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Necro black metal youtube thread


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Here's a bunch of black metal tracks that I enjoy and managed to find on youtube as well. If you're interested in underground black metal I suggest you give them a listen. Yes, this is going to be super amateur distorted shit, so most of you will probably dismiss it.


I'm having trouble finding some of the really underground tracks on youtube which is too bad cause there's some great stuff that I'd like to bring into the light(lol). I'm especially thinking of Vlad Tepes' epic "Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple" 12 minute track.


Akitsa - Fils De La Liberte


Funeral Winds - Koude Haat


Armagedda - Refuse The Blood Of Jesus



Koldbrann - Fortapelse I Svovel Og Helvetesild


Vlad Tepes - Under The Carpathian yoke



Ildjarn - Sola Skjultes



Graveland - Through The Occult Veil



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