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  1. 350 likes .... ....the prime factors of 350 are 2,5,5,7 ... change the numbers to the corresponding letters of the alphabet and you get B E E G The new album is BOC covers of Bee Gees songs !!!! Whattascoop
  2. 'ere tis - https://www.ilovecubus.co.uk/fsolboard/viewtopic.php?p=19500#p19500
  3. Turns out there's two extra 12''s in there (one in the lid, one in the base), but you need to carefully drill into the wooden box to get them
  4. As in preferred it to the original '96 CD, or the 2021 'non-UHD'-CD remaster ?
  5. If you're curious (as I was) what an UHQCD is - https://trackingangle.com/features/uhqcd-final-frontier-cd-memory-tech-japan-review n.b. IMO digital is digital is digital so take the article with a grain of salt the size of a small quarry
  6. With the super-box-xp-2000 version I'd be too scared to even open it or play the records in case it gets scuffed or the artwork gets crumpled or the 12''s scratched. It'd be a 300 quid bit of space that I would actively avoid getting near for fear of damage - a purchase of 3 dimensional fear. Literally the only purpose of it is to never unseal from the delivery box and then flip later if you need some cash
  7. Guess he finally got what he asked for ( https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/68148-aphex-twin-selected-ambient-works-volume-ii )
  8. For some reason the first track immediately reminded my brain of this hilarious monstrosity
  9. Aye here it is - https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-tim-exile-his-family-while-he-recovers-from-cancer
  10. That counts as confirmed news in Twoism land: BoC to collab with the remaining Beatles in future super group 'The Boctles'. Playing the locked groove at the end of the Sgt Pepper album at the same time as Magic Windows reveals coded release date
  11. probably hosted on boc[smallest-13-digit-weird-number].onion
  12. Sure this is just me but after the Herculean task they put into the promotion of this (i.e. this video being the 'prize' for the discovery of all the digits to the big code sourced from the world-wide distribution of the secret 12'' on Record Store Day) I always thought the digital fade in of the release date and album cover at 4 minutes, rather than have it be 'tuned in' on the TV, was a bit of a disappointing last-minute laziness of the whole project
  13. Wish Metasynth wasn't Mac only - Have RX for some spectral manipulation trickery, Harmor and Iris for spectral synthesis but that app definitely looks like a lot of fun of all that combined
  14. Interview with Paul (a little different direction from normal interviews as is a retro-gaming podcast)- Should jump to the right place but if not ffwd to 42m50s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RGiV5113gg&t=2570s (I didn't actually know there was third Hartnoll brother)
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