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  1. cool to see aphex open up and autechre open up more and connect more directly with fans. Hope BoC does at some point too. I generally liked most of his opinions on things except for wisp being knockoff aphex, wisp sounds nothing like aphex IMO but also thats sort of the genre I make music in so maybe I'm being too sensitive.
  2. Just caught up with some of his recent comments on the soundcloud over the last few days. Imagine richard collaborates with you, opportunity of a lifetime, and you get impatient and leak it without his blessing and piss him off. Lol. I like the sound of it though.
  3. how they heck they get this lineup? my goodness. Wisp, skee mask, coco, mbm I'm especially looking forward to.
  4. Finding this thread just blew my mind a little bit. I was listening to this and was like, yeah this is right up my alley. But then after staring at the track names I realized something, I had seen them before. I somehow had a hand-written piece of paper with many of these tracks on it and I wasn't sure where it came from, I distinctly remember "sambaesque" on there, and some of the other ones, looked like a setlist. I still am not sure where I got it or what I did with it, never thought I'd solve the mystery of the meaning of the names. I think I might have thrown it away earlier this year, I think it was in one of my 90s jungle discogs purchases wedged in one of the vinyls or something? I really am not sure, i just kind of... noticed it among my things one day.
  5. im not really following anything in this thread, can someone summarize?
  6. those last 3 rave whistle tracks are great. nailed that early jungle sound
  7. This made me look up when the box energy remix was released and it was before drukqs!? wow neat.
  8. Been obsessed with Tim Reaper lately. His stuff sounds like it's straight out of the 90s even though its being made today and all if it is REAL high quality shit, like pick a track and it's probably awesome. He collabs with all the best modern jungle artists too also have to mention this sully remix of one of his tracks because it's totally nuts. Most IDM thing I've heard in a while
  9. Really loving the first track, overall really good
  10. I think the Windowlicker title track is extremely special. It manages to be universally likeable electro-influenced dance/pop music while still maintaining the peak of aphex's signature "how the fuck did he do that" sound and still to this day has me in awe all the pieces coming together perfectly. minipops has some catchy bits but the mastering squashes the dynamics too much, kinda too lofi and analog sounding to be massively popular, and the song structure sort of fizzles out and sounds unfinished. It's a cool track but it was not going to stand out like windowlicker ever did.
  11. Inscryption was amazing, especially playing it blind. The way it all comes together in the end ... So much stuff I missed too, makes me want another playthough. Other highlights this year for me were resident evil 8 and metroid dread.. What else did I miss?
  12. wait is this for real? https://www.whosampled.com/sample/631094/Aphex-Twin-Fingerbib-The-Hollywood-Edge-Sound-Effects-Library-Large-Splash-or-Dive-Into-Water-Take-5/
  13. I like this a lot. Production is cool but a bit sparse compared to earlier stuff. I mostly like listening to the first dozen tracks or so though, Haven't really delved in all the way through yet.
  14. I didn't care for the first one much, but the previews for this one sound really cool
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