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  1. http://music.hyperreal.org/lists/idm/
  2. mcbpete


    Glad I'm not the only one hearing that - Thought my ears were going mental! Really good track, but really weird mixing choices (seems to also be EQd like U Fabulous Hun and Damaging Furries too with the heavy focus on mid and upper frequencies)
  3. I wonder if it'll have a hinged lid ? Just heard Vortrack - what a spooky ghost train !
  4. mcbpete


    I was gonna say 'yes' (below from the Hello Everything artwork) but my memory of the picture was wrong and pretty sure this typeface is an Atari 400/800
  5. Aye Devine Lu Linvega is a mad man - proper focused on everything aesthetically esoteric. Check out his universe of creations here - https://wiki.xxiivv.com/
  6. mcbpete


    Working through them chronologically and have just reached this set. Goes totally off the rails (in a good way!) - Knew something was cooking when even the tracks I knew well from the previous 18 sets were all going slightly wonky. The angry bee club was more a furious hornet orgy in this one
  7. And all this nonsense too - Warez sites in the late 90s had less popups than we get nowadays:
  8. The ableton front page is pretty terrible but warp.net is in a league of its own. I actively avoid going there as I know I won't be able to find what I'm looking for and will probably go blind in the process.
  9. I totally wasn't going to pick this box set up but having just read the description in the email I've just got from Warp I clicked 'buy' immediately: A hinged lid box ?! This changes everything - box sets have just been handed a new set of parameters !
  10. https://twitter.com/Braith_Miller/status/1193363820036538368
  11. Isn't that all the game is ? (aside from playing shakey shake with the baby like you're making some mad cocktail)
  12. Is it definitely a ducimer - Always assumed it was a Karplus-Strong modelled string synth
  13. Hey, everyone's gotta help save the environment in their own way - Mine's by not using loo roll
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