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  1. wow, I loved watching this guys videos for a while. He has so much cool gear. Kind of surprised he's selling because he always seems to love every piece of gear for slightly different things and tends to use so many layers in his music that the variety seems to fit him. But also, probably more pragmatic to keep it simple. Even if he sold 75% of his stuff his collection would still be insanity
  2. DMX Krew - Ghost Bubbles OPN - Magic OPN I guess uncut gems soundtrack is 2019? Love that one for 2020 anyways Hoping the new Com Truise album (not out yet) autechre PLUS/SIGN squarepusher - buah hidden orchestra - Creaks carl finlow - apparatus Cylob - 54 minute mirage run the jewels 4 nathan fake - blizzards king krule - man alive rob clouth - zero point john beltran - the season series EDIT - oh shit how could I forgot Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans I dunno I listened to a lot of random shit this year and th
  3. came here to see if folks had seen the video about the soundtrack for cyberpunk 2077. They say it's direction is inspired by sounds from 90s rave/IDM/industrial and that made me really happy. Love that richard devine is involved
  4. I need more random IDM cd-rs made with care and handed out in limited quantities to friends in my life, can we do like a watmm secret santa DIY music exchange?
  5. I got a deal on one of these second hand (original). Anyone have recommendations on how to integrate it into your setup? How have you used it? There's a lot of cool effects things I've discovered, like tapey is cool, lots of cool granular stuff you can do. Such a vast user library. Haven't messed with ORAC yet but it seems cool. Not really my style of working but I wanted to add more organic, swelling, background fx to my hardware music, granular sputters crackling up in the background and whatnot, mouse on mars-esque. So that's the angle I'm taking right now but also just have no idea what I
  6. I wasn't into it until one day I put it on a weekend afternoon and fell asleep listening to it. Was kind of magical. Still don't "get" it from an enjoyment listening perspective but if it was able to make me sleep in the middle of the day it holds a special spot for me.
  7. OMG i was on this server back in the day! I can't remember who it was, but I witnessed someone on there burn down another user's treehouse, it was fucking crazy. This guy was so nice the whole time and then got a wild hair up his ass and burned it all down and then told me not to tell anyone. statute of limitations and whatnot and now I can talk about it.
  8. No nightmares is like the scene in david lynch movies where the lady sings for a long time and it's boring and you just have to get through it and get on with the film but you accept it because it's david lynch
  9. I've been doing music pretty much exclusively with the octatrack as my central hub for the last few years. (Though admittedly I kind of don't have shit to show for it but I'm very slowly accumulating "album" material I will eventually master and whatnot). I feel like the following techniques/features have been the most useful in adapting a style that I like to use when programming songs on it. 1. midi sequencing polyphonic synths. I'm never going to use that many midi devices at once in a song, so I just use multiple tracks to allow more complex overlapping note structures. It ends up wor
  10. I loved the crap out of mine for a few months until I somehow just suddenly got bored of it and stopped using it completely. It is cool though, I like the stuff I made on it. Might sell it now... Feel like my mind is in a totally other realm musically now.
  11. I'm glad I could introduce it to you. I was trying to channel this guy in my rant https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/tommy-needy-drinky
  12. TM1 Open is a Bradly Strider remix
  13. what the fuck kind of drugs are you guys on? Everything that's been teased so far has been fantastic, better than Age Of, possible for this to be my favorite work of his. The noisy interludes are amazingly nostalgic and chewy sound-design, makes me feel like I'm listening to BOC old tunes simultaneously perfectly mixed with modern digital effects, the tracks themselves have some of the best melodies, structure and overall songwriting of anything he's ever done, carrying on from his strong work on Uncut Gems. Every track varies in really creative ways. Yeah it's not harsh digital chumpfuckery o
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