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my first attempt at the grimey sound

Guest ۞ Syntheme ۞

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Guest tht! tne

takes a little while to find its footing rhythmically

you gonna collaborate with lady sovereign or m.i.a.?

p.s. i like you even more since i realized your logo's from a clockwork orange or trainspotting via a clockwork orange i'm a little slow

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Guest analogue wings

It's good, but you need to listen to some Wiley to get some pointers on how to really work those hats. Grime is all about the hats.

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the first 20 seconds are a bit confusing... the hats and the percussion all sound forced to me.


the whooshing bass starting at :30 is ACE...


1:00-1:05 is some of the coolest music i've heard in a very long time. absolutely top shelf. would like to hear a lot more of this.


i don't like the way the percussion reinforcement meshes at 1:25.


some incredible elements in this track. this was like the first date... i liked her, but still have some doubts... it won't stop me from fantasizing all night long about what "could be"...

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Cool. My ears have been syringed but its sounds good to me. I'm wondering if there should be a bit more bass though.


EDIT: Yeah, its definitely my ears. Everything seems less bassy as the moment as they've been syringed.

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Guest mohamed

i agree on what has been said about the first 20 seconds,


as a first attempt i feel theres enough originality to build a neat grimey sound.


good stuff as usual!



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