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  1. posting jeff mills tunes in the jeff mills thread
  2. after verification, turns out that Eb11 chord is a reference to a video where neely advised an amateur musician not to use it.
  3. the joke is not the chord. it's adam neely posting such a video + the expression on his face. to be more specific, it's the banning of a chord on the grounds that it makes you gay, by none other than adam neely on top of that. i guess this joke requires prior knowledge of adam neely.
  4. just had a chat in the street with a 60-something lady, about tolkien and lotr, after she asked me the name of the ex's dog, which is bilbo. turned out she was a fan of tolkien, had even read the silmarillion (which i've only read the beginning of) and she had lived in england for 20 years. she was very happy with peter jackson's adaptation of lotr. coolest shit that's happened to me in quite some time lol.
  5. the vocals are brilliant and elevate the music imo. many of these tunes were already posted on soundcloud btw.
  6. while we're on the topic of neuroscience and syncopation, some researchers think that humans instinctively dance in order to make sense of syncopated rhythms (turn on the english subtitles)
  7. well, the sokal affair was part of the so-called "science wars", in which several proponents of scientific realism questioned the epistemology of postmodern thinkers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_wars - since you seem to be quite fond of deleuze and guattari, i thought this type of constructive criticism might be worth checking out, if you haven't already.
  8. the reason is simple: you're the author of flamboyant postmodern-infused posts and i'm just checking if you truly understand the meaning of what you post or if you just parrot what others say. the sokal affair is an interesting case in this regard. my goal isn't to own you or anything btw.
  9. yeah i guess i'm really not interested in philosophies that aren't concerned with the truth, lol. have you heard of the sokal affair btw? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokal_affair
  10. yeah i guess i'm just prejudiced against anything related to freud and psychoanalysis, because his concepts are unfalsifiable. maybe these french philosophers were logically consistent in their reasoning and came up with interesting solutions to philosophical problems or whatever, i don't know. i'd need to read their stuff to find that out (which i'm not gonna do). but at the end of the day, are deleuze and guattari's concepts falsifiable? that's what i'm interested in.
  11. no. i just wanna check if drillkicker actually understands the stuff he posts. i don't give a shit about freudian theory.
  12. btw i forgot to comment this. here's what land says: and here's what you said about it: that doesn't answer my question. what are freud's repressions, what is oedipal censorship and what's schizophrenia got to do with it?
  13. is this your opinion or nick land's? cause i'm not sold. in what way is psychotherapy repressive and "a practice of turning people into tools that serve the current social hierarchy"? i'm sorry but this sounds like a load of bull. also, oh ok. cool. i've read some artaud in my youth, fucking loved it.
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