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  1. I like cheesy when it's redeeming. Like that hoo hoo haha song from the new orbital album. That shit ruled so hard, that trumpet lead. I want more cheese like that.
  2. Damn this label rules. They also somehow end up getting the best tracks from folks. That dwallicht remix from the compilation is one of the nuttiest things I've ever heard, track of the year. This is sounding super fresh. I was into dgohn for a while, time to jump back in.
  3. I'm so fucking mad that I didn't learn about this until now. I've been trying to get a copy of richochet for years. I need that track on wax. Maybe I'll find a copy some day EDIT: holy shit I found its still in stock on bleep. Thank the gods Love the new mastering on this compilation. Gives it a nice feel. Feels pretty fresh.
  4. My take on drum machines. Don't buy one unless it's either a) going to be your bread and butter for everything or b) you have the money/space/ergonomics for everything. I go for a high-flexibility, minimal desk-space setup just short of using a laptop. Samplers do it all. My octatrack comes equipped with a library of 808s, 909s, 707s, 606s the list goes. plus it samples any song I want to steal a hit or loop from, a library of classic breaks, and I can sample synths and random percussion into it. I can take that, make a loop of it with up to 8 tracks, sample that loop internally in
  5. For some reason this series hasn't quite captured me yet but I really love Hot Fingers from Rave Hop, and Ready from Amen Andrews.
  6. Creaks is pretty awesome. Mix between machinarium, oddworld and inside.
  7. Now, I'm wondering why these weren't released on his label?
  8. Ok sure. I forgot about the billboards, that was cool. Still though, as an EP, coming on the tail on some good, but somewhat random feeling EPs, it was exciting to hear something this wild and I'm wondering what comes next if he didn't feel the need to save these for an LP.
  9. Octatrack. Only because I know it extremely well from a workflow perspective and it's the best machine for electronic music ever made, not because it has any kind of "sampling character" that I particularly like, except for a few tricks that add character that I consider separate from sampling characteristics.
  10. This EP is still some of his best work ever. Considering it was dropped as an EP without a huge amount of fanfare makes me very excited for whatever comes next. If it were just EPs until the end of time I'd be happy but I also enjoy albums a lot so that'd be nice too.
  11. damn wave funk vol 3 coming along to blow the entire analord catalog out of the water.
  12. For years and years I have been pretty against buying eurorack, for the following reason. I primary see myself as a tune-maker and can do 95% of what I want to do with hardcoded signal paths and patching. I've got enough synths to make what I want and make cool melodies and things that sound nice, monos, polys, etc. I want to be able to recall a patch or make it easy to dial in as I'm working on something. I am starting to come around to the idea of modular. Why? I still feel the same way, but I'm getting REALLY into sampling. I think samples are fucking cool as shit and I want to sample
  13. Streaming on spotify now... his jungle is always fun to listen to!
  14. Well, it's been 15 years but I think I've finally come around to this album. It's really good. Not sure why I didn't like it before... Aged well I think. tomorrow's harvest I'm still kind of cold on though.
  15. I bought an OB6 several months ago and it has KILLED my productivity. Every time I sit down to make music, I end up just making patches on the OB6 because I can't get over how good it sounds. I just end up noodling on the keyboard and getting ASMR tingles from it because it does some kind of weird shit to my brain. Now I'm just a shitty synth noodler type.
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