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a new cubus adventure


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A solo EP by myself, with 38 minutes of all new musicings split into 5 movements. Glitchy to Ambient to Techno and all bits inbetween. It hasn't had the usual finishing touches that Joe always seem to manage to put onto our tracks but he's got an uber amount of work on so I thought I'd see what I could do on my lonesome. Hope you enjoy it, lots of love as always for your support:







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I wish I could make ambient/abstract music but I guess you need to be of the right mindset. Sounds reasonable so far anyways. This is more on a new age tip. I'm more into dark ambient/abstract shit at the mo. 38 mins wow that's a long time is all I can say. I remember buying Loop Guru's "The 3rd Chamber" because it was a continuous piece of meditative music for 40 mins.

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yeah that'd be my soviet fault- sometime soon i'll be getting paid for my four gruelling months spent pulling the uranium cart :nuke: at krychkanskyksk, so i should be able to get the site back up within a week (poor yashivi will have to go without shoes for another year). er, apologies.

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