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Community Answers

  1. makes sense that he's playing g jones and eprom tracks. I personally feel like those guys are the most innovative electronic music rn.
  2. This recording is pretty bad, but this part of the set sounds like it could be him? (starting around 1:15:40 ending 1:19ish)
  3. Yeah thats what I'm assuming. I wasn't trying to imply it was mixed with other beats, just that the teaser misled
  4. wow that sounds cool. sounds like his beats haha, i thought it was more ambient from the teaser
  5. Not sure about that catalog number. Aren't they usually WARP-something or WAP? Seems like maybe a catalog number they use for APPs hence the APP part of it. That being said, what does it mean if not a release or something. Maybe each show this summer will let you augment reality to show a different snippet of a track during the tour and then at the end there will be a release or something.
  6. I still do this. I used to think I needed something more powerful going from a DAW world where i would write meticulous and complex melodic lines on a piano roll to an octatrack world I was worried I would be too limited, I researched and researched to find the right thing to supplement and couldn't decide what to do. I put myself on the cirklon waiting list. It finally got to be my turn after a couple years. I tried to get it, the link they sent didn't work and they never replied to help me.... whatever. I realized that I didn't need it for my workflow anyway after I forced myself to push past the "limitations" of the octatrack and that such complexity would bog me down and take away from the workflow I already cultivated and the sound I was developing. I can sync my samples/breaks/synths all from the same box and it actually really easy to get more polyphony and I would even argue that using multiple tracks makes it easier to do interesting layering/overlapping of lines. I started using an actual keyboard to write my melodies and it actually didn't hold me back at all, in fact I think it opened things up slightly and helped me learn a better way of working that I started incorporating back into the DAW. But yeah, otoh, that process took me like 5 years to get comfortable with, it was also very draining at times.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, I actually cut "nose" originally from the list and then added it back only recently so I'm glad you like it. Yeah there will be a bandcamp release. I got a bit flustered because I put the wrong album name in distrokid so I'm waiting for that to get fixed. "nostradamus" should be spelled correctly lol
  8. Raw analog synths and breaks. This one has been stewing for a while.
  9. over 300k plays. how long has it had this bad link?
  10. Thats an April fools joke right?
  11. glad people are talking about this here. Been really into this one
  12. My thought is, no need to force yourself to be passionate about something that doesn't bring you up. I've taken big breaks from music and come back. But it's also ok if you don't I don't know how to relate to the concept of being a musician having to remember and practice a piece to be able to keep performing. I stand more on the "producer" side of things and like making new things most of the time. You could try working on a studio album not meant to be performed live, that might bring new life/joy into it. No pressure to keep practicing, just one and done.
  13. I really like - not just FM either
  14. same haha I was just looking at that. I think those are some of the first plugins I ever downloaded, probably circa 2004. I remember making some chippy sounds with peach in particular
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