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  1. wait is this for real? https://www.whosampled.com/sample/631094/Aphex-Twin-Fingerbib-The-Hollywood-Edge-Sound-Effects-Library-Large-Splash-or-Dive-Into-Water-Take-5/
  2. I like this a lot. Production is cool but a bit sparse compared to earlier stuff. I mostly like listening to the first dozen tracks or so though, Haven't really delved in all the way through yet.
  3. I didn't care for the first one much, but the previews for this one sound really cool
  4. Anyone know any decent room treatment options that aren't super expensive or require being handy with power tools?
  5. yeah agree, first and third track are great. refraction is fucking insane. Last track also is really cool
  6. I actually made a track for that deep sea creature's compilation... I never got the guts to release it though 😞 Also, hah I knew I did one of those p168 projects... glad my shit is up there somewhere I still like this track https://archive.org/details/Project168004/smallcurd+-+The+harons+-+01+-+The+harons+arrive.mp3
  7. gotta figure out what works for you. It took me a ton of time and gear investment to get to a point where I was like... ok this setup works for me. What I do: Control plane= octatrack. I use the octatrack to define the flow of the song, although I usually manually change patterns instead of the arranger. Create patterns copy, make variations, add new sections, lot of copy and paste. I sequence a few synth things with midi. So I'm basically getting drum machine, sampling, etc. for free from this one box on top of being the master sequencer. It's my daw equivalent. As sort of an extension of the octatrack, I have the Analog Four, I sync this so that it changes patterns at the exact same time. I sequence CV on my MS-20 with this, as well as use the 4 tracks to fill in and add little bits of acid, leads, noisy bits, etc. I don't have a very amazing mixer(A&H zed 14), but it's damn solid for the price. I send one set of stereo to a reverb that I use as a send for everything at various levels, tweak it live to add a verb tail to various bits. I also have a OTO BAUM on the main insert bus to add a bit of glue to the mix, but I usually do less of that now so I can better master it in ozone when I'm putting a project together. The other 2 aux I use for what I can, I usually send it back into the octatrack for fx processing, sampling from things on my mixer, or for "bouncing" down parts. Mixing can be very frustrating without more sends and channels, so you have to get creative with limitations and just live with the results sometimes. Sometimes I bounce down and eq things on the octatrack, add reverb, screw and chop to help "mix" things different. So then basically after that, just keep practicing/recording stereo takes on a zoom digital recorder until I get it right. It's harder to switch projects without a computer (I miss being able to do this), but I do get to listen... have a sleep/think about a track I'm working on, come up with ideas, listen to recordings on different setups and think about what I'll tweak. Eventually I'm just like, ok it's never going to be perfect, go on to the next thing, I may or may not hate it later but not every song can be a success. Gotta make shitty songs to progress sometimes.
  8. drukqs was just a few casual tracks thrown together with some random samples he had lying around while traveling around on holiday. He filled in the gaps while fucking around with the piano in the hotel lobby. He had another, better album ready to go but lost it on a plane.
  9. Really admire some of the work these young folks are creating, it's hard on my old brain, real hard, but that's just me getting old. I like it better than regular modern pop thats for sure
  10. asking about future gibbon has to be one of the most unintentionally genius interview questions ever. Loved the fact that it was his own drums and that it was directly inspired from his first meetup with aphex and his ideas from HAB
  11. no he's talking about the city in arizona
  12. yeah first two tracks are great. I like New Sty more. Unconnected reminds me of Dramatic Exit, kind of... not _as_ good though
  13. The deal with the whole youtube thumbnail shittery is that it's statistically proven that certain types of thumbnails get some consistent 20-30% better engagement or something insanely significant like that. most youtubers can't ignore this kind of simple economic win. Yeah it pisses off millennials and boomers but it provides enough of an engagement swing it's worth it. I just watch who I know I like even though a lot of them have started cargo culting some horrible thumbnail patterns. The video content stays more or less the same with or without the horrible thumbnails.
  14. I've always wanted one of this. Isn't this what richard used on fenix funk 5?
  15. didn't see a thread on this when searching even though it came out a couple months back... (only just discovered it) Not sure how many there's gonna be. https://radioactiveman.bandcamp.com/album/sonicus-croniclus-vol-1 I think it's fantastic. I'm not sure I can afford to pay the shipping on the vinyl to the US but looks like there are still some available
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