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  1. Thank you dudes! I'm super happy with how it turned out. And yes, please go tell your local congressman "Don't take Brian to court" - it's hard out here on the streets, with nothing but stale bread and samplers for starving artists like me.
  2. Well, that was super fun! Thanks to everyone who joined me on Twitch for the listening party. The album is officially released, and fully streamable on Bandcamp now. Go check it!
  3. Twitch listening party Friday, everyone's invited! Will post here/FB/Bandcamp/Twitter with the exact time and a link tomorrow. This record is a lot of fun, can't wait to share it.
  4. nah, just more same old max (algorithm-computer music program) sounds. generative bot "jams" if you will, so not much structure. no wonder they hand it out for free,,, else not many listen. Hey thanks for the help man, I was struggling over here with these NTS vinyls, trying to figure out why that sound kept coming out of my speakers, and you figured it out for me! It's not music, it's just data, that was the problem all along. Is there a converter or something you guys could recommend to turn this stuff into good music? Thx.
  5. Just biking in to raise my hand and be another person posting that they will buy the shit out of this if/when it hits the AE store.
  6. https://twitter.com/matrixsynth/status/1065073292942266368 Some illuminating info and photographs from the man himself regarding this release, plus a Soundclog preview!
  7. Just biking in to say what a great job all you dudes are doing. It's making for the most entertaining WATMMing in a good while. Thanks!
  8. I would wholeheartedly agree with this. He's been a friend of mine since around 03-04, in Ye Olde Tefosav Days. We used to hang out and record all kinds of weird gear-monster shit together too. I remember him dragging all kinds of machines into my old place, and the result sounded like Throbbing Gristle doing a set for Uncle Muscles on Adult Swim. He's also the guy I bought my Quadraverb from, which is a total staple in my studio even now. Released a record with him years ago (Eisegetic Waiver) at INSTALL, the label I operated with David Tagg, and he also guest spotted on my One Bleak Try album, for "Vesicant Eyewash" I would say his recent records from the last year or so have been some of his best work to date. Ansatze is easily up there with AE to my ears. Genius is an understatement.
  9. BC notified me that you actually hopped on via my recommendation there. Not trying to take any kind of 'credit' for it BUT...wanted to use this opportunity to point out to everyone reading that leaving a review on things in your Bandcamp collection actually makes a difference! I haven't picked up Pt. 2 yet, but will when payday arrives.
  10. Anima, Multila, Entain and the first Uusitalo. I like all of his work but those, those are magical.
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