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  1. Did anyone notice the announcement on Paradox's instagram? He started a new label w/ Seba. Maybe afx collab on there? Description seems to imply it's just for Seba/Paradox collabs but ya never know.
  2. Outer wilds.... it's really,...really fucking good. if you can stomach the epic games store.
  3. Bubba69

    WARP 30

    Lol duh. Never heard these. Good callout.
  4. damn I missed everything except for the second half of the last SP song please I need the rest thanks
  5. Bubba69

    WARP 30

    Oooh, different version of (looking it up) "Hy a scullyas lyf a dhagrow"
  6. Anyone here still use their octatrack? It's still a great tool
  7. This album really pays off on speakers. it's a good car album. Not so into headphone listening to this. I think the highlights for me are The Pale Moth -> Dancers. Those two tracks together are beautiful.
  8. I think the acid line on mt st michel is just some acid riff he made and saved into his samples folder and then chopped it up. gated and filtered and resampled it with a tracker and added breaks and other vocal samples and pads. Could make it in 5 minute probably.
  9. Dancers feels like Spokes type of melodies. My favorite plaid album!
  10. Can anyone recommend a nice hardware EQ (digital or analog I don't care) that isn't going to destroy my wallet and let me apply EQ in stereo to my master chain on an analog mixer? It seems like this is hard to find. There are some cheapo graphic eqs out there but I don't really know if that's what I want. I really want some kind of 4-5 band parametric with stereo in a compact form. High shelf, low shelf, and then 2 or 3 bands that I can use to sculpt. I'm looking at the Orban 524B but even that is a little pricy. why is hw EQ so damn expensive?
  11. I haven't been lusting that much lately but there's some stuff that I have been seeing that looks pretty cool that has caught my attention. Kijimi: SOMA Pulsar 23 drum machine: The ORCA livecoding environment: (played around with this quite a bit already)
  12. He became a member on watmm recently iirc.
  13. Bubba69

    peace nail

    this track is completely fucking insane
  14. This track is sampled by vibert in stop gap. "i can't stop". I know it from this song originally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8U0i7qBnjg
  15. I use the kenton merger and the midi solutions midi splitter. The only reason I use a midi merger is so I can use midi learn on multiple devices at the same time using my octatrack as a central hub. Nice tool to have but mostly unnecessary
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