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  1. If you can get hold of some sort of file converter (aiff or wav to iff) then yeah, although I'm not sure of what applications nowadays still support iff. I've got the super old skool Adobe Audition 1.5 (a.k.a the final version of Cool Edit just before it got totally rebuilt) which supports iff import/export. But yes you want to be using iff files in that clone - It's trying to use the compressed lha file as raw data hence all that noise Perhaps you could use the FastTracker clone by the same guy ( https://16-bits.org/ft2.php ). That was the tracker that really got me into tracking back in the day and is very similar in workflow to ProTracker and also supports .wav files for your samples as well as .iff. You can load and save to the 4 channel .mod format but also has the benefit of up to 32 channels for its .xm format
  2. When you say you've downloaded the 2.3d app as in you've downloaded the original Amiga executable for use on an Amiga, or is this an app for a modern OS that's a clone of the original Amiga program ? If it's the former, is there a reason you're sticking to the original hardware & software rather than using a compatible Windows or Mac tracker (eg something like https://openmpt.org/ or https://milkytracker.titandemo.org/ ) .lha is a compressed format (it's like the .zip of the Amiga world) - More likely you'll be wanting .iff files. There's a huge download pack on archive.org of the entire classic ST-xx collection: https://archive.org/details/AmigaSTXX IIRC all file stuff (saving/loading) is done via the 'Disk Op.' (disk operations) button which'll then bring up another menu for loading and saving samples and your modules (songs)
  3. Yeah they'll play together fine - The hub will operate at USB 3 speeds when plugged into your USB3.1 port but like most (all?) USB hubs will be backwards compatible for slower speed devices (i.e. USB 1.0 & USB 2.0) too.
  4. Yeah unless you're going mental at 192Khz with a dozen or so simultaneous inputs USB2 definitely has enough bandwidth to cope with what you'd want it for !
  5. I bet the Amazon Fire Sticks aren't selling too well at the moment ...
  6. Yeah it's been my mixing, mastering and mixset-creating DAW of choice for about a decade now. Still have absolutely no idea how to compose on it, and probably only use like 5% of the features but remains perfect for what I need it for.
  7. Rubin plz .... https://www.reddit.com/r/quityourbullshit/comments/azagnr/tetris_blocks_do_not_have_names/
  8. It was it's own screen - Originally thought it was a 'down for maintenance' message ...
  9. Yeah it brought up a full screen of the new rules with a tick box to agree to these changes. The trouble was it gave you less than half a second to scroll down and click 'agree' or the page would automatically refresh and scroll you back to the top again. As Soloman Tump says though, it was a nice test of mouse dexterity skillz! Would be interesting to know how many hits that page got before people managed to escape 😁
  10. Maybe he's still trying to get in!
  11. I quite like that aspect about it (and the previous version) - reminds me of the personal homepages/guides that people put out in the Web1.0 days where you knew it was pretty much all opinions rather than some neutral corporate piece
  12. It was the 'not used since my dial up days' Stop button that solved it for me...
  13. *Accidentally denial of services WATMM by reading the rules*
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