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  1. weltlandschaft.bandcamp.com ☕
  2. Dürer / Sunflowers by NYZ / LSZ Myself and NYZ have a double album of sustained tone drone meditation, 100% of the cash to Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.
  3. Wow thank you Mr. Extra! Happy to see the new jams going out into the wild digital yonder.
  4. Tilliander is always excellent. I still listen frequently to Skokoll. Also yes, the comment about weed is accurate, to a surgically precise point.
  5. Yeah he's got a new remix on that Brian Grainger fella's new single too, IIRC
  6. Yeah I'm so excited to see him continuing with new stuff, despite what he seemed to think was going to be a break before. If he keeps putting things out, I'll keep buying it. As others have said, he's certainly one of the most unique producers in the landscape right now.
  7. RECYCLED PLASTIX happily presents your first odyssey in bedroom electronics for the 2021 year: RESUME by the five-years-off VOLITUNE. RESUME scratches all of the itchy spots for us - it's a little Rephlexy, a little Jynxy, a bit Drexciyan and 100% fresh! First 25 copies come with a bonus 3" CD-R EP with two non-album exclusive trax, no extra cost! Get in quick! ***POST BREXIT BULLSHIT*** All orders from UK are temporarily being held due to the recent VAT changes. Recycled Plastics has reached out to Bandcamp to figure out some better assurances regarding VAT being collected/remitted by Bandcamp (so we don't have to) and we really just need to make sure before we ship these out that the UK customs office isn't gonna fuck anybody over with extra taxes, or try to sock these away themselves. ANYONE affected by this, until it is resolved, will receive a bonus Bandcamp download code from us (dealer's choice, but we don't really release any shitty music so there's nothing to lose!) to help you through the trying post-Brexit crisis? Crises? We'll do our best to hook you up and make it better. So yeah - jump in! New Volitune! It's rad! https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/album/resume
  8. You dudes ought to check out his recent work with Dolphins of Venice. That's him + Adrien75 with a bit of vox from Ian Masters. https://pspsph.bandcamp.com/album/the-hour-of-power
  9. Not real into picking out end of year list faves TOP ALBUMS OF 2020 etc etc but the first Roleplay record would be very much at the top of any such list for me. Easily my fave Jodey in years.
  10. Yes, he just keeps going and it's all so deep and multifaceted. Picked up the entire discography a few months ago and I'm barely through half of it. One of the best things anyone could spend money on at Bandcamp.
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