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Brian Grainger - The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions

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Brian Grainger

The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions

Hand-decorated CD-R

Limited to 100 copies

$5.00 USD + S&H


Another older record, from as far back as Winter 2006, but totally a Fall album. Over the course of several weeks last year Fieldtriqp and I were discussing the possibilities of what could happen if I took songs of his and used them to build ambient tracks, and this is the result. Anyone who is already a Fieldtriqp fan knows that his melodies are usually quite beautiful and awe-inspiring, and I really tried to capture that same vibe with the reconstructions. Desolate and dusty are the words that come to mind when I listen to it, and I think anyone who likes my ambient work or Fieldtriqp would love it!



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Links dead and I wanna actually buy this one, love both artists and perfectly suited to the autumn nights coming up..


yeah RSC is having some downtime issues but it will be back very very soon.

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