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  1. My apologies, you are so right - you sound completely rational and not ridiculous at all in that thread ...
  2. mcbpete

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Heard the first 9 that were released when I was on the 'A's, I now slip a set or two from the ones released in January when I reach a new letter.... I really need to re-evaluate my life goals!
  3. mcbpete

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I know right ... Had the stupid idea last August to re-listen to my entire music collection in artist/band name order, by the time the second batch came out I had already got to the mid 'C's so am fitting tracks in as and when (Currently near the end of 'F' but have about a weeks's worth of Future Sound of London releases)
  4. mcbpete

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I better hurry up - Only heard 19 of the 28 'ONEFOUR/FIVE' AE_LIVE sets so far....
  5. Had the same thing a couple of weeks ago on my Google Calendar - Have no idea what caused it mind. Found out how to remove and prevent it in future though: https://the-parallax.com/2018/05/11/how-to-stop-calendar-spam/ Yeah I'm a little confused how come this many-year-old thing has just popped up again this past week too....
  6. It does seem quite a bit, but am assuming it's the wild bandwidth we put on the servers that bumps the price.
  7. Those kerraazzyyy pranksters were the reason why the cartoon version (as in the cartoon version featuring the characters from the film version) had to be called 'The Real Ghostbusters'
  8. Yeah spot on, sometimes the easiest suggestions are the best suggestions !
  9. @sweepstakes have you looked into the js object in order to get the best of both programming worlds - https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/tutorials/javascriptchapter02
  10. Yeah got the bundle of those crazy things....Looking forward to their Filters of Mass Destruction VST too ( https://www.soundemote.com/fmd )
  11. I bet my AirFiX chocolate coins that have been stored in a warm attic for the past decade and a half are looking good....
  12. Left was Right and Right was Left until the 2014 remaster: https://bocpages.org/wiki/Hi_Scores_(release) On the 2014 remaster and re-release, the left and right audio channels appeared to have been reversed. This was later elaborated upon and, due to an issue with the original transfer in 1996, it was the original release in which the left and right audio channels where truly reversed. When the original DAT tape masters where used for the 2014 remastering of the EP, the channels where subsequently restored back to their original form as originally intended.
  13. "One thing I noticed is that nothing seemed to change when using the joystick" Looking at the manual it seems you have to press the 'stick' button (bottom right button on the top keypad) and choose to specifically enable it via the menu
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