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tension in the ferric lakes

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Hello. This is a new, small limited edition release from Dissolved.

There are around 6 Cd's left to buy if you'd still like one and about 4 of the tapes.


'Culled from a hoard of frail and badly labeled mystic cassettes from Dissolved, 'Tension in the ferric lakes' brings together some of these early Dissolved outings for the first time. Snippets of innocent and weird recordings,ancient delicate audio and memories caught on tape from as far back as 1991,have now been hand picked and assembled into this rare collection that takes those tapes and disassembles and warps them further. Almost entirely beatless, this is dark, nostalgic music and a sound that demands to be listened to in one sitting, free of distraction but remember to bring your lost memories with you. Available as a limited edition of 20 3" CD-R's and 10 special extended edition cassette tapes with 11 extra tracks. If you enjoy Dissolved's darker material or are simply a fan of old, odd and melancholic tape recordings, "Tension in the ferric lakes" should appeal.Very limited stock, once these are sold, there will be no more.'


You can buy it and grab the MP3's from the cd version here if your interested.


Cheers. :sorcerer:

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