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the last sound - fades ep


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The Last Sound has been writing electronically sequenced music since 1992, and as The Last Sound since 1997...though he's been writing music for as long as he can remember, mostly influenced by Krautrock, Kosmische, Electronic(a), Prog, and Goth. From 2003 onwards, all music under the name The Last Sound comes from the same place - and that place is expanding. To date he has released 3 LPs on various labels, aswell as having released lots of tracks on compilations.


'Fades' title track is from 2005 and the other three from 2007 complete the picture. 'Fades' is a bleak start. 'Fade To Day' is a sequel, with a happy ending. 'Deep End' makes the most of the resurrection but lost it's lyrics along the way, and 'Rest In Space' ties up the loose ends (with several scenes explaining what really happened earlier) .. eventually heading for the heavens.


download it here--> http://www.acroplane.org

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