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  1. Worked far too long on this and need to let it go.
  2. ^That's very cool, faithful to Mignolas art style.
  3. chim

    Fyre Festival

    The doc was actually quite good. They really did a hell of a job pinning it all on one psychotic mastermind, but there were a lot of people who didn't use their heads. Ja Rule seems utterly insufferable in person, like a lot of the phony marketers and Instagram advertisers.
  4. I think he's lost it, too much money and technical freedom
  5. For CA.org's community design activity Character of the Week, the theme was Fire Dancer.
  6. Great stuff, sounds pretty on point
  7. I'm not sure what the implications are here, or what you specifically mean by tracing, but I do use a grid for some of these studies (part of artists' repertoire since the Renaissance) during initial stages. Another technique I use heavily is moving your eyes rapidly between the piece and the reference. I think you underestimate how much time I spend on them. Different exercises are suitable for different purposes, I think an exercise like this is good for practicing rendering and believe it's more important to not color pick your hues using the eyedropper than to not use construction aids. As for whether photo studies are art or not, I don't really give a shit, it's a considerable part of artists' work these days.
  8. https://plug.dj/exp-noise-weirdshit-novelty
  9. The recent year has been slow due to work-related stuff and relationship commitments... Been getting back into it over the past months however and feeling pretty good about it. Started this in August and it sorta grew over the months. I probably should've worked more on the construction and pose, since it became a problem as I tried to push myself in terms of detail. I still like it a lot, it's a bit of an homage to the futuristic soldiers I used to draw as a teen, trying to keep to an 80s aesthetic instead of the over-complicated designs that are prevalent nowadays. The face needed a lot of re-dos. Recent studies that went over well on artstation and the level up Facebook group. First one is Caliban from the Logan film.
  10. Spent way too much on horse bling. Love this game
  11. Every bite oozed with butter... I get weak in the knees just thinking about it. Some foodie gave this review of this joint:
  12. 400g pepperjack cheese burger, 100% locally produced with sweet potato fries and a ridiculous assortment of condiments (off camera).. Best burger experience of my life.
  13. Back in my teens, it took me a long time to discover some of the gems of albums like ICBYD and RDJ because they were obscured by "bad bits" that I didn't have the patience for... Throughout my 20's I would often interpret difficult music as being clever, but over the years I've kinda stopped being fascinated with beardstrokey abrasive stuff, it's just too self-indulgent and meaningless... If there's a good groove I can still dig dissonant music, but there really has to be some human element to anchor to. Life's too short for anything else. I'm all for an eventual lush edit of the discography, soundcloud dump & all.
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