days, but really? Did the dole money count turn up red and they're seeing pitchforks and guillotines next? Left behind wife and two kids, sad. RIP.
  12. I saw a recent listing of a Polysix at €1100. It vanished overnight and the next day a listing of a polysix appeared at a chain store in a suspiciously close city, priced at €1500... I am pretty sure we're going to be seeing more of that. In my hunt for BBD delays and choruses I noticed a cheap listing of a Rockman Chorus/Delay at €100. The supply plug shows how tiny it is. The only thing I can tell from the sparse demos out there is that it has some cool character and a ridiculously wide stereo image but really limited in the settings, it doesn't really go "out there" and the chorus and delay can't be used simultaneously. Maybe it's great for a stereo splitter/mojo kinda thing. But I think it's probably wiser to spring for a versatile modern chorus pedal (I'm thinking Seymour Duncan Catalina). When it comes to stereo delays, options seem kinda limited. All the modern analog BBD delay pedals are mono so I guess you'll have to run two in parallel if you don't want to split the signal. I've been looking at the popular ones like MXR carbon copy but it's quite dirty sounding. I'll probably get one but it'd be cool with something with cleaner slap-back. Vintage units seem so much cleaner and versatile, probably because they chucked in a gazillion BBD chips back then. I really fell in love with the Dynacord SRS-56 but it's super rare. I wouldn't be surprised if RDJ had one squared away. It's still not exorbitantly expensive so if anyone finds a listing let me know. I've also been feverishly looking for a worthy polysynth to purchase in the future. The OB6 hype had my interest for a while but I've realized that like all modern DSI's it's oscillators are quite harsh sounding... there are YouTube demos of the DIVA vst getting much closer to the vintage OB sound. Here's hoping Behringer pulls off the UB-XA. There are also rumors they'll be doing the Polykobol... Meanwhile, the Vermona Perfourmer might not be a typical polysynth but it has such creamy VCO's and filters it really looks like one of the coolest modern options for chords.
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