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  1. actually, it's not that i don't like miles davis, it's just that people always mention him (particularly bitches brew) like he's the alpha and omega of jazz and sure, he was a brilliant musician and he's made some very good stuff, but so did other musicians. btw i forgot to add john coltrane on my list. brilliant musician but i can't stand his music actually, lol - other than countdown and giant steps. /last post
  2. sorry if i was too harsh. if other members want me to stop "hijacking" this thread with silly memes, just let me know and i'll stop. obviously i post these because they make me laugh, plus it's all jazz-related in my book, since everything is jazz in my book, especially memes/shitposts (even korn or radiohead-related memes). besides, i can't stand alice coltrane, sun ra and all that jazz (hehe), which seems to be what most people on this forum listen to when it comes to jazz (miles too but he gets a pass cuz he's a pioneer of fusion). and this thread is almost dead anyway, so it's not like i'm ruining anything, in my view. but yeah, if my presence in this thread and the stuff i post in it are getting too much for other members, no problem. i can create a separate thread to post all this shit, a music-related memes thread. otherwise, just post some "proper" jazz-related stuff instead of bitching about me ruining this thread @Richie Sombrero my personal taste is a bit peculiar when it comes to jazz but i'm happy to listen to anything jazz-related, as long as it's not any of the musicians i mentioned above (or tigran hamasyan, lol).
  3. no. feel free to report me to a mod or whatever or kindly fuck off
  4. i googled 'if aborted babies go to heaven why do christians oppose abortion'
  5. lol, i didn't notice this at first: http://www.lyingforjesus.org/Bible-Contradictions/is-it-ok-to-kill-sab.html
  6. https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/if-babies-go-to-heaven-why-oppose-abortion
  7. actually, he's not using the term key circle to refer to the circle progression, my mistake. i should have paid more attention. he says "so we go for a ride around the key circle there", then he says "so we go right around the key circle... almost perfectly, because the true key circle would go there instead" while demonstrating what the "true" key circle is, i.e. the chromatic circle of 5ths - while the circle progression uses the circle diatonically, hence why it's also called the diatonic circle of 5ths. still, i've never heard the term key circle before.
  8. apparently not: that's right, i hid their names because this is sensible information lol. i couldn't find the comment in question though. btw, the progression he breaks down is called the circle progression, or the circle of 5ths progression. i've never heard anyone call it the key circle. and the tune never departs from the key of A minor (aside from the brief excursion into A phrygian at the beginning), so mentioning that E7 is a secondary dominant in the key of C major was unnecessary. i get that he chose to mention that the progression starts with a ii-V-I in C major so that a beginner would better understand how these chord changes work. but doing so only makes things more confusing imo. each chord needs to be analyzed in relation to the home key, so these 3 chords are actually iv-bVII-bIII in A minor. in short, he uses weird - and maybe even wrong - terminology at times, and he could have done a better job at explaining how the progression works imo - even to an audience of beginners.
  9. i found other comments that pointed this out but anyway, i just noticed he calls it the subdominant 3rd at 9:39. i didn't catch that the 1st time, i wasn't paying much attention. so it's not a mistake on his part, he's clearly saying the III7 chord has the subdominant function in major keys. no idea why. here's a video about this particular chord:
  10. cool video (do check out his other videos if you're interested in music theory). however, at 10:24 he says that E7, in the key of C major, is what's called a secondary dominant or a subdominant. and while it certainly is the former, i don't see how it can be called a subdominant. am i missing something here? if this isn't just a mistake on his part, could someone please explain me this?
  11. i liter i literally spent the entire day barricaded in the dark with the fan on, in my underwear.
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