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  1. Recently downloaded all 10 seasons... Synchronicity... Anyhow plum, you're onto something with the Mark R thang.
  2. Wow really? I've been to the Metro before, and the sound has been much better at other shows. I thought the Cygnus set had decent sound, but I feel like the sound was pretty shitty on the whole. Autechre must have really confused the sound guy. Might have been where I was standing? Haha it sounded pretty good to me I dunno man! I moved around a bit to see where the best sound was at and I couldn't find it. That said I had a head full of acid.
  3. Wow really? I've been to the Metro before, and the sound has been much better at other shows. I thought the Cygnus set had decent sound, but I feel like the sound was pretty shitty on the whole. Autechre must have really confused the sound guy.
  4. In other words, nothing's changed with you. Jk. Thank you :)
  5. And bronchu, your origami and 3d prints are great, keep on working on your art, because I really enjoy it.
  6. Your mom takes things too literally. Oh yeah? Well...your mom's on WATMM, reading our posts.*requits watmm* Like you of all people need to explain yourself. I remember you quite well, especially since we are friends on Facebook. I thought that when I was in Austin, it was really the sweetest thing for you to come out.
  7. Baph we never really talked much bit goddamn I remember I fuckin loved your posts.
  8. Your mom takes things too literally.
  9. Fo real. Morgan's are tops. Love his style. Haven't seen last night's episode yet. Curious what they are going to do with the mythology.
  10. Kakapo needs to read em for sure. Edit: I'm my bed.
  11. There's a much fuckin easier and less morbid solution to this; simply log out of WATMM for good. How hard is that?If he does that, though, he may end up in fire filled IDM hell after he dies, at least according to the watmm 10 commandments. I mean why do you think I came back?
  12. Ah yes, I also remember you had similar aesthetic taste in women, based comments in certain niche nsfw threads ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I released a footwork/juke ep under the moniker "DJ whale hunter" Bbw ftw
  13. Re: dark tower.... I didn't mind the ending really, and I overlook the plotholes because....I don't know. Maybe I'm just a fan boy. My only real complaint about the last book is Walter's death. Soooo anticlimactic. Same with when he met the CK. Just anticlimactic as fuck. That said I think the ending itself is fine. Prob shouldn't have ended any other way. I agree about the last 3 books being rushed though. The near death experience you mentioned being the obvious cause. Hello
  14. Yes I totally had Audrey Horne as an avatar for years. Everyone else that said hey, HEY! Of course I remember you Luke. Dino-Step. Kakapo.... Yeah I missed your posts for SURE.
  15. Totally missed the initial incubus joke but perhaps that's for the best. And you too. That's the best we can hope for anyone, save saying "and potentially any others" instead of "in this life". Haven't you heard of a thing called the BIBLE?
  16. I remember being compared to lilly allen at one point so you probably didn't like me (not by you)
  17. Been watching since the early 90s, was a super fan at a point, although the last few seasons are questionable at best, god awful at its worst. That said I enjoy these new ones. That "fox presents" at the end of the cold opening makes me wanna puke however. Also, glad mulder hasn't jumped on the plastic surgery train.
  18. hahaha! hey mike! noobies listen mike does not fuck around he lived in gary indiana and now he robs stores with a cheesegrater and gets away with it. haha you know what's up. good memory. now i live in the next town over, about 2 miles away in this case. No robberies tho sadly, just a soul crushing 9-5.
  19. Actually yes, i did. How considerate of them, truly. A glimpse I think any true blue AE fan would appreciate. I could have smoked a joint with them but I was tripping really hard psyched myself out about approaching them and rob although I very briefly said hi to phillip.
  20. Been a long time indeed man! I wanna hear what you've been doin as well. Since the last time we've talked I've gotten both married AND divorced. No kids tho *wipes forehead*. Umm, here's a newer track. I haven't done much since I scored that film. For some reason after that I more or less dried up. Seems like lately the great inspirato has returned, so expect a sequel to PPLZ. (well chuffed bein on a comp witth stingray and blackford despite not producing much else for like 2 years) Haha could see that
  21. Oh you know what, I remember that clearly now. That was about the time I left as well, for reasons both dissimilar and similar to McGriff.
  22. What app (android) do people prefer to read this here internet forum?
  23. Nah I mean I'm friends with enough watmmers on fb that I didn't miss much of any of that really. Probably missed some good forum drama but glancing around it seems people are more polite and less trolly. Also got to see Autechre and Cygnus in chicago. Schlitz you're funny.
  24. FRED MGRIFF - mother in law updates. stat.
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