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  1. *Prints Topic* *Burns Topic* *Flings Topic over a rainbow*
  2. Pop ballon in room Record pop
  3. In a similar-ish vein it reminds me of some of the wonkier bits from the T1 soundtrack e.g. the second half of this -
  4. It's a lovely track. Sounds like what I'd imagine current day Orbital would sound like (but unfortunately doesn't !)
  5. Looks like what you'd get if you typed "Wire magazine cover featuring Plaid" into Dall-E
  6. Have been waaaaaay too overwhelmed by the release rate ever since the Colundi was just single digits, but randomly decided to check out Cycles 9 and oh my gosh it's just beautiful - The Track 3/Track 4 23 minute uber-track nearly had me in tears with the playful clonking between instruments dancing around the multiple reverb layers. Simply fantastic compositions & production !
  7. Apparently it's going tonight so grab quick..... Stephan Mathieu's entire Bandcamp discography (27 releases) as a digital download for €26 https://schwebung.bandcamp.com/music (just click on any of the releases and there should be an option half way down the page to 'buy all')
  8. Was trying to think what this recent era of his output reminded me of and this morning it finally came to me: (just this track, not the whole album)
  9. Definitely my favourite Biosphere album (and the first thing I heard by him with Sphere of No Form being on a Future Music CD back in the day) so very much intrigued as to exactly *what* this release entails given the same track names as the original Would love to get a re-release of that too - My CD rip was done at 160kbps over 15 years ago, and the super-sub-bass frequencies really are not an mp3 codec's friend !
  10. Interesting choice of fart noise whilst the CGI person trumps on the other one at 1:02
  11. "Aphex Twin as a character from a Pixar Film": (not sure Disney would allow the penis fingers that are holding him in the first one)
  12. Makes a mental note never to see Orbital live again in case that falls in my ears.
  13. Also this definitely 100% genuine Acid Memories era BOC:
  14. One hell of a find - Thank you 🙂
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