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Community Answers

  1. Is the name of the tour how many years they've each been de-aged in that above poster ?!
  2. Have you tried the 'virtual' modular route with something like VCV Rack (https://vcvrack.com/) or Voltage Modular ( https://cherryaudio.com/products/voltage-modular ). Might be worth giving that a go to see if modular is right for you before going the full-on hardware modular route....
  3. Agreed (imo) e.g. Orbital attempts brostep Orbital attempts UK Grime Orbital attempts ... erm David Grey (......though to be fair time has softened my hatred to them over the years!)
  4. Look at this lovely modular m4l mo fo - Just €15 for all those modulating modules - https://darkinteger.gumroad.com/l/modpack
  5. Whilst we're Scooby Doo mystery solving who was Defunkt Dialekt again ?
  6. An 'envelope follower' is the general term for the 'thing' you want to be using for this kind of technique. There are probably lots out there (I use some Max 4 Live devices in Ableton as find it easier to map what I wanna listen out for and what I want to modulate) but the first (free) one that comes to mind is MCCGenerator: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MCCGenerator
  7. Sorry, I meant compared to the RSD 12'' release. Though who knows, Baz does like to add bonussessssess to the digital vesions !
  8. Yep in about a week's time from fsoldigital with a few bonus tracks 🙂
  9. Favourite thing is that mad 8 minute rap battle between the two BoCBros in the middle of Visual Drone 12 - who knew you could rhyme so many things to 'Orange' !
  10. Cor, not heard AND IV for ages - must relisten soon. But yeah agreed, certainly could imagine it being something from their live sets around that era !
  11. If that was the case the whole internet would've been long deleted and fired over a rainbow 😁
  12. More likely: the cost of living increase therefore customers are culling non-essentials, returning to office working so less home-streamy-time, and (certainly in the UK) putting the price up
  13. You're sounding a lot better, that's great news. Sleep fixes all 😊
  14. mcbpete

    The KLF

    Still cheaper than a NobbyFukkyTwat though 🙂 (plus at least you get the thing as a real thing!)
  15. mcbpete

    The KLF

    Since watching this doc it always seemed like 'The KLF' killed 'The KLF'. This scene onwards seems to be the sad realisation that they may well have fucked it:
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