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  1. yeah i wonder what tuning system she's using. next level shit in any case, way advanced.
  2. i just found this neat little youtube channel trigger warning: contains jacob collier
  3. some shitpost i stumbled upon on reddit, reminded me of a few past discussions on watmm
  4. your problems belong in the "the gods hate my guts for no reason" thread imo seriously though, i'm sorry to hear about your health problems. life's a bitch.
  5. yeah ignatius should be banned from this thread, his posts are always like, "the radiotherapy i'm getting for my 11th cancer gives me the appearance of a dried fucking plum and now i can't seduce my nurse - also i was given 6 months to live which means i won't be around for autechre's us tour 2022, it sucks - btw both my arms were amputated last week and my balls are itchy, can't even scratch them now, bummer". i'm sorry dude but i fail to see how any of this qualifies as fwps.
  6. hell fucking yeah tracks 3 and 4 are the absolute tits.
  7. the rhodes-y pentatonic stuff at the end is lovely.
  8. the real question here is why should anyone care about what people think about jordan peterson? if that makes sense.
  9. one man's trash is another man's treasure i guess
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