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  1. it's pretty quiet sounding to me, I think it was a choice though. Cozy beats
  2. Is the the original SAW 2 cover with the copper plate logo re-etched and polished? Or is it just similar. I think it's probably just similar, but I had a thought
  3. It is sort of similar to the SAW II cover isn't it, and they had that teaser video before. I'd be happy w/ saw 2 because I'd really like to own that vinyl. I'd also be happy with anything else.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I was a little bit afraid this was the answer, but also half expected it. I understand your perspective here a bit more. I'm deeply afraid of nukes, maybe 50/50 w/ the raw effects of climate change. Both are awful, awful futures I see our world heading towards. That book sounds interesting, I'll check it out
  5. Where does this theory originate? That 4 degrees will lead to nuclear armageddon. Some analysis someone did somewhere I can read?
  6. That crossed my mind, but I thought I remember that being the name of an actual hardware delay box that DMX krew once mentioned in an interview and I was like, oh that must be the thing in that song. But I could also be hallucinating that memory
  7. Dr. T's Tiger Cub. Thats pretty cool. Maybe used for sequencing some ICBYD or earlier stuff
  8. Domelash still best song
  9. Viao era aphex was the best aphex
  10. 50% off all licenses. This is a big sale, and probably won't happen again any time soon. I think the standard yearly sale they do is 25% off. https://www.bitwig.com/buy/ product is in a really great place right now. Latest beta update rewrote the graphics engine (which I'm hoping leads to a few UI updates down the line) and better fleshed out keyboard shortcuts. It also added a really interesting, versatile, and unique compressor.
  11. They got better at mixing and the music sounds worse as a result. EDIT: ok this album is pretty good actually. Don't hate it
  12. Good recap. I loved the live show. I went in knowing nothing and was blown away.
  13. surprised this still isn't on streaming. Amazing album, haven't fully burnt it into my brain with obsessive listens yet, but I'm sure that will happen eventually
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