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first of all, i'm about 100% sure this dude is about 400 lbs. of trailer trash living with his grandparents and receives some sort of payment from the government for having a mental illness. he posts frequently on watmm about being insane and hearing voices cursing at him, calling him names and using foul language and stuff. what a dumbshit. anyhow, i can't stand his posts on watmm. by reading his posts you can almost smell the stale air of his bedroom, the air of a room that is always filled a fat, sweating baloney of a human being. i don't think he hears voices, i think they're real, probably from his grandma cussing at him screaming for him to go to the loaf n'jug to get a pack of smokes or to get a fucking job.


too many watmm'ers seem like they're:


a: home-schooled

b: unemployed

c: trust-fund babies


i am overweight but only by about 30 pounds or so...

i live with my parents for now which is really great of

them and i do as of recently receive a disability check

i think theo's posts always had a worse vibe than mine

i have tried to stay positive though i was a true nutter

for my first couple of years here... the truth of it is he

only really hates me because i hate brian ellis' music.

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