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  1. It's overrated, don't worry about it.
  2. Been working all weekend and haven't taken a shit since Friday, fuuuuuu.
  3. Not much, just living. Haven't really been very IDM the last years.
  4. Hey guys, how many warning points you got and what for? I've got 7 and mostly for racist jokes and dick pics it seems.
  5. impakt


    Do you mean my racist swastika tattoo???
  6. I can vouch for this album, buy it.
  7. Did anyone happen to save the original video? Would be funny to see this again :)
  8. charlie sheen on the green on green, listening to queen while dissing ween.
  9. Someone make a charlie sheen on the green meme
  10. Best seafood pizza is definitely Scampi pizza. So good. Actually, Scampi and Blue mussel pizza is the best seafood combo.
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