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Attention Chicago-area UR/X-102/Jeff Mills fans

Guest Deep Fried Everything

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Guest Deep Fried Everything

it's ok, this was just a chance for jeff mills to speak his mind and rag on his colleagues of old (he specifically said that robert hood took care of the minimal beat-driven parts of the project "because he didn't know how to do anything else")... kinda came off like a cock, albeit a very smart and driven (thus successful) cock. not knocking the dude's skills or influence, but he's definitely got an attitude, and his pants were much too tight (lol).


cool project though, and it was interesting to hear him talk about techno and the desire to move away from the dance-floor driven elements (though that is obviously what drove him and many others to the level of success and acclaim they enjoy) in the future, kinda like "day job vs hobby that i'd really like to purse" if that makes sense.

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