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  1. It looks like the new side bar thingy on the right (with top poster, popular days etc.) only appears on topics with more than one page, is that as indented or a bug ?
  2. Aye I may be several years late, but I finally have a laptop that can run that in full resolution without any frame drops. God bless quite. (I've used up my lifetime quota of cdak posts)
  3. 30kb demo of the front cover has leaked (30,208 bytes to be exact)
  4. The contempt in Sean's face there with Richard ....
  5. There's no such date as the 10th Martober 2020 you cheater.
  6. My spidey senses are tingling on this one .... I'd be wary of anyone spending money on this place (I don't mean bandcamp in general!). Can't see why Warp would whack stuff on a third party place when they have a digital store already - remember when that Skam shop appeared on Bandcamp briefly .....
  7. I was trying to thing what it reminded me of .... (finger crossed it's better than that !)
  8. GSi's TimeVerb (previously Type-4) is my Spring verb VST of choice. Wild for making lovely Feedback noises too (see 3.48 onwards as an example) https://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=46
  9. Aye, grab the BIG BALLS for sure. You can never say no to free big balls - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8g7unyw4obly68s/BIG BALLS.zip?dl=1
  10. Anyone able to work out the cipher (if it is one!) on the front cover and the other 4 possible ciphers inside of the linear notes/booklet ?
  11. Lots of his plugins are available as m4l devices if you want some of his goodies in your Ableton set - https://akihikomatsumoto.com/download/
  12. Nah - it's a separate sysex (.syx) file that you can use via the import button, on either the 'single' or 'bank' section within the plugin The zip has them as separate instrument files or as the whole collection in one sysex bank - I just kept the latter for ease of storage ....
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