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Time-Lapse Banana Death


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i like the mood, tho i found the evolution a little slow. i like the drum patterns but they could have way more punch. melody seems a bit random sometimes.

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Guest pantsonmyhead

firstly: great song name

for realzee

secondly: coil much???

love the first melody

love the synth sounds

thought the drum sounds could use some more....uhhhh....could sound differenter

great stuff though

it doesn't pander to anyone

when the melodies come together it's beautiful

again: work on them drum sounds!

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I agree with the others about this coming off as a bit random and incoherent. Like it when the industrial beat kicks in and from that point onwards. I would totally scrap the first minute and a half and start from the next minute or so. Not keen on the distorted bassy bit. Some nice harmonies but the transitions don't feel right at all. Beat feels a little muddy so perhaps some percussion could brighten it up. I'm glad I listened to the whole thing because parts I really like and parts I really hated. When the harmonies are all lush together its nice but those kinda off centre bits destroyed the rest of it.

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