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No tb303


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I recorded some jams i did in someone's backyard during a night of heavy drinking by the bonfire, and descided to stick em up here:



there's also an extra bonus flpewbrlew at the bottom there containing a bad quality mix of some older mc202 tr606 jams i did.



Hope you enjoy.

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I actually was listening to one of your albums today, I'm not sure which one it was...it's just one track (split up into separate tracks) at about 45:00 min. Whatever it is its great....this stuff you posted is obviously different, I think if autechre decided to make an acid record it might sound something like this. this stuff is pretty metal, maybe a little too harsh for my tastes, but it's a really interesting idea, and it's something different.

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hey thanks for listening man.

It was quite a rush to make these, considering the limitations of these two machines it was also quite the challenge.


Oh that album you were listening to might possibly be the acid split tape i did with Impakt.

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