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adjusting matrix depth in albino 3

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where can i adjust it?!

really need get the mod wheel to do a fastish lfo on pitch, it can so kindof slowish so i need to adjust it somewhere but where?!

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huh? You mean adjust the max speed of an LFO? Isn't there a manual that comes with it? Are you expecting to get audio-rate modulation on the modulator? Im sure its in the master's modulation section.

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well i meant to adjust the speed not max speed

but i think i got the answer already from the synth invetner him self, gotta try if i get it to work




Address the LFO in the first few slots.

Then in another slot you can connect the Modulation Wheel for controlling the amount. Look into one of the lead sounds (synth sounds 1 folder).

See very first preset "A sync" and the modulation matrix.




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