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DRum ReAction

Guest TheEarlOfEastchurch

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Guest TheEarlOfEastchurch




The drum machine sequen-----tial Tom is reactin to the pitch/notes entered in the sequncer even though

its set to receave on a comp[letly different channel/s

whats going on

is this an act of god

Pennnn-ence for my sins

or something simple


yeah that would be great thanks.

quiffton Mcabre

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Guest TheEarlOfEastchurch

Cubase is the sequencer

http://www.vintagesynth.com/sci/tom.shtml is the drum machine

and the sound module is akai (yeah im using the midi thru port on the back)


so if i have midi channels 1-5 going to the sound module and say channel 10 for drums

the notes on channel 1-5 are effecting the pitch of the drum machine

when i mute channels 1-5 it goes back to normal


whatcha reccon

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Oh, I thought you meant it was just the toms, but it is the "Tom" drum machine. lol


I bet the problem is that the individual drum instruments are supposed to respond to pitch through the other channels. This is just a guess, perhaps you can find a manual for the instrument. One of the specs is: "Effects - Individual instrument tuning". So I'm guessing there is a way to ignore this in the instrument itself.


This guy seems to know about it: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews...rcuits/TOM/10/1

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