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  1. Lovely track - definitely prefer the sound of this one to Vortrack (though liked the Fracture mix of that track), more 'epic' Tom than 'ghost train' Tom
  2. No doubt they'll immediately pop up on ebay at an even more inflated price as soon as they are received by the scalper !
  3. Mind when he stuck his Yamaha CS5 up for auction - http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=4856
  4. Nah, Change the Weather surely, just listen to that slap bass
  5. This bollocking bit of The Witness is still bugging me, getting so close to the end though. Get a nervous twitch whenever I hear In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  6. FSOL - Dead Cities Phenomenal tracks, phenomenal atmosphere, spot on running order, and mixing that still holds up today ...... Just 💖
  7. Never forget - https://forum.watmm.com/topic/62408-2d-qrd-diffuser-make/
  8. Was thinking of going for 'seven (seven seven) year old' in reference to :
  9. You got it in one - I'm running drastically short of puns after the five years of re-titling it though ....
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