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  1. Back in the day I'm pretty sure I went from a 'borrowed' v8 to a legit v9 just by uninstalling 8, and had no install issues. Think the Ableton uninstaller is pretty thorough...
  2. My guess is something very dull like: "Hello, You can reach boards of canada at the following address: <ADDRESS> This is our labels po box Bye"
  3. Yeah, it sounds like they just hit CTRL-V with the lyrics stem at the end of making an instrumental remix and crossed fingers that they might sorta-fit-maybe.....
  4. Aye it sorta was (had the yearly 'most IDM' winner tribute album and WATMM composed Christmas tracks), though unfortunately it's gone on a bit of a hiatus now - I believe @Root5 is behind the 'label', though unfortunately hasn't been here for over a couple of years....
  5. See the links to the right of that Christmas one - they're all watmm comps
  6. Curious to know what the message is on the top left here (under the tape). Looks like the middle third is just BoCs SKAM PO Box....
  7. IMO the best one yet - As soon as it finished I immediately hit play again and listened straight through as second time.
  8. Just put all the CDs from elseq 1-5 & NTS 1-4 in different hifis scattered around the room and hit play
  9. Wow, that track is amazing! Not heard the Good Times OST, but seems like I need to - that one is like Commissions II level greatness !
  10. This looks to be quite the beast for experimental & live audio visual work: https://msdp.app/ https://msdp.app/
  11. Added #4 link to the top post, out today 🙂
  12. Although my German is non-existent I'm thinking '100 Ambient Alben' is '100 Ambient Albums'.
  13. Question - Which is bestest The Aging Young Rebel (album version) or The Aging Young Rebel (Xen Cuts version) ?
  14. Not sure if this'll work but ..... 714897198_AeLive2008.zip
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