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Community Answers

  1. It's a COMPRESSED format ... though one that is LOSSLESS (Think a .zip made from an .exe - The .zip is smaller but you'd expect the same .exe bytes back after you've uncompressed it!) Whatever you're using isn't working properly in that case ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. I said 'Bonjour' and from my limited French vocabulary I think I got scolded and told to say more than just 'Bonjour'
  3. Think that's the usernames of these guys
  4. The voice acting is god awful (as the below trailer demonstrates), the opening chapter feels like one of those early access game that gets shat on from Youtubers, it seems to be dragging on far a bit too long .... and yet (and yet) I can't stop playing this (currently put around 15 hours into it) Like Half Life crossed with Bioshock, but with a crappy digital camera (that gets through batteries faster than a Game Gear) instead of your guns and various GUIs and panels and levers and natural hazards instead of enemies No horror-y stuff, just urban exploration type things. One for fans of The Proper People youtube channel, liminal spaces and lazy structural engineers
  5. Interesting, good spot ! The 'encrcdsa' text is the header for an Apple FileVault encrypted drive image - though without a decryption key I think we're stuck (until quantum computing becomes mainstream and AES-256 becomes even remotely possible to brute force!)
  6. Guessing the title of the Youtube video didn't give you any hints ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's track 22 - Marshall Chords 01 but time stretched to around 20% speed (possibly PaulStretched)
  7. Can't actually work out the link between the varied tracks, but are you talking maybe the EBM scene ?
  8. Here's the full length version of the single. I suspect Alex's contribution was adding 'the unrelated talking samples that you can't properly hear' from around the 8 minute mark:
  9. Would probably feel less embarrassed recommending a porno
  10. Flipping huge year for biggies:
  11. Can't work out if that video using just a bunch of stock footage is a clever take on the track title (everything is just being recycled) .... or just very lazy and Alex hopes we wouldn't notice !
  12. Fabulous - Thanks for the heads up. Definitely gonna grab the 'monochrome' version, as I only have a 20-ish year old Audiogalaxy rip - That album and GC's 76:14 really got me into the longform-ambient scene
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