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  1. Yeah for me v11 is a definite refinement, rather than a game changer (possibly would be different if I did vocal work, and had MPE instruments - the latter I am interested in, just they're so darn expensive). Though for me just the additional devices and sound packs are worth the upgrade price - so got it with the pre-order discount a few days ago.
  2. I wish I could remember who coined the phrase (possibly someone from the cookdandbombd forum) but it definitely applies here: shit for cunts.
  3. This'n - Think the original [not mixed into an album] version added a few more minutes either side and IIRC was going to be a collab release with someone (Fluorescent Gray or perhaps Mosca .... I can't remember now!) https://cubus.bandcamp.com/track/buddha-loop-7 It's about 10 minutes too long, definitely needs a big ol chop somewhere in the middle I had no idea there was a max file size for an individual file. Do you know if that's still the case ? EDIT: Helps if I read further down, I guess not !
  4. Well that's why I'm thinking it's probably the same bug - For some reason Logic is writing to the FAT (or whatever the equivalent is on a MAC) that each media item is the maximum file size that this file-type can be rather than the *actual* file size
  5. Yeah it definitely sounds like the same thing, I notice that the filesize is EXACTLY the same in the screenshot above as this post here for the wav files (4.26gb) - https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=14590151&postcount=34
  6. Have you tried Gibberwocky - https://github.com/gibber-cc/gibberwocky
  7. That's absolutely lovely - As good for dub techno as it is for ambient drone 🙂
  8. LMDSP Superchord my dear. It's like an XL version of Ableton's Resonator https://www.lmdsp.com/products/superchord/ (I think I must've got it on discount, don't remember paying 100 euros for it) Here's audio demos for it (the SFX one might be exactly the kind of example you're looking for as to what it can do for field recordings) - https://www.lmdsp.com/products/superchord/#audio
  9. Looks like 500 edition run - God knows how 'spensive it'll be !
  10. If I remember correctly from a h3o/ae interview, Sean didn't even have the setup to listen to the 5.1 release and said he'd have to go to his mom's house or someone like that 😄
  11. Put them on these as well, split each track over 10 sides
  12. Especially the last one that was composed for a 5.1 setup ... that'll also have to be split in half to fit on each side
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