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  1. Yes, and that isn't even all of the ones I use. This has to be some kind of mental condition... Most of the time. Sometimes, I'm even in front of it! I have other people to do that for me. Thank you very much! Order received! Unfortunately no, I've never heard of the thing you linked there. The long running BC## catalog at RP is a series called Bedroom Compost, indicating that the contents of the releases are a mixture of different variants/cultivars of bedroom-produced electronic music. So Boredom Composed is sort of a cheeky, self-deprecating satire of that, and maybe almost a homophone too?
  2. Thank you Stephen! And thank you Mr. Life for the free promo! This record is one I've wanted to make for years, and only now do I have enough (publicly divulged) aliases to carry it out.
  3. I'm Milieu and this is my favorite post on the Citadel.
  4. ... Most of which has been out of print for ages and unavailable in anything but early 2000's low grade MP3s... Easily, the biggest losses here are the absence of Modern and the rest of the Kreisel 7"s, but it is still an impressive set of work, one that I think will get more recognition as he goes through and issues a lot of it on vinyl again. Also, tip to those who don't know: As he goes through and issues these things physically, they are ending up on Bandcamp, which is a far better platform for digital stuff IMO than the Kompakt store. Dadajack and the 11th Studio 1 are already there now.
  5. https://pspsph.bandcamp.com/album/high-rise As with most things at Psøma Psi Phi and Recycled Plastics: Digital is $1.11, limited CDR is $8.88. ♻️
  6. Yeah I think he is very much relating it all back to the very eyesore designs of the time. With GAS and all the other interesting left of center stuff he's accomplished in the time since, it's easy to forget that Kompakt and Force were initially just club and rave music, and the refined/minimalist design approach didn't happen until much later. It's like the visual and aesthetic difference between Cavity Job and Amber. So, contextually speaking, I think having more "classy" design for this material would be a bit tone deaf. This works.
  7. This set is immense, and the unreleased material alone is gonna take a long time to soak up, but... Let me buy single tracks in lossless Mr. Voigt!
  8. I disagree. But no one is going to look at a Pollock and see the same things either, so I think that's somewhat by design.
  9. Popp is an incredible record, always curious and interested in where Markus goes next - even when his records seem like slight missteps, you can never fault him for trying new things out.
  10. So, you're saying we just need to get on his Instagram and request Telestatt for him to reissue it?
  11. So my good friend Nathaniel has just pressed up 50 copies of his newest on a 12", and as usual, I feel that his recordings are criminally underrated. Anyone who is into Mrs Jynx, more melodic Milieu stuff, and generally the Rephlex classics of Vatican Nitez, Desktop Robotics and Wasted Sunday, with a little bit of pre- drill Mike P as well...basically you need to check this shit out. I was lucky enough to release two curated collections of trax he mailed to my PO box (Egret's Crystal / A Heart Is A Forest) at my Recycled Plastics imprint, and anyone who is already into that stuff will no doubt be quite into this new one!
  12. *thinks about checking this out* *sees previously released tracks* *puts Desktop Robotics on instead*
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