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  1. asking about future gibbon has to be one of the most unintentionally genius interview questions ever. Loved the fact that it was his own drums and that it was directly inspired from his first meetup with aphex and his ideas from HAB
  2. no he's talking about the city in arizona
  3. yeah first two tracks are great. I like New Sty more. Unconnected reminds me of Dramatic Exit, kind of... not _as_ good though
  4. The deal with the whole youtube thumbnail shittery is that it's statistically proven that certain types of thumbnails get some consistent 20-30% better engagement or something insanely significant like that. most youtubers can't ignore this kind of simple economic win. Yeah it pisses off millennials and boomers but it provides enough of an engagement swing it's worth it. I just watch who I know I like even though a lot of them have started cargo culting some horrible thumbnail patterns. The video content stays more or less the same with or without the horrible thumbnails.
  5. I've always wanted one of this. Isn't this what richard used on fenix funk 5?
  6. didn't see a thread on this when searching even though it came out a couple months back... (only just discovered it) Not sure how many there's gonna be. https://radioactiveman.bandcamp.com/album/sonicus-croniclus-vol-1 I think it's fantastic. I'm not sure I can afford to pay the shipping on the vinyl to the US but looks like there are still some available
  7. It surprises me someone hasn't disrupted the market in compact digital recorders. I want a super fast/slick lithium ion compact digital recorder with fast editing and library management features. I get by with the H4n pro with it's fantastic quality and whatnot but it takes a while to boot, battery life not as nice as I'd like, and wish it was quicker to organize and rename things and keep track of them. oled display with Scrubbing and waveform would be cool too. That kind of thing, easier device sync/bluetooth/wifi. With the "dawless" boom you'd think it'd be more of a thing. It's like the TI
  8. should I get a beheringer 303? I wanna make some acid, is it fun? Kinda want to try it.
  9. as soon as an artist forgets to add beats to song, they get torn up by the theory snobs hehe... Yeah I dunno I don't like this a ton either. Sounds like clark, but less like the clark I know and more like the part of clark that I want to build up into a cool drop, not just keep noodling on. kinda sounds like the same song over and over again, i dunno maybe that was the intention. desolate post-apocolyptic themes washed out by various smears of reverb and drone ok but I kind of like this suspended reservoir song tbh
  10. Used to really love this album but for whatever reason I find it aged really badly to my ears. I find the vocals really cringy for some reason. But overall the album is really well executed
  11. just bcuz aphex is into microtuning doesn't mean you have to be too, you can also go with snare rushes or aphex acid, you don't need to do go full demented circus clown nightmare. Just make some nice sounding melodies and add a structure and you'll get further than 90% of electronic musicians.
  12. i was joking about the music I realize it wasn't aphex but I didn't realize it was fxbip, that's fucking awesome!
  13. That track fucks. Hopefully he drops a whole album of wiggly softsynth shit like that as his next proj
  14. Bubba69

    afx nft

    I could be wrong but my understanding of the energy usage thing is: Ok yes this is a shocking amount of energy being used for the proof-of-work or whatever but also the miners are using this energy no matter what. At any given time they are either minting new currency or minting it against the hash of the digital artwork? To me it seems like, well if crypto is not going away might as well have it do something interesting. But the energy used isn't any more than the amount of producing new coins or whatever(?) Again also willing to admit I don't understand and may have read some pro
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