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  1. I think this might be the same squeaky siren patch that's heard on SIGN - si00 (the outro section from around 5:24 onwards)
  2. Guess you could be fancy pants and just turn something like forum.watmm.com into the ascii values ( 102 111 114 117 109 046 119 097 116 109 109 046 099 111 109 ) Pretty wide barcode mind ! Or maybe like a bit.ly link to this topic ( bit.ly/3m2lwmK - 098 105 116 046 108 121 047 051 109 050 108 119 109 075 ) (still crazy wide)
  3. Reminds me of the end of the Lifeforms album (4m12s till end)
  4. Cue the hate but .... to me x4 is 'modern-era' (i.e. post drukQs) Aphex but interesting !
  5. I normally get the digital bonus tracks of Warp stuff by buying it through ototoy - https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/626482 EDIT: sshiiiiaaaaattt, I forgot they geoblocked purchases a little while ago. Sorry, ignore this !
  6. That's neat, love how you can keep pressing any of the preset buttons and get a different result each time based on that theme.
  7. At least there's nothing like this is on this one (hopefully)
  8. Grab these two (the latter is My Love Is Rotten To The Core, but I can't find the whole album as a Youtube video) for the bits when Tim Hecker was at his best (IMO)
  9. The twinkly background bits in si00 totally remind me of this old theme for Windows 98:
  10. Mine came out of nowhere slowly in February - I've always been mindful of not listening to anything too loud and I've worn music ear plugs for live events for the last few years. It came after a long period of recovering from a flu-like cold that lasted just before Christmas till the end of January - I'm totally wondering if I somehow got the whole CV-19 back then and this was the weird side effect from it. Still awaiting a proper ear examination.
  11. Irrespective of whether that works or not - Really loving the sound of that Lianne ! Like lovely ambient drone with scuttley bugs crawling all over the speakers
  12. SAW 85-92 finally gets a repressing. Great news !
  13. What's going on in there? - just saw a tweet from The Black Dog saying the same thing. (not going in there myself as I don't want to spoil the thing before hearing it properly next week.
  14. I might buy myself one of those 9v batteries to stick on my tongue for when Sign comes out.
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