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I had great fun recording this one, I decided to try and route every ableton track into a separate track on my analog mixer to let it be mixed there, see if it does it better or anyhting like that, and it actually does imho! sounds much smoother in a sense. anyway, i recorded some guitar playing for this one (not the first loop you hear, it's later in the break). I also sampled some monologue off a porn movie :fear:


everything was looped then i recorded it, altered the faders and some settings via midi completely live and raw! much more fun way of making music than spending days sequencing shit. might sound better the other way of course, but whatever :laughing:


its a bit long but time flies when youre looping stuff and i think the length is somewhat bearable.. i've noticed alot of ppl here don't like really long tracks but i enjoy diving into a mood for more than just a few minutes.


tell me what you think folks!

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It has some good potential. I really like the loop, but damn it gets repetitive. That must also mean a lot coming from someone who's music is quite often repetitive.


The plucky synth noise/loop was really nice. It made me feel really sad but happy.

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