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  1. Thank you for the kind words everyone.. I'm genuinely glad people like it, it's been both an exciting and frustrating (vanilla RX5 memory is rather small) road. By any means if there's more questions about the making of this just ask, I'll do my best to answer it. If you want to hear some outtakes, I've got them here: https://soundcloud.com/fahz0r/future-rx-outtakes-unfinished-terribles
  2. Just want to say; the digital version is a definite no, sorry. We've been back and forth about it for a while but that's that.
  3. Not for now, but you're getting that digital from me eventually. Awesome, I will pay you! What we'll do is have the vinyl first, and then later on there will be digital available on my own bandcamp. Can't set a date yet, it depends on how quick they go.. What can I say, I like giving people something special through vinyl but also can't leave out my peeps who just want the digital. We sorted Teal Ranger digital version out just a day a go, I'll be curating a proper digital version (that's ++special tracks) Not for now, but you're getting that digital from me eventually. Good news,thank you Stay tuned !
  4. Not for now, but you're getting that digital from me eventually.
  5. Can confirm that this album is AAA+++
  6. I think "Surrender" was the first CD I ever legit bought with my own (pocket) money, I remember walking home with it proudly in my hand like it was a vinyl record hehe.. "Hoops" from their album after that is actually still one of my favorites, I think as a kid this was the first time sound set off a visual reaction that still makes me think I was hallucinating.. It's really kind of a strange sounding track to me.
  7. For now, I am not certain if this will be available digitally any time soon as the label is actually vinyl only.. Apologies if I made it sound like it was going to be there for sure. However, this CAN happen when the records pretty much sell out, as I personally then don't see why the record should just stop being available apart from to 300 people on the planet. But anyway I want to sort this properly with my mates from Sleepers :) so, stay patient ! Or, inquire a friend who has a copy (wink nudge)
  8. FAH - Luxurious Sweepings This compilation includes some of the tracks I've made during my uni years which were all SoundCloud and/or Liveset exclusive tracks, with an added bonus EP of sorts at the end of more ambient acid tracks that I never really did anything with. Tracks: 26 Total time: 2:20:04 https://fahtunes.bandcamp.com/album/luxurious-sweepings
  9. Digi downloads will eventually come from my bandcamp (ie when sold out) but i'll have some download codes for u lads <3 That's excellent news! Do you have plans to do more with this side project? I for one would love to hear some more as the tracks on this EP are quality! Yes for sure there is more coming
  10. Digi downloads will eventually come from my bandcamp (ie when sold out) but i'll have some download codes for u lads <3
  11. First EP in the side project "LCTR" is now available from several stores in and around Berlin as well as Juno. Released on Aura Expansion, 300 copies. "Teal Ranger EP" SIDE A 01 - Ocean Pride 02 - Teal Ranger 03 - Polar Defense SIDE B 01 - Yaw 02 - Untitled 03 - Aural Concept 04 - PW https://www.discogs.com/LCTR-Teal-Ranger/release/8887829 http://www.juno.co.uk/products/lctr-teal-ranger-ep/640790-01/ http://www.triplevision.nl/release/AEX001/
  12. Made all my Patronen albums available again as PWYW digital on bandcamp, with a slight digital remaster. Do still consider grabbing the vinyl if you get the chance ! https://patronen.bandcamp.com/
  13. From what I remember I've used mostly Alesis nanoverb and microverb III a lot, on Schlaf specifically I've also used a DP-2 with depth control via CV.. Magie also uses the DP-2 for that weird effect, it's a feedback pitch echo effect i've programmed on there.
  14. In all honesty I'm doing this in agreement still with Alek, I do not want to step on his perspective of the music and the way he wanted to present it. We both wanted to turn it into a piece of art and definitely in the way that I know only Alek can do, and then at the end of the chapter just make it available again like me and Cygnus did on Biosoft. Though it took a while but there you go, it's going to be there for anyone who prefers digitals, as well as anyone who wants a digital version to go with their copies. Apologies we just didn't make them available earlier !
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