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hay guise


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hello watmm,

19/m/ger and i like to make electronic music. its pretty lofi (i ony use reason 3) and full of cliches but sometimes i like it blahblahbla

c&c v. much appreciated


this is pretty new & just a snippet so far. trying to take a more minimalistic approach.


3:30, started out pretty straight & became more weird later on.


this is part of a collab with 2 friends, it's called dsgx95 & i really like it


feel free to kick the shit out of me, any comments appreciated. if you liek i got loads more.




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Guest tht! tne

____: nice counterpoint.

17_fx: i like the sounds you use here, and the percussion is well-done. i wished you'd've taken it in a different direction after 1:47 where the piano comes in. you kinda reiterated the beginning of the track. except 2:40-2:52, that was hot. even if it was more of the same i liked the drum programming towards the very end.

03_Titel_03: i liked this a lot, just for the stuttery nature of it, would probably give it an a-. like someone was saying elsewhere on the board, it's better to have righteous melodies and lackluster beats than to have outstanding beats with little or no interesting melodies. the vocal sample at the beginning was kinda cool though.

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thanks for criticism & praise guys. yeah i'm fully aware of the fact that melodies are def. more on my weak site. the piano on fx annoys the shit out of me, problem is that i usually just cant bring myself to delete potions i once thought of as cool/emotional/greatestideaevercoziwashigh. i'm trying to learn more about melodics/harmonies etc. by doing instrumentals but it's still mostly dissonant as heck :stuart:



this is a piano-only instrumental which i actually like (3:02)

this is more shit from the collab. with my friends. i did the crappy 80ies drumsolo, the filter sweeps & the synth patches (3:15)

this i did 10 minutes ago (unfinished; 3:08 but the wave is 3:07. wtf itunes.)

and, last & least,

a track i did about a year ago (2:48), sth like a demented favourite :cat:

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