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  1. For years and years I have been pretty against buying eurorack, for the following reason. I primary see myself as a tune-maker and can do 95% of what I want to do with hardcoded signal paths and patching. I've got enough synths to make what I want and make cool melodies and things that sound nice, monos, polys, etc. I want to be able to recall a patch or make it easy to dial in as I'm working on something. I am starting to come around to the idea of modular. Why? I still feel the same way, but I'm getting REALLY into sampling. I think samples are fucking cool as shit and I want to sample lots of sounds, stabs, swells, hits, atmospheres. I think it takes music to the next level, having a variety of samples to work with, to manipulate, reverse, stretch and slice. I've been mostly sticking to sampling my regular synths as well as youtube videos and random shit from archive.org, or using breaks and sample packs from reddit/etc. but I yearn for some more sources of alien sounds, parallel bandpass formant shit, weird audio-rate stuff, squeels and squeltches. My ideal setup would be a sort of compact setup that could make a good variety of sounds without feeling the need to expand. Things like the syntrx are also cool but I'm not sure if they'd do the types of sounds I'm really after. I have no idea where to start, but I'm ready...
  2. Streaming on spotify now... his jungle is always fun to listen to!
  3. Well, it's been 15 years but I think I've finally come around to this album. It's really good. Not sure why I didn't like it before... Aged well I think. tomorrow's harvest I'm still kind of cold on though.
  4. I bought an OB6 several months ago and it has KILLED my productivity. Every time I sit down to make music, I end up just making patches on the OB6 because I can't get over how good it sounds. I just end up noodling on the keyboard and getting ASMR tingles from it because it does some kind of weird shit to my brain. Now I'm just a shitty synth noodler type.
  5. I've wrote something to the effect before when people pile on this guy. Say what you want about the flashbulb, but he's been cranking the music he wants to do for years, despite the criticism of his style from watmm. His youtube channel is pretty great, and he has a genuine love for electronic music production and everything surrounding it. I'm not going to dig into the way he "comes off" in writing or whatever because he seems like generally a good natured dude (from what I've seen..) who's really dedicated his life and career to this stuff. I don't get super into most of his albums but I really admire the guy and what he's been able to accomplish.
  6. I missed some of these recent uploads. Anything get uploaded and disappear?
  7. Wonder if it will be good. The Seq seems very limited.
  8. Been Digging - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/163412/patchwork w/ the lady. It's great little 2-player game with interesting choices but with extremely simple rules and a casual feel. You're making a quilt and trying to score big. Ordered a copy of Brass: Birmingham to see what all the hype is about. Looks real good.
  9. never heard of sseth but I own this game and I think it's quite good. There were some problems for a while, I had some bugs esp in the multiplayer. I might have to play it again soon.
  10. I wasn't here at the older iteration of watmm or joyrex.com forums or whatever it was. I think I joined in high school, I'm 32. EDIT: Weird to think I'll probably be on here until I die but I've never even met any of you IRL (to my knowledge, even at Day for Night I somehow didn't meet anyone).
  11. This sounds better mastered than Syro, Ufabulum, and Damogen to me. I really don't like the syro mastering. The distortion profile actually sounds phat and warm on this one, his last two albums were harsh and flat and awful sounding IMO. This one breaths, you can hear drum transients and all the layers of sound much better. Both on speakers and headphones it sounds great (to me). I tried putting on some other music (venetian snares chocolate wheelchair album) and got bored and wished I was listening to squarepusher album because it sounds so good. I think even like it more than hard normal daddy mastering or go plastic mastering (which is really harsh and odd IMO, the high end is real freaky, but still excellent). Maybe tied with venus 17 or ultravisitor (super dynamic but I like it a ton). I'm not an expert on mastering though so, purely subjective opinion here.
  12. The first two tracks don't sound like it, speedcrank sounds like some 90s shit. Nervelevers sounds most like the damogen or whatever but I almost feel like he sampled one of his tracks from 5-8 years ago and remixed it with the 54 cymru beats break. Vortrack also sounds a bit like ufabulum or damogen style, but even that one ends up pretty awesome. Terminal Slam and Mekrev have a similar vibe synth wise to some of his more recent albums, but they sound, far, far more evolved from his last couple albums, a lot different IMO. Terminal slam and mekrev are also my favorite tracks, along with speedcrank. I think he uses certain synths /patches a lot ( a lot of these synths sound like that modern bass guitar track). mastering-wise I think this sounds way less flat than the past couple albums, breath of fresh air, better sounding IMO.
  13. Hades - An absolutely incredible rogue-lite game. Slay the spire - Very good, but I'm still quite bad at it. Been watching videos and reading guides because I just don't have the brain to understand optimal deckbuilding and all the other consideration like pathing, upgrade priority, relic interaction. It's very deep and it doesn't hold your hand...
  14. Wow yeah. Way better than I expected. The leaked tracks are better than the ones that were released at first.
  15. Finally have this soundlab track in higher quality. Listening to so much DMX krew lately that I am realizing how much influence Ed probably has on Rich (and vise versa), made me immediately think about this track for some reason
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