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  1. I enjoyed a few of the mixes better in the dub bonus version than the main one (Daze seemed less annoying, The Weekend It Rained Forever stuck to the lovely ambient Jello - Pequill sound for a bit longer). You could probably do a good ol mix'n'match to make a cracking version of the album.
  2. I thought this one already came out a few years back ? https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95449-endlesssfm-tim-exiles-new-music-making-platform/ EDIT: Ah looks like it was early access/beta only back then ...
  3. Digitals are avail 🙂 Well this was nice surprise ..... Despite the really horrible single/video, despite no sign of Fehlmann, and despite the pretty cringy title this is actually quite good. Quite a lot of non-Orb sounding ambient tracks - The Afros, Afghans ... track in particular is lovely, and thankfully very little of the garish pop/dub that seems to appear on the non-Fehlmann Orb albums (Aside from the aforementioned Single/opening track) A few unnecessary 'silly' samples ruin a a track or two (convinced that's pretty much all Alex contributes to Orb tracks - the track's already completed and he just triggers samples at random from his 'recordings of drug stuff and silly news and that' folder over the top), but apart from that - pleasantly surprised and quite a mighty length (especially the deluxe digital version I nabbed from Boomkat)
  4. Today I found a clone of Impulse Tracker that spits out midi data rather than samples and syncs with a midi host - Been looking for something like this for ages. Proper old (2002) but seems to work fine in Windows 10: http://ztracker.sourceforge.net/
  5. This is Kanye T-Shirt levels of cover art.... amazing !
  6. can someone smrt make an ableton push version so I can natively use a tracker interface in it instead of piano roll shenanigans.....
  7. mcbpete

    New Album?

    You woz right tho....
  8. If in doubt ask Dan Worrall (despite the title it's more a why/what's the audible difference than a what)
  9. I thought the stuff floating on slsk a decade or so ago was 'Lost second album' i.e. this bad boy:
  10. Anyone else get a bit of a weird vibe from the whole post - The jumping around from him not getting a soundtrack commission to the #metoo movement to the history of him with Mr. Kirby seemed quite strange. Thrash (ex-The Orb) seems to have a past with Robin too (no idea what the story behind this one. Though a reminder of Kris's history: https://web.archive.org/web/20140626033214/https://krisweston.com/index.php/rant/ ) :
  11. Conversely I met him at his Barbican performance a couple of years back and he seemed absolutely lovely. I happened to be sitting next to a guy who has been close to him for years so he introduced me to joined them (him, Ivan Sean and bizarrely Weirdcore) backstage (well side of stage) afterwards and he was sharing lots of great stories and came across really well. Obviously I can't speak of his 90s character but nowadays aye, proper friendly cheeky Mancunian.
  12. Wrong thread -> https://forum.watmm.com/topic/98594-most-idm-2020-open-call-for-nominations/
  13. That's definitely my opinion on first hearing (only heard it though once mind) - Like all the 'angry' bits are mixed just behind all the ambient-y and bass-y bits: an ambient drone album fighting against the sound of actual military drones.
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