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  1. I have the physical copy (CD) I got off ebay. At the time I didn't know it was an edit, and then was blown away years later to find out there was a longer version. The short version is essentially just the longer one with a section cut out, or maybe the whole ending cut off. Can't remember but the long version is nicer.
  2. Finally started playing through Ori and the will of the wisps. So far it's awesome.
  3. Would love to see a documentary behind the scenes of him working in one of these studios, see how it's all hooked up.
  4. This is really fuckin good. Listened to it about 5 times now. It's exactly what I like about biosphere, honed in.
  5. fuck i think i got covid at the redmoon party
  6. cryptocurrency mining's indirect effect on climate change really bums me out. I have no opinion about crypto and have never invested. But at the very least would like whatever tech "wins" to not use up so much goddamn electricity.
  7. Really nice use of the Run's House break on Bleep me out, my favorite break 🙂
  8. no idea how this flew under my radar. This release is nuts. The bass is really good.
  9. As a couple we have playing a lot of patchwork (or cottage garden in a similar vein), wingspan, codenames duet, azul and chess. My true love is the heavy euros, but due to pandemic I haven't been able to play much of Brass Birmingham or Pax Pamir 2nd ed. Both of which are my newest favorites. (TTS anyone?) Been toying about with solo games too, but not very much, just played pax pamir that way to learn. Mage knight looks way way complex, I tried to learn on TTS and got overwhelmed, but I've heard it's an amazing solo experience. I've been listening to board
  10. Tracks sound cool but they all sound like the same kind of formula on each snippet. Really tightly crafted DnB breaks (somewhat repetitive) with rubbery rodeo acid bassline (making up terms here, going with it). Aphex twin doesn't like making the same sounding kind of track over and over again so I don't think it's him.
  11. the multiple trig thing is a HUGE workflow improvement holy fuck. For some reason I assumed that could never happen. Figured it was a hardware thing. But now that I think about it, it makes sense that it's possible in software I'm just stupid. I use it all the time on the A4. Hold down like 4 trigs, change the sample length. Get the slices just right on like 3 trigs and then copy paste that. This is going to make beat-chopping stuff way more fun I used to have to copy paste individual hits and it made me sad. I'm still a couple years behind on updates, I don't have the other latest
  12. wow, I loved watching this guys videos for a while. He has so much cool gear. Kind of surprised he's selling because he always seems to love every piece of gear for slightly different things and tends to use so many layers in his music that the variety seems to fit him. But also, probably more pragmatic to keep it simple. Even if he sold 75% of his stuff his collection would still be insanity
  13. DMX Krew - Ghost Bubbles OPN - Magic OPN I guess uncut gems soundtrack is 2019? Love that one for 2020 anyways Hoping the new Com Truise album (not out yet) autechre PLUS/SIGN squarepusher - buah hidden orchestra - Creaks carl finlow - apparatus Cylob - 54 minute mirage run the jewels 4 nathan fake - blizzards king krule - man alive rob clouth - zero point john beltran - the season series EDIT - oh shit how could I forgot Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans I dunno I listened to a lot of random shit this year and th
  14. came here to see if folks had seen the video about the soundtrack for cyberpunk 2077. They say it's direction is inspired by sounds from 90s rave/IDM/industrial and that made me really happy. Love that richard devine is involved
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