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  1. I feel like the answer is just putting in a lot of time in a shorter period of time, not in the specific pieces themselves, (which helps to some extent) but in making track after track, learning from them and continuing on the same path in the same studio. I think naturally a collection can start to form of tracks that make sense together. Sometimes it means throwing out ones you like, or remixing them.
  2. Wow, I'm actually pretty into the direction they are going on this, this is catching me completely off guard and I like what it's doing. I'm glad it's got some space cheese
  3. The tuss to me feels like multitracked hardware sequenced stuff, or computer sequenced stuff multitracked in and manipulated. Like polished multitrack takes of analord era learnings. The breaks are very simple, don't feel trackery to me but I could be wrong. I know he was doing rs7000 (?) stuff back then so maybe, RS7000. The tuss is one thing he hasn't talked about that much in depth, but definitely my favorite era and the one that I always go back to reference the most when doing my own music. (also been on a hardware kick in the last few years). I could be totally on the wrong track though. Hmm, he also talks about using Ableton on talking2u. Seems like he switches up a lot
  4. Yeah sounds pretty cool though, I found how to run it here https://github.com/yangdongchao/Text-to-sound-Synthesis - might give it a whirl
  5. hot damn this shit is great
  6. Yeah I've been messing with this a bit and it's insanely good. Probably going to buy it. Feels like cheating but whatever.
  7. woo! thanks for the recommendations @rekand @ignatius - yeah I'm definitely eying those valhalla. Have heard good things.
  8. I'm back into the DAW game lately (bitwig) and looking for some good effects that don't have obnoxious DRM and sound good for their price. Mostly reverbs, compressors, distortions, and other interesting effects that might not be covered by bitwig's built-in suite, like maybe one of those IDM in a box things like effectrix (is that still whats cool? though bitwig already kind of does that with the fx selector). I'm mostly multitracking my OTB setup at the moment. But yeah in terms of synths the surge xt and vital synths are good freebies (I used to pay for surge, it was my workhorse). Also this is kind of unrelated but where can I buy and or download a huge library of convolution IRs? I want like 100s of different kinds of natural spaces, rooms, open fields, museums, city streets. From all kinds of different mic placements. There's gotta be something good like that out there.
  9. I picked up a boog. I love it, wish it had hard sync though. I feel like overall my GAS has calmed down, I have a setup that I really like and it just doesn't seem like I need much else anymore thats not going to distract me from making the music I want to make. my most recent breakthrough was going back to the DAW again after my hardware deep-dive. I managed to find the almost-perfect multitracking setup that lets me keep my hardware sequencing workflow but change levels and arm tracks and punch-in w/ a faderport-8 (GAS got me here I'll admit) to record what I'm doing into bitwig without even being in front of my screen, using cue points to jump around to various sections, midi synced up and all that. Opens a whole new level of mixing creativity after recording everything live from the mixer and being able to do further sound design in the DAW, polish things up and get it perfect. I didn't really realize this kind of workflow could work so well but after watching some friends in the studio I started to get some ideas.
  10. cool to see aphex open up and autechre open up more and connect more directly with fans. Hope BoC does at some point too. I generally liked most of his opinions on things except for wisp being knockoff aphex, wisp sounds nothing like aphex IMO but also thats sort of the genre I make music in so maybe I'm being too sensitive.
  11. Just caught up with some of his recent comments on the soundcloud over the last few days. Imagine richard collaborates with you, opportunity of a lifetime, and you get impatient and leak it without his blessing and piss him off. Lol. I like the sound of it though.
  12. how they heck they get this lineup? my goodness. Wisp, skee mask, coco, mbm I'm especially looking forward to.
  13. Finding this thread just blew my mind a little bit. I was listening to this and was like, yeah this is right up my alley. But then after staring at the track names I realized something, I had seen them before. I somehow had a hand-written piece of paper with many of these tracks on it and I wasn't sure where it came from, I distinctly remember "sambaesque" on there, and some of the other ones, looked like a setlist. I still am not sure where I got it or what I did with it, never thought I'd solve the mystery of the meaning of the names. I think I might have thrown it away earlier this year, I think it was in one of my 90s jungle discogs purchases wedged in one of the vinyls or something? I really am not sure, i just kind of... noticed it among my things one day.
  14. im not really following anything in this thread, can someone summarize?
  15. those last 3 rave whistle tracks are great. nailed that early jungle sound
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